The finale of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired last night and the ending proved to be both powerful and emotional. But if there’s one thing I learned last night, it is that Bravo needs to do whatever it takes to sign Taylor Armstrong for season 2! Forget Camille. Taylor is solely responsible for the 3 major smackdowns that took place this season, thus making the show a success. Think about it, Taylor completely instigated the NYC fight between Camille & Kyle which spilt into the dinner from hell. As if that wasn’t enough, the phony sly lady instigated the limo fight between Kim & Kyle by confronting Kim on something she was solely responsible for. Oh yes, Bravo needs to crave it to any demands Taylor might have. She is indeed needed back for a second season.

The episode begins where we left off last week, with Camille and Kelsey getting ready to go to the Tonys. As they ride in the limo together, things still seem very awkward between the two as they, well mostly Camille, continue to try to put on a happy face for their entourage. I once again wonder who’s idea it really was to have Camille come to NYC for the awards.

Next up, Kyle decides to pay her Psychic/Medium Rebecca a visit. According to Kyle, Rebecca is the real deal unlike Camille’s clown aka Allison. Kyle reveals she brought her mom along with her as I can only assume she means her ashes. “I didn’t know if you were going to think I was crazy or not,” asks Kyle. Well, maybe a little crazy Kyle but not that much. “I also brought a lock of her hair,” adds Kyle. Okay and now we’re at a level 10 crazy. Rebecca then goes on to tell Kyle that she is currently having a conflict with another woman. Kyle agrees though that statement could easily apply to 99.98% of the world’s female population. Rebecca reveals some other things that ring true to Kyle and the session ends.


Taylor and Lisa decide to do lunch or is it dinner at Lisa’s restaurant. Judging from her interview, Lisa is still a tad jealous that her best friend Kyle is now becoming BFFs with Taylor. But then again, it might also be because Lisa sees through Taylor and her BS. Something Kyle fails to see because she’s too busy enjoying Taylor kissing her ass and talking down to her sister. Taylor reveals her hubby Russell is throwing her a birthday party and invites Lisa. Like me, Lisa seems a bit surprised that Russell would throw his wife a party, that is until Taylor reveals his assistant is probably doing most of the work. And by assistant, she means herself. Lisa then proceeds to bring up the NYC drama as she wants Taylor to admit the role she played in stirring up Camille’s emotions. Taylor tries to lie once again and spill some more BS by blaming Kim, but Lisa isn’t buying it and urges her to talk things out with Kim and keep out of Kim’s issues with Kyle.

Kim decides to get her hair done and get some makeup lessons in the process as she wants to look her best for Taylor’s upcoming party. Nothing much to the salon scene expect Kim opens up about her past in her interview. “I worked every single day of my childhood. My sisters, they worked, but not like I did,” reveals Kim. “It was my job that you know bought our home, bought our cars and basically took care of our lifestyle,” she adds, also stating that the reason Kyle is a social butterfly is because she got a chance to go to school, do regular things and hang out with her friends as a kid while she had to work most of her childhood.

This was a very good scene. It was definitely the missing piece to the Kim puzzle. Hearing her utter these words definitely gives you a better understanding of why she is the way she is today. It seems she never really had a childhood or time to mix with her peers, which I’m guessing still affects the way she relates to her peers as an adult. It’s interesting how different rules apply to child actors because think about it, if a child was made to work in an office or factory most of their childhood, it’s considered abuse, but a child working most of their childhood in Hollywood? A dream come true.

Taylor is shown meeting up with a friend who she is hoping will become the new owner of her daughter Kennedy‘s puppy as Kennedy is still allergic. Taylor also reveals she and Russell will be going to Mexico following her birthday party to try to work on things. At least it’s nice to see a Bravo couple trying to do something to fix their troubled marriage. Coughs coughs Nene Leakes.

It’s time for some QT with Lisa in her mansion and once again it’s a threesome with Ken and permanent houseguest Cedric. “He treats this home like his own home and I’m really sick of it. And I wouldn’t take that behavior from my children and I don’t want to take it from a 37-year-old man,” says Ken. Wait wait wait, hold on a minute, pauses the tivo. Cedric is 37-years-old? Surely Ken is kidding. No way, no freaking way this man is 37 years old? Forget about the last 5 minutes of this finale episode. I think this might be the biggest shocker of the season. I’m simply stunned. Very shameful on Cedric’s part. But now that I do look at his face, he does looks to be a bit botoxed and plucked.

Cedric of course isn’t quite ready to move out yet. He still needs more time to grow, mature and become his own man. Cedric tells Lisa if he moves out, it will be an out of sight, out of mind situation. Lisa tries to convince him that will not be the case. “I love living here with you. Obviously it’s great. But It’s not so much because of the house but it’s because for the first time, I feel like I’m part of a family unit,” says Cedric, sounding like a true professional manipulator. If only he was straight, he might be perfect for Camille. In his interview, Cedric reveals he will move out, “kicking and screaming.” And based on the ending of this episode, he was not kidding.

Kyle is shown getting ready for Taylor’s party and she states she and the girls will probably be seeing less of each other following the party due to the beginning of summer ending of filming.

Camille is now back in Beverly Hills and her employee make-up artist friend D.D. is on hand to help comfort her during her difficult time. Camille reveals Kelsey was so cold to her during the Tony Awards and ignored her through most of the event. Camille then goes on to tell a story of the doorman at her NYC apartment telling her she wasn’t Kelsey’s wife, implying another woman is living with Kelsey. If, a strong emphasis on if, this doorman story is true, then Kelsey is truly a scumbag.

The guests start to arrive for Taylor‘s party and Kyle arrives before Kim. In her interview, Kyle reveals she always feels embarrassed or guilty due to Kim’s late arrivals as I try to determine why anyone would hold Kyle responsible for Kim’s tardiness. And this is what I mean when I state later on in this blog that Kyle tends to over exaggerate situations and events when it comes to Kim.

It’s back to Camille‘s house and are those Christmas lights in front of her home? Moving right along as Camille continues to tell her sob tale to D.D. Camille reveals she begged Kelsey to stay in the marriage but he refused. And for all the women out there, please don’t ever beg your man, husband, boyfriend or anyone for that matter to stay if they want to leave you. Just don’t. You’ll likely regret it down the road. “He was just harsh. He was so cruel,” says Camille who went on the Howard Stern show last week and strongly implied Kelsey was a gay cross-dresser.

Camille adds that Kelsey has always held her down. “How many fights did we have because Kelsey didn’t want me to hang out with you, or my friends, or have friends, or have a career, or even have a life,” states Camille. At this point, I’m getting confused. Kelsey didn’t let her have friends? But she has a ton of them, albeit she signs their checks, but she even has a married one that she kisses on the lips. Not too many controlling husbands will let their wives spend plenty of time with the likes of Nick and kiss him on the lips in their presence. He didn’t let her have a career? But I thought Camille was responsible for Kelsey’s successful investments, real estate successes, $120 million fortune and handling the day to day of their production company? I just can’t with Camille anymore at this point. The tales stories just aren’t adding up. Really want to feel some sympathy for her but I can’t. Perhaps I just a little too riled up about the Kyle/Kim situation. But it’s starting to become difficult to keep up with all the crock stories.

Kim finally arrives at the party and goes right to get a drink. She greets her friend and others, while definitely appearing to be pretty darn drunk as we see Kyle leering at her, almost like she has been waiting for Kim to mess up again. Kyle then goes to Lisa and whispers in her hear that Kim is drunk. Kim definitely does appear to be drunk but in her defense, this is the only time she has appeared drunk the entire season. Plus how many Bravo housewives have been drunk or tipsy on camera? Many is the right answer.

Then for some odd reason, or perhaps for sh*ts and giggles, Lisa decides to walk Kim over to Martin, knowing that she is drunk. “Martin, I have a gift for you,” jokes Lisa though it clearly appears there’s nothing, no connection between Kim and Martin at this point in the game. I love Lisa but this whole scene just reeked of her being mean and condescending to Kim. Plus Lisa is very good friends with Martin, doesn’t she know by now that he is not interested in Kim and vice versa? Kim and Martin have an awkward conversation and Martin even rolls his eyes when Kim finally walks away.

Was a little peeved at this scene as I felt it just added to Kim’s emotional turmoil for the night. The thing with Kim is that though some of the ladies feel she might be missing a couple of marbles due to her social ineptness, that’s obviously not the case. While she might be socially awkward, she isn’t any less intelligent than any of them, and can see through their BS just like she could see through Taylor’s actions.

Russell makes an awkward toast, the crowd reacts awkwardly and the party rages on. Lisa and Taylor then decide to chit chat and once again Lisa brings up the marital problems between Taylor and Russell. Not sure if this was the right place and time but Lisa does go on to make a great point and excellent observation in her interview, “I’m not sure about Taylor really. I think she kind of craves that Beverly Hills lifestyle, maybe more than truly being happy.” And me thinks Lisa might be onto something.

And then the drama begins, and like all the drama that has taken place this season, this one is also stirred up by the resident sh*t starter Taylor as she pulls Kim to the side to clear the air, though it was without a doubt more of a confrontation. Immediately into the conversation, Taylor accuses Kim of dragging her into the NYC argument and not defending Kyle. And I’m about sick and tired of everyone bringing up Kim not defending Kyle in New York. She has only apologized about a million times. How many more times is she going to apologize? And what does this have to do with Taylor being a phony two faced person? This was definitely another pathetic attempt by Taylor to deflect from her actions. Whenever Kim brings this up, her MO is to call Kim crazy, threaten violence or bring up Kim not defending Kyle.

Unfortunately for Kim, not only does she hate confrontation but she also has a hard time getting her point across. And someone made an excellent point a while back when they stated Kim did defend Kyle in NYC the only way she knew how, which is by pointing out that Taylor was the responsible party in Camille’s anger towards Kyle. I also believe Kim was trying to point out that night that Kyle was not the one responsible for the insecure comment back at the airport.

As Taylor and Kim continue to talk, Kyle hears her name and joins the ladies. As Kyle arrives, instead of asking Taylor and Kyle to cool it, or getting both sides of the story, she immediately gets confrontational and defensive with Kim. Taylor is of course loving this, and why not? Kyle always has her back. Taylor then ups the ante by continuing to attack Kim. Lisa joins in the convo and now Kim is feeling like it’s 3 on 1. As usual, Kyle does not defend her sister and instead once again blames Kim for the argument with Taylor, and once again accuses Kim of not having her back in NYC and never defending her. And I ask you RT readers, when has Kyle EVER defended Kim? When has Kyle ever taken up for Kim whenever Taylor attacks her? When has Kyle ever had Kim’s back this entire season?

In her interview, Kim states she feels attacked and I don’t blame her. Look at it from her point of view. Taylor is attacking her as usual. Kyle is bullying her as usual, and Lisa was just making fun of her to her face moments earlier. The argument continues, and Taylor reiterates again that she’s the victim and that Kim instigated the airport incident. And in watching this scene, I definitely get the reason Taylor is the least liked BH housewife, even more disliked that Camille. She is just awful and the way she talks down to Kim is uncalled for but I blame it all on Kyle. She has no respect for Kim, hence her friends have no respect for Kim as well and treat her like a mad woman because they see Kyle doing the exact same thing. I don’t blame Kim for not wanting to be around them. Even good ol Lisa takes occasional jabs at her.

And perhaps it’s just me, but Kyle just has this unspoken attitude towards Kim. It’s like ‘these are all my friends and the only reason they’re being nice to you is because of me and because I’m popular. You better get your act together or else, I can and will get them to stop being nice to you.’

The NYC incident is still the topic of conversation as I wonder how much longer is Kyle going to hold this over Kim‘s head? Is Kyle serious? Kim has repeatedly apologized for not speaking up, what more does Kyle want? Blood? Kyle walks away and Taylor resumes her sh*t talking even though she was and is still at fault for everything Kim accused her of. Must say Kyle knows her sister very well. She knows how to push her buttons, knows how to put her down and keep her down.

Kim gets emotional and Adrienne is the only one there for her, trying to comfort her. Kim them walks out of the party in tears and I can’t help but just feel extremely badly for her at this point. Adrienne goes up to Kyle who gets emotional saying there’s so much she’s dealt with when it comes to Kim. As she talks, she brings up the NYC event as an example and if events like the NY incident are what Kyle’s referring to, then she’s an overreacting drama queen. “I’m tired of worrying about her,” states Kyle.

I must say if this is Kyle’s way of worrying about her sister and taking care of her sister, then perhaps she needs to stop. She’s failing miserably.

Kyle and Adrienne discover Kim has left the party, and while Adrienne goes into the the limo to comfort Kim, Kyle feels it’s rude of Kim to leave Taylor’s party. And this sentiment about sums up why I’m just not Team Kyle in the least bit. We see Adrienne in the limo trying to comfort Kim and I’m just beyond impressed with Adrienne in this scene and episode overall. Kim reveals she felt attacked by Kyle and the others, and I agree with her. She sort of was. I truly hope the ladies can now see that in watching this on TV months later.

Kyle heads into the limo and states in her interview she wanted to try to patch things up. As she tries to approach Kim similar to Adrienne, Kim says, “I don’t want you that close to me.” And how dare Kim ask to be left alone? Evidently, those are fighting words as Kyle blows a fuse and accuses Kim of sounding insane. “You act like an insane person okay. I’m so sick of your crap. Everybody is. Everybody is sick of what you put us through,” says Kim’s sister to her. Kyle’s MO is becoming more obvious. Whenever she has a disagreement with Kim, she lets her know she’s crazy and that everybody hates her. Pretty awful if you ask me.

Adrienne tries to help Kim out by encouraging her to tell Kyle how she feels. Kim tells Kyle she’s embarrassing with the way she’s acting. “I’m embarrassing? I’m the one who’s sick of being embarrassed and defending you,” replies Kyle. And I ask once again, when has Kyle ever defended Kim this season? EVER? Mind you, filming went on for months.

The argument gets uglier as Kyle continues to sit there looking and talking to her sister like she’s a crazy person. “Mom had to die worrying about you, and stressing about you, and leaving this sh*t” on my shoulders.” What a low blow. Things then get very ugly and personal as Kim accuses Kyle of stealing her house. Kyle denies this and instructs Kim to take back what she said. Kim doesn’t and Kyle decides to jump over Martin to attack Kim, who truly look mortified and scared. This didn’t seem like an act by Kim as she truly hid behind Adrienne as if Kyle was going to hit her. Has this happened before? Got a little teary eyed watching this. What’s sadder is that when it’s all said and done, none of this was Kim’s fault.

“You are a liar and sick and an alcoholic,” then yells out Kyle. Whoa. Wow. Sad.

But did anyone catch Kim’s reply? Thanks to close caption, below is what Kim said –

“Oh my God. Oh my God. Guess who drinks all goddamn day.”

Right after Kim said the above, Kyle immediately exits the limo. Does Kyle have a drinking skeleton too? Kyle returns to the party and cries to Adrienne stating that she is “tired.” Tired of what really? As the show ends, we find out Kim and Kyle did not talk for weeks after the fight. According to Kyle, this was their biggest fight ever. And bravo Taylor, you have done it again.

We also find out Cedric finally moved out of Lisa’s home though the two got into a big argument while he moved out, and haven’t spoken since. Taylor still sucks, as does her marriage, and Adrienne is not responsible for Paul’s broken noses. And in a first ever, we find out Kim’s family entered her into rehab though she checked herself out a week later and is continuing to take things one day at a time. The time frame of when Kim checked into rehab is not exactly clear. A November article by states Kim “was forced into rehab by her sister Kyle” shortly after their explosive fight.

My Thoughts – This article doesn’t surprise me as I truly believe the rehab stint might have been all of Kyle’s idea. I can just see it right now. Following Taylor’s party, Kyle goes to Kim’s children, informs them that their mother got drunk in public, made a big scene and a public spectacle of herself, attacked Kyle and & her friends, and needs to get into rehab asap. Once again, I don’t believe Kim was at fault for all the drama that ensued that night.

As I stated on twitter last night, Drunk or not, alcoholic or not, Kim was not at fault for the fiasco that ensued. Taylor started the crap and Kyle kept it going. #RHOBH.”

Alcoholism – Someone made an excellent point on twitter last night, which is that for someone who’s “always drunk,” Kim seems to remember a lot of details about past events. I’m surprised to hear about Kim being an alcoholic as Kim has been shown drinking at many events with her castmates all through the season right? Aren’t alcoholics supposed to restrain from alcohol at all times? Like I said earlier, with the exception of tonight, Kim has not appeared drunk this entire season and even despite being drunk tonight, her behavior was not out of control and she still made a lot of sense and stayed calm during her argument with Taylor and Kyle. Kyle was the one who acted like a raging lunatic and even tried to attack her. Once again, I feel Kim going back to rehab was all Kyle’s doing. Not that I’m saying she didn’t need to as I do not know what goes on when the cameras aren’t filming, or what Bravo did not show. Though I highly doubt Bravo would leave out some footage of Kim being a drunken mess on the cutting room floor, especially knowing her alcoholism was going to be discussed in the season finale.

The Fitperez article also states “Kim’s drinking had become so out of control that the other women on the show had to cover for her.” Once again, why would Bravo leave this out of control behavior on the cutting room floor? This is the same network that showed Kelly Bensimon’s mental breakdown, oops I mean “breakthrough” rather.

I hate that this alcoholism issue is being brought into tonight’s episode as now some people are thinking alcohol is to blame for Kim’s oddness. Perhaps it is but quite frankly I don’t believe so. I think she’s just an all round weird person is social situations because of her past and not because she’s supposedly drunk all the time.

Really want to get more into the alcoholic issue but won’t until we get more details. But trust me, I do understand how tough it must be to have an alcoholic in one’s family and the typical behavior of alcoholism but I just got a really funny feeling watching this last night. Just going by the way Kyle kept referring to Kim as being “insane,” I wonder if Kim’s “alcoholism” is along the lines of her “insanity.” I’ll just leave it at that.

Though in Kyle’s defense, she does appear to be an honest person and not someone who would make up a story about Kim being an alcoholic. With that said, something is just not adding up to me. I don’t know what the real deal is with Kim’s issues as I can only comment on what I’ve seen on this show, this season. If she really is an alcoholic who relapsed, then I wish her the best and hope she gets all the help and support she needs.

I also wonder if Kyle’s resentment and mistreatment of Kim has more to do with her feelings towards their mother. Everything I’ve read states their mom was a real piece of work and the ultimate stage mom. I’m guessing with Kim being the most successful actress, the mom favored Kim, paid her more attention and always worried about Kim both in childhood and adulthood. I mean even on her death bed, Kim got all the attention from their mother. So now with the mom gone, Kyle is still resentful and jealous, thus taking out the anger she wants to take out on the mom, on Kim instead.

A part of me wants to feel bad for Kyle and the backlash she must be getting but I just don’t know if I can, mainly because this wasn’t an isolated incident. I’ve tried to give her the benefit of the doubt due to the sibling dynamic but this episode just did it for me. She has spent the entire season treating Kim like garbage. All the put downs, ‘I’m skinnier than you, that’s why you’re not married, etc.’ There’s some serious bad feelings, borderline hatred that Kyle has for Kim. And I’m tired of hearing the they are sisters excuse. I also have a sister and understand how these sibling relationships work, but I would never ever allow anyone, definitely not a friend of mine, to talk to my sister, look at my sister, or treat my sister the way Taylor does Kim. Kyle has never even once called Taylor out, or better yet, tried to calm the situation. Each time, she automatically takes Taylor’s side and scolds Kim like she’s a child.

The way she treats Kim? Awful. The way she treated Kim this episode and the things she said to her (comments about their mom’s death and calling her insane)? Unacceptable and almost unforgivable. Yes Kim said some things as well and accused Kyle of stealing her home, but Kyle was the first one who started with the low blows all because Kim wanted to be alone. She simply cannot treat another human being that way, let alone her flesh and blood.

I try to think if we all were to appear on reality television, what would others see? What would we see? What would we learn about ourselves? I would just hope that Kyle watches these episodes and realizes she was at fault and she was the one to blame for this incident, and not Kim or her drinking. Following this episode, I was extremely impressed with Adrienne. This was the Adrienne I was expecting to show up at the dinner from hell. Perhaps she just operates better in one on one situations. Major kudos to Adrienne. Lisa’s okay though she bugged me quite a bit in this episode, Camille is still Camille, and Taylor continues to be a phony sad human being.

And finally, I can’t help but wonder if Kyle is exaggerating the financial help she and Mauricio have given to Kim over the years as Kim stated in this episode that one of her ex-husbands was very wealthy. It’s only safe to assume she was receiving some kind of alimony and child support from her ex. Also, Kim’s youngest child is 15, meaning she’s probably receiving child support from that kid’s father. But just going by the way Kyle kept focusing on the Kim didn’t have my back issue from NYC, she is starting to strike me as a tad dramatic and perhaps one who exaggerates.

While Kyle is for the most part accepting responsibility for her actions. She tweeted today, “Some of these comments hurt a lot. I will take solace in the fact that G-d knows what happened behind the scenes.”

Dear Kyle, thanks to you I now have a good idea of what happened “behind the scenes.” I mean didn’t Kyle reveal her sister was an alcoholic and that her husband financially took care of her? Perhaps Kyle is forgetting these words came out of her mouth. What else is there to reveal? I’m sure if there was more, Kyle would have laid it all out last night. After all, there was no holding her back! As I said earlier, filming went on for months and all we saw for those months is Kyle treating her sister like crap and always putting her down.

I don’t like all these insinuations that if we really knew what was going on behind the scenes, it would make her behavior more okay. I’m not buying that. My gut tells me if I was privy to all that was going on behind the scenes, I would still feel this exact same way. I also want to add that Alcoholism is no excuse to mistreat and abuse others. I mean Kyle almost physically attacked her sister for goodness sakes. Not okay. Never okay.

Watch What Happens Live – Following the powerful/emotional ending, it was a bit tough to get into the show but an okay show overall though Taylor‘s appearance only made me despise her even more as she didn’t accept any responsibility for her actions. According to Taylor, Kim was the one who started their argument and she truly meant well with the conversation. Is this woman nuts? Does she read the blogs? Her Bravo blog comments? She showed absolutely no remorse for her actions and is truly delusional to the max. Hate to say it, but I think I might just despise Taylor more than Camille. She’s truly awful to the core. When a fan asked her why she has never owned up to the comments she made about Camille at the airport, this was Taylor’s reply – “I haven’t not owned up to the comments I said in the airport about Camille” she said with a straight face. This lady is truly nuts! And to ends things on a lighter note, so Cedric is really 37? A day later, I’m still in complete shock!