On last night’s Basketball Wives: L.A., the ladies return to Los Angeles where things with Jackie only get worse. Gloria needs a break from her relationship with Matt and Laura gears up for her move to Orlando. Oh, and Kimsha returns!

Back on the mainland, Laura and Malaysia head to Imani’s house to get their “relaxation on.” Apparently my plans for relaxing (quiet time, maybe a massage) are far different from theirs… gossiping about Jackie. Malaysia reveals that Jackie has reached out to her and wants to meet with the group. Laura doesn’t ever want to talk to Jackie again, but Malaysia is worried. She believes that clearly Jackie is off her meds and may need some friends to help.

Shocking! As soon as Jackie runs out of friends, Kimsha Artest (who is in the weekly credits, but has been absent since episode two) resurfaces. She’s been “traveling.” The next few minutes present Jackie talking and talking while Kimsha’s eyes glaze over… Kimsha voices over the scene about how much she hates drama and how she’s having a difficult time following Jackie’s train of thought. I’m disappointed she didn’t get more air time… she seems to be about as real as it gets for this show!


The sisters Govan meet to discuss the state of Gloria’s relationship with her fiance Matt Barnes. Gloria feels she’s lost herself in their relationship, and she is upset that it took Matt almost five years to decide he wanted to commit. Gloria wants space, she is also fearful that Laura is going to blab her situation to their whole family. Laura thinks that Gloria needs to give Matt more of a chance.

Imani, the sisters Govan, and Malaysia go on an outing to get custom made shoes created for them in less than an hour. Only in Los Angeles, I presume. Laura announces to the group that she’s going to Disney World… TO STAY! She’s excited that she her kids will be close to daddy Gilbert Arenas. I’d worry that a BBW: Orlando was in the works, but the chance of Shaunie O’Neal giving Laura Govan her own show is pretty slim, I’d guess. Imani is going to miss her recent new biffle/former arch nemesis. The girls wax poetic about how special good girlfriends are while waiting on their shoes.

Following in her sister’s footsteps, Gloria heads to a therapist to discuss her issues with the relationship and her own life. During the session, there is a flashback to Matt and Gloria’s double date with the Christie’s, with Matt saying he had an epiphany about how great his life was with his beautiful lady and his precious kids. A do wha? How dare he! While I get (especially in light of those pesky Eva Longoria rumors) that maybe Matt isn’t the most stand-up partner, I actually thought what he said wasn’t so bad. Maybe I’m just mesmerized (and not in a good way) by the counselor’s two-toned hair. Gloria needs to make herself a priority, and that I am on board with for anyone. She wants to look for a place to live sans Matt when their lease ends at the end of the month.

Jackie is fitting models for her fashion line. She no longer has her castmates to support her at the photoshoot and Jackie seems to take the fallout in stride. Am I delusional? I actually really like that demure black dress with the tie waist. Kimsha surprises Jackie, and I’m wondering if VH1 told Kimsha she could film only if she listened to Jackie talk and talk and talk and talk. Jackie wants to make-up with the ladies. Kimsha is able to get in the best advice, “Let go, and let God,” before being interrupted again. Kimsha, seriously, where have you been all my life season?

Lunching with Imani, Gloria admits that she and Matt are taking a break. Imani respects her friend’s decision and is proud of the strength it takes to go out on her own. The pair plans a birthday party for Laura’s upcoming big day and both women are adamant that Jackie is not invited. Imani isn’t even taking her calls.

More than halfway through the finale, Draya appears to lunch with Imani. The women joke about Jackie calling them all but blocking her number, and they laugh about Malaysia making the mistake of answering an unknown number to hear Jackie on the other end of the line. Draya seems to have moved on and while she enjoyed her time with Jackie, she also realizes she was her biggest target. It is what it is.

Gloria and Matt are packing up and Gloria is “joking” about how all their friends will tell her “it’s about time they split, as he’s been cheating on her for years.” Matt laughs it off (thanks to the rolling cameras, no doubt), asks Gloria about her new home and threatens promises to visit her when she least expects it. It can only be described as a passive aggressive, yet seemingly sincere, flirtation. Matt admits that he realized too late what was really important to him and he hopes that one day, the pair can raise their family in one home, although he understands why Gloria needs her space. He asks her to use the front door of their current home as an analogy for how open she is to a reconciliation. She flat out closes it. Ouch.

It’s party time at Beso (I hope Draya’s not having flashbacks of that fateful night!) and everyone convenes to celebrate Laura’s birthday. Both Matt and Gloria are in attendance and while they are telling people about their split, they are able to be more than cordial. It’s a joint bon voyage/birthday bash.

A few nights later, all of the women, clad in black for Draya’s self-proclaimed “Judgment Day,” head to dinner to confront Jackie. Thankfully, Jackie got the memo about funeral attire. She’s rightfully nervous about being the odd woman out in the group. There is some very awkward silence while Jackie waits for her cocktail, refusing to discuss anything until she has her liquid courage. She’s not a sh!t starter, she says… she exclaims she’s a sh!t finisher! The women have a list of the gossip they allege Jackie has spread among the group. Jackie tells Draya she needs to admit what she said, but then gets angry when Draya says she won’t admit to anything unless she actually said it. The ladies begin a verbal smack down and I’m left thinking, um, if only we knew what Jackie wanted Draya to admit to saying maybe this could all be easily resolved.

The women are willing to discuss the gossip, but Jackie won’t really let anyone speak. Jackie just keeps saying that the women can’t handle truth (how very “A Few Good Men” of her!), yet she won’t allow anyone a chance to question it or tell their side. Imani calls Jackie’s bluff about calling bleeped out housewife to see if she will back up what she said Jackie told her over dinner. Jackie “leaves a message” for the unnamed wife, but Draya could swear that she saw no dialing going on from Jackie’s end. Well, this little meeting was productive. When Jackie refuses to listen to anyone, much less apologize, the ladies leave her sitting solo at the table. And scene.

Next week, on part one of the reunion, it’s once again Jackie versus her castmates with a smug John Salley going back and forth like he’s watching a tennis match.