The Real Housewives of Atlanta Episode 1 Recap!

So typically, the plan is to wait a few weeks into a Housewives season before doing weekly recaps, but within 10 minutes of watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta season 3 premiere last night, I knew a recap was coming today.

The season premiere definitely did not disappoint. It brought the drama as well as some highlarious great one-liners. “I’ve been chasing dick since I came out of the womb” anyone? Priceless.

My only pet peeve with the Atlanta ladies is that last night’s episode just seemed o what’s that word I’m looking for — phony! From watching the show, it is rather obvious that the ladies are very aware of the cameras and are definitely playing things up while getting into their characters. Example – Sheree’s comment about winning an Oscar one day. It just seemed like she was playing into the whole narcissism aspect of her character. I wasn’t buying it nor do I believe she really feels that way, nor do I think she has a new found passion for acting.  I believe the ladies are turning things up a notch this season as not to get the Lisa Wu Hartwell treatment.


With that said, the first episodes of the Housewives’ series usually tend to be a bit awkward. I’m guessing the ladies will become their more authentic selves as the season moves along.

Season 3 starts out with Miss She by Sheree exploring her newly found passion for acting. It’s a wonder this new passion just happened to come along around the same time as the Bravo cameras, but oh well. Sheree humbly lets us know she is a novice when it comes to acting, as if to pat herself on the back for doing such an amazing job for a beginner. Perhaps someone can inform Sheree that judging from the awful scene we just watched, it is very apparent she is new to the profession.

Nene mysteriously shows up to Sheree’s house, bearing some good gossip. The two ladies glance over Kim’s coming out story in a March issue of Life&Style magazine. Sheree isn’t fully buying the story as the believes Kim is a “media whore.” Seems like Sheree knows Kim quite well.

We see Nene at her home, which appears fully furnished unlike previous seasons. I’m going to take a wild guess and say that Bravo rented a furnished home for the Leakes. Nene even splurges on a private chef in preparation for grande arrival of Kim, you know, the same lady she was accused of choking just a year ago. According to the ladies, Kim hasn’t been to Nene’s house in months, but thanks to the Bravo cameras, that is all changing. Nene grills Kim about her lesbian relationship before pointing out she is still wearing Big Poppa’s ring. Kim reveals she hasn’t been with Poppa for months now because he refuses to get a divorce. A fact she was well aware of before saying yes to the engagement proposal.

The topic changes to Nene’s troubled marriage with Gregg, and Kim informs her that Dwight has been going around town telling people Gregg borrowed $10,000 from him. My first thought – Dwight has $10,000 to loan out? Nene is hesitant to believe the story, giving us the funniest line of the night – “If Dwight had $10,000, he would have got his nose fixed. I know that. Who wouldn’t want to breathe?” said Nene, poking fun at Dwight’s botched nose job. Even more hilarious is the irony of Nene’s comments. Just weeks after making this comment, she will end up getting a headline making nose job of her own.

Kandi, who looks to have put on a few since the previous season (not that there’s anything wrong with that) pays Kim a visit and reveals she is dating again following the passing of her ex-fiance AJ. The new man in Kandi’s life is NFL player Willis McGahee, who just happens to be a rumored deadbeat dad with over 7 children by multiple women. Seems like Kandi knows how to pick them. Willis decides to take a break from making babies, and pays Kandi a visit. The two crazy kids look to be having a grand ol time on their rock climbing date, that is until Kandi reveals she’s celibate and has made a bet to remain celibate for a while. “Is oral sex eliminated?” asks Willis. “No” replies Miss Kandi. With those romantic words of exchange, the two share a kiss and end their date.

Kim’s daughter Brielle, 13, is growing up and is now into boys. Kim reveals Brielle is now dating and hopes she has “instilled the same morals and values” that her parents instilled in her, so umm yeah, let’s all hope Brielle won’t be chasing after married men anytime soon. Plus isn’t 13 a tad young to be dating?

It is now time to meet one of the new housewives. Phaedra, 38, reveals she is a Southern Belle from Anthens, GA, the same place Nene was born and raised. The heavily pregnant Phaedra reveals she is married to Apollo Nida, a 31-year-old ex con. Phaedra makes it clear that Apollo is not with her for the money “because he signed a prenup.” And I’m guessing the prenup forbids him from living in her luxurious home, driving her luxurious cars, or spending her attorney money during their marriage.

Phaedra meets up with her dear friend Dwight, who reveals she is also his lawyer. Right away, Dwight starts talking, and reveals a shocker! Dwight claims, key word being claims, to have spent $30,000 of his own money on Sheree’s Shit She By Sheree fashion show last season. And again I ask, does Dwight even have $10,000 to loan out? Much less spending $30,000 on an acquaintance’s fashion show? Yep, not buying this one. Phaedra gives a great one liner when she tells Dwight suing Sheree would be a waste of time because “she ain’t got no money.” Still howling at that statement. As Pheadra walks out, Dwight asks her if her purse is fake. “Baby, I don’t carry fakes. Wrong girl!” replies Phaedra. And with that statement, I think I’m starting to like this lady in spite of her slight arrogance.

Nene decides to confront her hubby Gregg with the news that he borrowed $10,000 from Dwight. Gregg gives Nene a not so convincing denial, before claiming the only money ties he has with Dwight was asking him to go in on a small $500 investment to get a return of $200. Uh? What? Yes, I don’t think I’m buying this story and judging from Nene’s reaction and look of embarrassment, I don’t think she’s buying it either.

In watching this scene, it’s interesting to see the change in dynamics and characters going back to the first season. If you recall, Gregg was living large and in charge in season one, even telling Nene what she could and couldn’t eat during an outing. With Nene now being the sole breadwinner, it’s definitely interesting to see how the roles have shifted.

Sheree is hanging out with her hair stylist Lawrence, who points out Sheree is rocking a red Birkin bag. How the heck does Sheree own a Birkin? In the words of Phaedra, “She ain’t go no money!” But let’s ignore the price for a minute and focus on the long waiting list for those wanting to get that bag. Not sure if I’m buying this. Me thinks it’s either a fake or rented. Sheree brings up Dwight’s claims of spending $30,000 on her fashion show, before stating in her interview that Dwight didn’t put a dime into the show. “He wears polyester suits, so I know he ain’t got no $30,000!” states Lawrence, who goes on to call Dwight a “Stunt Queen.”

Nene and Kim are heading to the shoe show, and Nene shares that she wants to get her happy again. She reveals that her biggest issue with Gregg is his dishonesty. She shares that she can’t say she is still in love with Gregg because he has lied so much to her. And in watching this scene, you can’t help but feel bad for Nene. This is probably one of the more authentic scenes in this episode.

Nene and Kim arrive at the shoe boutique and greet Sheree who is already there. Dwight and new housewife Phaedra are shown en route to the event, and Phaedra makes another funny statement she when she shares that Kim’s designer gear is real because they both shop at the same places. “I know her Gucci is Gucci, it ain’t ucci,” says Phaedra.

Back at the event, the ladies start swapping Dwight stories and Nene is thinking between the $10,000 Dwight loaned Gregg and the $30,000 he spent on Sheree’s fashion show, Dwight must have a lot of money to give away. I’m starting to think so too. Upon seeing Phaedra, Nene begins her hater shtick, saying she doesn’t see what is so “fabulous” about Phaedra.

Dwight attempts to greet Nene, and she refuses to give him a hug, immediately getting into his face and confronting him. Nene hands Dwight a $500 check, which he tears up right away. As the two ladies, opps, I mean Nene and Dwight continue to bicker, the boutique owner Rashidah looks mortified. And in case Rashidah looks familiar to you, it is because she also appeared on VH1’s Basketball Wives.

Kim makes an excellent point when she states in her interview that Nene is going through a lot at home, and is taking out her frustration on Dwight. On the ride home from the event, we see Nene looking rather remorseful of her actions — a rarity. Nene tells Kim she is glad both she and Sheree had her back, and end scene.

This was a good episode.  While I do think the ladies are playing things up a bit this season (Can you blame them? They don’t want to get Hartwelled), it was still a very interesting episode. Phaedra’s addition to the cast is genius.  Though she appears to be a bit over the top at times, I’m liking Phaedra for the moment. She’s funny, outspoken, and appears authentic.  I can’t wait to see what the other new housewife, Cynthia Bailey, brings to the table next week.  With that said, buckle up folks! With over 16 episodes set to air this season, it is going to be a long ride.