Millionaire Matchmaker Reunion Recap: Blast from the Past!

Reunited and it feels so….. Hot! Part one of the first ever (and probably last ever) Millionaire Matchmaker reunion aired last night, and not only did the beloved Andy Cohen put Patti in the hot seat, but he reunited some of Patti’s most memorable clients from the past five seasons. All the clients and Patti were looking hot, hot, hot! The heat continued as Andy dived into the whole WWHL fiasco.

In case you forgot, Patti Stanger said some unfortunate comments on her appearance earlier this year on Andy’s late-night show. She claimed gays cannot commit, and Jewish men lie. Well, doesn’t she realize her boss is both of those? In order to save her job, Patti backpedals claiming she could not sleep for days (or eat?) after she offended so many people. She does major damage control telling Andy it was her idea to even set up gays on TV — no credit to Andy Cohen? Andy, not quick to let off the heat, calls her out saying she makes generalizations a.k.a. stereotypes! Let’s not sugar coat it, but Patti continues on her self-reflection stating she wants to soften up her image. Good luck with that.


Thank you to the viewer who asked Patti what plastic surgery she has received? I will break it down for you folks, 1) She gets Botox done regularly, 2) She got her eyes done and 3) She has had her boobs reduced twice. She also said good-bye to the bangs.

Four of Patti’s notable clients join Andy and Patti on the couches for some rehashing. First off is Hello Kitty queen herself Robin Kassner. Say what you will about Robin, but the girl looked beautiful on stage. But she still sounded quite dumb explaining she is in the process of building the first ever custom Hello Kitty house in America — Wait, there is one in a different country? She goes on to explain all the appliances will be Hello Kitty and everything will be pink. I wanted this exact house when I was five. In true Bravo fashion, Robin blames editing for why she came off so cray-cray. She says her gold digger hot guy and her did sleep together, but they became just friends probably because she never bought him any of the promised gifts — a Maserati, motorcycle, condo…

Patti’s obvious favorite client Marcellus Wiley, gives us the rundown on how his beautiful date got deported left the country so the relationship is over. Huh? Oh well, he is now “super single”, and Andy is quick to set up Patti and him. I like this idea and rather Patti wants to admit it or not, she definitely has a crush on Mr. ESPN. Patti says she has someone else for him in mind, but maybe they can give it a try.

Heidi Cornell is brought back to Bravo not only because she was one of Patti’s hottest clients, but she also choose Patti’s other client as her date. The two had a romantic, intense date that just showed off how hot this single mom is. However, Bill, her date, ended up just using her for flings and would go weeks without trying to see her. Heidi has found love with an Australian now, and the two will marry in two weeks. No word on what Bill is up to.

Millionaire Dollar Listing’s Madison Hildebrand explained he was just not sexually attracted to his Robert Pattinson look-a-like, and he is taking time for himself. He was sweet explaining Patti still had to learn how to set up gays. Patti took the criticism well, and she throws out the idea to set up Madison with Andy. Aw, cute couple alert!

The reunion would not have been complete without Andy’s countdown of Patti Melts! Yay for Andy lingo. Each Patti melt is a moment where Patti let her mouth go running. These top 5 meltdowns just showed me that someone needs anger management (actually two someones, but I will not jump ahead.)

#5 Patti Melt– A millionaire brought his girlfriend/assistant on a date, and Patti wasted no time kicking him out of the club.

#4 Patti Melt– Patti going off on the picky Ayinde who missed out on some great girls.

#3 Patti Melt– David, the creepy millionaire, who took his date to a market. He got kicked out too blaming Patti for his unsuccessful date.

#2 Patti Melt– A young millionaire Jason broke a rule taking a few of his buddies on his date. He got the boot too for yelling back at Patti.

And drum roll please… The #1 Patti Melt is…

SHAUNA! The only other woman on this planet that needs anger management more than Patti. Heck, she ran off on her eligible date, then she came crawling back to Patti, just to run off again. Shauna is a surprise guest on the reunion. And holy awkwardness, good thing Andy was sitting in between them. Shauna discusses Patti’s plastic surgery saying it looks good, and she says she would allow Patti to try to set her up again. OMG not again. Patti mentions doing it next season- hold up, next season? Shouldn’t Andy interrupt telling her this is the last season? I guess not, maybe there is a future for Millionaire Matchmaker.

One thing is for sure; Millionaire Matchmaker continues next week with part two of the reunion!