Bad Girls Club Las Vegas Recap: Evil Pair

Last night’s episode of Bad Girls Club may have ruined Mexico-U.S. relations forever. Someone get Ms. Hillary Clinton on the phone because we may need her to mediate. It wasn’t enough that the people of Havasu, Arizona had to endure the “bad girls,” but why involve Mexico? Have they not been through enough?

Before the girls got to go on vacation, the first half of the episode focuses on another barrage of petty fights about nothing. We open with the twins at the makeup table complaining that someone took their makeup. They even claim to have done “inventory” like either of them know what that word means. Dani (or Gabi? who can tell) stomps off into Erica‘s room and recovers the missing Mac eyeshadow – since apparently she had purchased the only one available in the world.


Dani tells Amy that she doesn’t confront anyone directly, but plots and plots, and then tells them when they “aren’t even there anymore.” What? So, basically this so-called bad girl just waits for the problem to go away. That’s really bad, Sponge Bob. Next time she’ll even write a note!

Elease, who is still sleeping on the couch in the “VIP room” by the way, tells Erica that one of the twins were going through her stuff. Erica is wearing the same pink tank top she must have worn for at least six months. I think at this point it’s fused to her body. She reveals in her talking heads that she’s over the twins and then goes upstairs to yell at them. Oddly, she accuses them of constantly “borrowing” her stuff. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, Erica doesn’t even wear eyeshadow, she claims. If it’d been a red hair extension, then maybe the twins would have a case.

The next person to get angry at the twins is Mimi, who almost slipped on an empty bottle of one of the twin’s body wash in the shower. She runs around the house in her towel enraged. None of it matters because it’s time to hit the club! The twins and Amy head out, and here is where this show’s horrible editing completely messes up the story line. First, we see the twins drinking giant drinks in their room, but we are supposed to believe they got those before going out? The girls head into a limo to go to the club, and Amy is shown holding a much more demure orange juice drink. But then on their way back to the house, they are filmed holding the same drinks. Which is it?

While out, Elease passive aggressively crosses out the twins’ photos in the living room on that giant Wheel of Fortune contraption, and then won’t own up to it. Gabi and Dani notice when they return from the club and run through the house screaming and breaking things, demanding to know who crossed their names out. They accuse a sleeping Mimi, and then finally tell her they broke her beloved Mars necklace. They also say that Erica and Gia were involved, but Mimi says in her talking heads that she doesn’t buy the other two did it.

The next day, the girls get the message that they’re going to Cabo! Woo! Everyone is excited, except Gabi and Dani because they hate fun and everything that’s good in the world. The excitement is cut short when Mimi realizes she doesn’t have her passport. She decides to go back home instead of staying in the house alone for 4 days. In yet another display of weird editing, we cut to Mimi’s goodbye scene. She’s fully packed and ready to go, and everyone’s wearing a different outfit. This show is going to drive us insane!

A few tears are shed for Mimi, but everyone moves on quickly. In Cabo, the twins isolate themselves from the group, even asking for their own room, and refusing to go on the group activities the show has planned, including a booze cruise and swimming with dolphins. Do you think the twins will get a chance to go to Cabo ever again in their lifetimes? Erica, Gia, Amy and Elease drink, do body shots, and genuinely enjoy themselves. I can’t judge them on that!

When the girls return to Vegas, no one is even talking to Gabi and Dani, who are now terrified they are going to get jumped. It’s time for yet another club night, and Erica decides to stay home so she can talk to her terrifying sounding mother and plot how she’s going to jump the twins. Her mother gives her very scary advice, including how to set the two girls up so they end up hitting each other. On the limo ride back from the club, a very drunk Amy decides to start a fight with a very drunk Gabi and Dani.

Accusations of “talking shit” are thrown and Amy goes ballistic. Gia talking heads that while she had no intention of starting anything, she will finish it if she has to. They finally get home and are out for blood. Where are Gabi and Dani? They are talking to one of the show’s producers in a dark room in what is a truly fascinating interaction. The girls complain that they weren’t looking to start anything and were blindsided by Amy’s questions. The producer asks them, “So you’re now getting a taste of your own medicine and you can’t handle it?” The girls don’t respond to the producer’s question and claim they haven’t done anything. The producer asks them, if “Is that your perception? That you treated everyone nicely?”

Again, the girls don’t respond. Eventually, the producer just offers to take them to a hotel for a night so they can cool off. I thought that scene was really interesting because it showed how the producers of the show must totally bait and provoke these cast members. That dude didn’t even care about the twins, and he seemed to think they deserved what they were getting.