On this week’s episode of Sociopaths In Sweats, aka Bad Girls Club, the ladies head to Lake Havasu for a much needed vacation from their schedule of napping, tanning, and paranoid plotting. But first, Gia‘s DJ friend, Matt decides to come by for another visit. This time, he brings some friends for the rest of the girls in the house. And by some friends, I mean, he brings what appears to be 10 random dudes.

None of the ladies are very impressed, especially Erica, who rightfully decries their lack of a hostess gift. Instead, she and Amy have to go out into the wild to procure alcohol and pizza for the group. Erica interviews that none of them are her type: she prefers muscle, a clean-cut look, and–this is a direct quote–“must have money from somewhere.” At least we know she’s not judgemental.

In a moment of foreshadowing, Erica and the twins become inexplicably upset when Elease decides to become friendly with Matt’s friends, and even tells them about how she was jumped the first night in the house. The smile Elease has plastered on her face when she tells this charming tale is weird, but it’s probably a result of alcohol. Amy doesn’t like them either, and talking heads that, that’s “saying something.”


The next day, the girls find out they are going to Lake Havasu, via their own version of Tyra mail, which for this very low-budget show, means a production assistant had to spend a few hours cutting out letters onto construction paper to let them know they are going to, what used to be Vicki Gunvalson‘s favorite vacation spot. The girls have trouble pronouncing Havasu, which is so sad, I can’t even finish a joke about it. Stay in school, kids. That’s all I’m going to say.

In Havasu, the girls are put up in what has to be one of the cheapest hotel suites I’ve ever seen on reality television. It at least appears to be a two-bedroom suite instead of just a plain room, but the decor looks to be circa 1987. After a visit to a cheesy restaurant for gigantic drinks, the girls primp for a night out on the town, minus Amy, who is way too wasted to move. The club the girls end up at is totally dead, except for a few dudes who start to chat up Elease and Mimi, again getting the side eye from the twins, Gia and Erica. How dare Elease and Mimi talk to anyone not vetted and approved by the twins!

The next day, the girls get a small taste of luxury and go out on a decent-looking boat with a hot tub and master suite. Again, Elease, Mimi, and Amy, who is excited to be on the water due to her Florida roots, decide not to be total stuck-up bores like their housemates and start to party with some people they meet while boating. They even invite the strangers on to the boat, which is sketchy, but I think these girls can handle it.

The last straw came that night, when once again, Elease, Mimi, and Amy decided to actually have fun while out, and the others felt they were too good to hang out with ‘scavengers.’ Gabi had her own Kelly Bensimon moment, saying that they were up here, and the rest of the girls were down there. No longer willing to tolerate this embrace of a good time, the twins and Erica decide to head back to the hotel and lock the others out of the room – forgetting that they’re in a hotel and it’s extremely easy to get security to come up and let them in.

Mimi finds out the others have left them at the bar and becomes enraged, even more so when she realizes they’ve been locked out of the room. The twins are delighted to see their old gang back, and have the power, even deflating Amy’s balloon palm tree. Eventually, security shows up, the girls are let into the room, and like true psychos, everyone just can’t understand why Mimi is so angry.

Upon the return to Vegas, Elease, Mimi, and Amy head to get their nails done, which gives the twins another opportunity to show off just how horrible they truly are. Gabi and Dani decide to mess with Mimi’s beloved “Mars” necklace, wearing it and giggling. Erica watches the entire ordeal, but doesn’t get her hands dirty. Eventually, one of the twins clumsily drops the necklace and breaks it. They slip it back into Mimi’s bag like cowards, hoping to say it got lost in transit.

Mimi returns, finds her broken necklace, and the twins are nowhere to be found. It’s totally disturbing to watch them lie to themselves and go on about how they don’t understand why she is so mad. It’s almost like they believe they didn’t do it themselves. Mimi calls a friend who encourages her to get into an alliance with Elease, Survivor style. Mimi says she’s diabolical and will mess with their minds. I hope so, because the twins are literally the worst people I’ve ever seen. Even their dad questions their shitty behavior.

Next week: Elease brings her sister, Chanel over for a visit, and a little dude named Flo Rida!