Following last week’s dramatic premiere, the latest episode of Basketball Wives was more on the mellow end, or more accurately the calm before the storm. This week, we discover Suzie has no back bone, Meeka is might be two-faced, Tami is NOT a fan of the hand or Meeka, Jennifer wants to get her groove back, Evelyn’s solution to every problem is to get laid (preferably to a younger bloke), and also Shaunie has no storyline this season!

The episode begins with Jennifer and Tami catching up at Jen’s place, as Jennifer takes a break from being Evelyn’s shadow. Though I’m a tad surprised to see her breaking bread with Evelyn’s enemy. Tami brings up the t-shirt and lawsuit drama, while Jen tries to stay neutral on the issue.

Circle outcasts Royce and Suzie meet up to gossip grab a bite. The topic of convo is Jen’s ex Eric and Royce reveals she still keeps in touch with him via the twitter and it shouldn’t be a problem for Jen. The topic then turns to Evelyn and Royce wastes no time in trashing her. “I can change my hair. I can change my clothes. But she can’t change the fact that she’s a ho.” Ouch! When it comes to Jennifer, Royce and Suzie agree that she is “cool” when she’s not stuck up Evelyn’s butt. Err the jury is still out on that one.


The ever so desperate Meeka joins Evelyn for drinks, and Meeka states she has yet to decide on a clique. Seriously, are these ladies stuck in high school? She does add that she feels she has more in common with mean girls Shaunie, Evelyn and Jen… Of course. However that feeling doesn’t appear to be mutual as Evelyn describes her as being a busybody “very chatty.”

Besties Evelyn and Jennifer meet up for some girl talk. Evelyn reveals she wants to have not one, but twins with her rich NFL playing fiance Chad Ochocinco! You go Evelyn! Double that child support! Just kidding. I’m sure if Chad was a regular Joe, she would still be going through in vitro to try to have twins with him! Jen brings up a good point when she brings up, you know, that whole minor marriage thingy. Evelyn pretends marriage is not a non muthaf*ckin’ factor and that she still wants to marry Chad before having his kids. Uh uh. Evelyn then gets into some TMI about the in vitro process and I’d rather not recap those gory details. Jennifer talks her “divorce” (seriously, has she filed yet???) and Evelyn’s advice is for her to be more like her be a ho smash a couple of guys as a newly single gal! Oh that Evelyn. So wise.

And a lot of you mentioned Evelyn’s er new look last week as she looks a tad er slightly more haggard. Well, there’s good reason for it. Evelyn mentioned a while back that she became a vegetarian after she started dating Chad, which in turn caused her to lose some weight. So there you have it folks! Evelyn’s new look is not a result of having to keep up with Chad’s baby mamas and extracurricular activities, but simply a new vegetarian diet.

Shaunie and Suzie meet up to hang out pool side as Shaunie reveals Suzie actually initiated the get together. Shaunie brings up Evelyn, and Suzie, who is DYING to get back into the circle, seems more than open to rekindling a friendship with Evelyn despite the way Evelyn treated her last season. Suzie assures us that one on one Evelyn is a great friend. We don’t believe you Suzie!

Finally! It finally happened. Jennifer heads over to the courthouse to file the divorce papers, putting an end to the Eric chapter. Though I still won’t be convinced until the divorce is final as I can’t help but think these two really don’t want to divorce each other. Only time will tell.

The always messy Meeka meets up with Royce and Suzie at a store with actual people shopping in it. I’m talking to you owner of Dulce! This meeting seems more like a confrontation as Meeka, who is simply looking for a reason to hate Royce and get in with the mean girl clique, accuses Royce of badmouthing her. Royce however denies doing this.

Moving on to the 20th scene of the episode as Suzie walks into Evelyn’s store to talk to her. Evelyn pretends to be appears surprised but does sit down with Suzie to talk. And once again, Suzie is practically on her knees apologizing to Evelyn and begging for her forgiveness. Dear Suzie, please stop apologizing already! In a shocker, Evelyn actually accepts Suzie’s apology though she adds that they are probably not going to be BFFs. This is fine with Suzie who is simply willing to take whatever she can get! The two ladies even hug it out. Evelyn does however reveal in her interview that she is still a bit “leery.”

After begging Evelyn to let her back in the circle, Suzie decides to break the good news to lone outcast Royce. “I want to let Royce know that I’m back in the circle!” said Suzie and yes folks, she actually uttered the words “back in the circle.” Royce’s simple response? “That’s retarded.” As expected, Royce is taken back by Suzie’s pathetic-ness actions. Suzie feels Royce is concerned about her possibly getting hurt again by the “circle” but Royce breaks it down when she states she doesn’t want the mean girls to walk all over Suzie and laugh at her behind her back. Aka what the mean girls were doing during their earlier wine tasting scene.

Jen and Evelyn meet up again as Jennifer opens up about her fear of getting back into the dating scene. Evelyn’s answer to Jen, as is her answer to every other issue in the world, is that she needs to get laid! ASAP! Jennifer tries online dating for a couple of minutes and instantly decides it’s not for her.

Having made her rounds with all the other ladies, it is finally time for the Meeka to meet the Tami. Meeka takes a subtle jab at Tami when she states in her interview that she was pleasantly surprised by how well put together she was. Suzie shares her good news, you know, being back in the circle, and once again Royce voices her reservations. Tami decides the very talkative Meeka would make a good mole for her, and pulls her to the side for a convo. Within seconds, yes seconds, Meeka brings up Evelyn banging Tami’s ex-husband. Tami makes a brilliant bold prediction when she states that Meeka will end up playing both sides. Oh Tami, she already is! The outing ends with no drink throwing or tearing up of lawsuits, so it was a success! Whew!

It is now time for the drama, and is it just me or is Tami always involved in all the drama? Oh well, this time around, Tami is defending her “boo” Royce as Shaunie someone from the mean girls clique told her Meeka said she is not a fan of Royce. Tami feels this is Meeka being two-faced and calls her out on it. The ladies are arguing back and forth until, cue up the horror music, a hand makes an appearance! Tami makes it clear she is NOT a fan of the hand, and the arguing continues as Meeka dances around the issue of being a two-faced mole.

And oh poor Suzie, poor pathetic Suzie. It’s high school all over again with outcast Suzie trying to impress the popular mean girls Jennifer and Evelyn. Suzie even goes as far as to make fun of her “friend” Royce’s unfortunate choices in fashion. Oh but it gets better as Suzie snickers and cackles at all the mean jokes at Royce’s expense. Wowzers! The girls warn Suzie about Royce, and Suzie doesn’t defend her friend but just sits there taking it all in. Very pathetic scene all around.

The show ends and the drama returns with a vengeance next week as Royce will meet up with Jen and Evelyn. And oh yeah, drinks will be thrown!


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