Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: A New Baby But Still The Same Old Wig!

Last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta was about new beginnings and leaving the past behind. Kim and Kroy welcomed their son into the world. NeNe went on her first post-separation date. Cynthia revisited NYC and Sheree made the difficult decision to take Bob to court over child support.

Kim is frantically on her way to the OB’s office with all her essentials in tow: make-up, designer luggage, oh and a wig! She discovers she has pre-eclampsia and her doctor decides to induce her at 37 weeks. Good thing she packed her wig!! Kim’s last delivery was like a Mack truck driving through her hooha and she is super nervous. Kroy isn’t stressed out; he’s relaxed and meditative just like before a football game. Sadly, a baby isn’t anything like football!


Cynthia and NeNe are headed to NYC to work out respective business ventures. As she packs Cynthia’s business unsavvy husband Peter is departing some advice about focusing on what’s important and leaving the social behind. Right… Meethinks Peter is worried Cynthia might want to rekindle things with a certain ex-boyfriend as it turns out Cynthia is also meeting with said ex-boyfriend Russell Simmons to negotiate some partnering opportunities and get some business advice.

Cynthia wants to be financially independent just in case she leaves Papa Smurf so she isn’t forced to deal with Uptown Part Deux. Russell seems more interested in promoting his own business ventures on the Bravo Home Shopping Network, oh and flirting, than helping Cynthia with a business plan. Russell is shocked that Cynthia likes Peter’s Papa Smurf beard and sad she’s now single, even though he may or may not have cheated on her when they were together. Apparently he also proposed!

Russell advises her that she needs to focus her school on fashion as a whole and not just modeling and is immensely worried that short chubby girls might try to infiltrate insisting they can be models too! The audacity of the short and chubby amongst us to believe we could be photographed professionally! Russell agrees to let Cynthia find models for his men’s clothing line.

Sheree and her mom Thelma are checking out the future Chateau Sheree Thelma. In case you hadn’t heard it was actually Sheree’s mother who purchased the now demolished property! Apparently Bob has been pretending to be broke and while the kids were visiting Bob told them he didn’t have money for food and used Sheree’s gift card to purchase some! Yeah, Bob is kind of making me sick with all of this. Thelma reminds Sheree that her father wasn’t there for her and she was forced to take him to court for child support. Sheree decides she has to pursue taking Bob to court.

Phaedra is in court with her client Dave, who is unfortunately forgot and upon his arrival is not dressed like he’s going somewhere as Phaedra instructed! Phaedra imparts that a great lawyer knows the judge, which she coincidentally does in this case, which means Dave gets off with a fine and a threat. In the parking lot Dave pays his lawyer fee all in cold hard cash. I love how Phaedra rolls.

NeNe is meeting with her “business partner”, now boyfriend, John. John owns Famous Famiglia and NeNe is hoping to go into business with him. John also owns every single cheesy bad date cliché you can think of and is dumping them on the poor visibly over-whelmed NeNe. While NeNe seems to be under the impression that this will be a business dinner, John has very different ideas. Very different. How many business associates feed you?

John is clearly very interested in mixing Lenethia Lounge with Lenethia’s Ladybits! Is Lenethia Lounge a strip club? He is alllll about NeNe (mmm…hmmm) who is a “winner”, and he is buttering her up smooth. He knows flattery is a way to this woman’s heart! That, and fat wallet. NeNe rightly calls him out for pouring it on too thick, but she likes it! John threatens her that she hasn’t seen romance yet!

Then John showers her with gifts – a Tiffany pen to sign their first million dollar business deal, Louboutins, and a retired opera singer who has resurrected his career simply to serenade NeNe. Oh lawd… Cynthia warned her to watch out for the Italians! NeNe is sold. I guess she loves a man who cries and gives her $1000 shoes! I was sort of paralyzed with fear, but yeah, different strokes for different folks! mmm-hmmm…

Kim is at the hospital and after changing into her cute hospital gown and monogrammed slippers she is ready to answer the health questionaire. The stunned nurse quietly wonders if Kim plans to wear the wig during labor. Apparently the poor girl didn’t know that’s a rhetorical question. I noticed Kim also said she didn’t smoke… (ahem… liar!). After Kroy tells Kim diet lemonaide isn’t a “clear” liquid, she gives him the death glare and starts demanding pain meds.

Mama Joyce is single and ready to mingle and is looking for a sexy single butter finger. Kandi is helping her embark upon the senior dating world with a make-over and a photo shoot for an online dating site. After strapping her mom into a girdle borrowed from Kandi and a cocktail dress, they talk sex over sixty and Joyce is not planning to give it up for a year despite her daughter’s protestations. I have to say while Joyce thought she looked like a drag queen, I though she looked fantastic and seems fun and I hope she finds someone!

Sheree returns from walking her dog to discover that Bob has served her papers demanding a modification on the child support he has never paid. Bob is claiming his income is a mere $3,000 per month. #liar. Poor Sheree has been one-upped in the whole taking my ex to court department – she should have listened to Ms. Parks, Esq. A very upset Sheree calls her mother who counsels her that Bob is not being a man his children can be proud of and she shouldn’t allow him to get away with this for their sake. I agree, Thelma! I have to say Sheree seemed legitimately upset and afterwards reached out to her son to arrange a bike ride. No matter what I think about Sheree, she does seem like a great mom.

Kim’s daughters show up at the hospital with Sweetie just as Kim has gotten her epidural. Apparently she is still in a lot of pain. Brielle and Ariana appear to be smarter than Kim and instantly recognize that poor Kroy is freaking out (or “dying inside”) despite his calm exterior. Kim’s doctor checks up on her and announces: “if she’s not cussin’, she’s not ready!” And here comes the cussin’! And here comes Baby KJ. What a cutie!

Kim does NOT look like she had a baby an hour ago. Did her wig even move? And her make up looks perfect! She must have had one of those in-delivery room make-up artists. Seriously, her wig gets crooked when she walks up and down stairs and it was as perfect as perfect can be one hour after she pushed out a baby!

Kroy is so amazed to meet his son and to have experienced labor. Good for Kim. I really hope those two make it.

Cynthia is meeting up with her best friend Kithe for drinks. Kithe has lost over 80lbs and looks astonishing. Kithe questions Cynthia on her life in Atlanta and basically gets her to admit she hates it, doesn’t feel like herself, regrets leaving NYC, and isn’t so happy in her marriage. Kithe wonders if she is making progress in her life. He encourages her to be her NY self in Atlanta and stop worrying about all the materialistic haters. Apparently the NY Cynthia is vivacious and “cunty” while Atlanta Cynthia is depressed and wan and hanging out with the likes of NeNe. Oh dear. Afterwards those two skip off into the night to have a “SATC moment.” Touristy, much?

Watch What Happens Live: Phaedra and Tracee Ellis Ross: paragon of fabulousness. The drinking game word is: Diana! Phaedra explains about getting paid in cash, and says she doesn’t have to worry about it bouncing. Phaedra say next to Bette Midler on the plane! SO JEALOUS!!!!!!

Phaedra defends Sheree hesitating to take Bob to court saying it is an emotional situation. Everyone is uncomfortable watching NeNe’s business lunch with John. Ick. Tracee has some serious concerns about people sharing Spanx! Andy shows off some Mama Joyce/Mama Diana Ross make-over photos. Tracee is so fun!

Phaedra admits her mother, a pastor, was very upset about reDICKulous. Phaedra also defends showing off her donkey booty; saying it’s obvious that it’s there and simply can’t be hidden. A caller tells a story about teaching Tracee as a child. Phaedra compliments Kim and Kroy on their parenting. Sweet.

Tracee says she never wears a weave or a wig! Kim needs some tips! The game is Wig-Ness for the Prosecution. Tracee judges NeNe guilty of Richness of Personality. Tracee is appalled by Phaedra’s donkey booty flashing! Tracee is my kinda girl.

Poll Question: Who has changed the most since her first season? NeNe wins it with 50% with Kim coming in second in 36%.

Next week: RHOA airs a special Tuesday episode! The Charles drama continues. Phaedra is out-witted by Bob! And Kim integrates KJ into life at home.