Bad Girls Club Las Vegas Recap: Sister Act

It’s time for the most intellectually stimulating show on television, Bad Girls Club! First, I want to say that the editing on this show is so annoying, all kinds of things are shown out-of-order. Do the editors think I can’t notice, especially when they are either in pajamas or in full makeup and club gear?

We open last night with Erica trying to leave the house alone to go to the mall. She’s over the twins and throws a fit when they try to crash her solo shopping trip. And who can blame her, if those two were driving me to the emergency room, I would wait for an ambulance to take me instead, that’s how horrible and whiny they are.


Last night’s episode featured a visit from Elease‘s sister, Shneail, who is the taller, less hot version of her. Or, as one of the twins put it, “That bitch looks 45.” And I hate to say it, but she kind of does. Elease is thrilled to have some back up in the house, and the twins are terrified. Gabi calls her father, the most hilarious person on this show, to tell him she’s scared of being jumped. He responds “You’re not in high school” and promptly tells her to get over it. It’s funny, you can usually avoid being assaulted by not vandalizing other’s property.

In between all this, there was a hilarious moment where the ladies head to a white party dressed in anything but white. An older woman (producer?) comes over to scold them and Elease blames it on being “after Labor Day.” Who knew Elease followed really antiquated fashion rules? There is actually a really funny moment in which they all decide to pour out some champagne for their “dead homies”, which consists mostly of Elease’s belongings.

The girls go clubbing to Crown Bar, and I think I spy Gia’s, DJ friend, “Matt” in the booth but I can’t tell. In what I’m sure was just a coincidence, hip hop stars Flo Rida and Pleasure P show up and Elease and Shneail go into Groupie Mode. Amy talking heads it’s not a big deal, since she’s met other rappers before. Elease calls up Pleasure P’s manager to invite the rappers to a barbecue at their house, and of course, they accept.

While the girls have been talking trash about “groupies”, once the day of the barbecue arrives, of course everyone busts out their Mac makeup and doll themselves up. You know, since they are not groupies and not impressed by rappers. Right. Flo Rida and Pleasure P (real name: Marcus) show up with an entourage, including their touring groupies, and they even bring champagne. Some sad production assistant probably had to order the pizzas.

Marcus takes a liking to Elease and cuddles up with her alone while everyone else parties, and Elease immediately tells him of her trouble with the twins. Creepily, Shneal decides to come over and sit on the other side of his lap, while Marcus smirks and hugs both of them, calling them a “happy family.” Why do dudes feel the need to make weird incest jokes around sisters? The twins upstairs, overhear Elease telling Marcus that she invited her sister to jump the twins, which causes them to cry to Erica.

Erica does not care, in the least. Once you ruin Erica’s sacred mall trips, it’s over. Later on, the twins drag the other roommates to get matching tattoos and Gabi cries while getting a small tattoo on her ankle. Erica talking heads that the twins should stop pretending to be hard, when they can’t even manage a small tattoo. Seriously!

Pleasure P calls Elease up for a date, and after she leaves, the twins and Amy sit alone, simmering in their jealousy. Gabi talking heads that Pleasure P is ugly. He takes Elease to Sugar Factory for dinner, and asks her all kinds of cheesy questions like “Is it love or lust?” Even rappers need fake lines. Pleasure P buys Elease and the girls candy at the Sugar Factory store and all the girls act nice when he comes in with his gifts. Mimi correctly calls the candy buying a bit fake. He does start a pillow fight with Erica and doesn’t appear to hook up with Elease, although he does try…while in the confessional room.

Finally, I want to briefly talk about Mimi’s blow up at Amy and Gia for moving her curtains and waking her up. Did anyone else think she was trying to have a Tanisha pop-off moment, like her infamous scene where she bangs around the pots and pans? Sorry Mimi, you are not Tanisha.

On next week’s Bad Girls Club, the girls head to Cabo for another hard-earned vacation, and things get so bad with the twins, they actually talk to the producers on camera. Who knew this show would break the fourth wall?