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Andy Cohen Says Monique Samuels & Candiace Dillard’s Fight “Was A Bad Look” For Real Housewives; Receives Backlash For Love & Hip Hop Comparison

We’re all working our way through the new Housewives tell-all book, so every day, more and more surprising tidbits pop up. Not All Diamonds and Rosé: The Inside Story of The Real Housewives from the People Who Lived It is filled with tea. Every page feels piping hot, and there’s a lot of shade being thrown in all directions. Dozens of Housewives and insiders shared their hot takes for the book, but now, there’s one quote from Andy Cohen about The Real Housewives of Potomac that has fans divided.

In the book, Andy reflects on the infamous fight between Candiace Dillard Bassett and Monique Samuels. JaysRealityBlog shared an excerpt on Twitter where Andy says, “We don’t like when shit like this happens. It’s a bad look for the series. It’s not why we created this series. The show is not meant to be the Bad Girls Club. It’s not meant to be Love & Hip Hop.”

Now, it makes total sense that the executive producer behind the franchise would denounce on-screen violence. No one wants to see the Housewives beat each other up. It’s the comparison to other shows like Love & Hip Hop that feels a little suspect to many fans.

RHOP is one of the few Black ensemble shows on Bravo, so it’s troubling to hear it compared to another predominately Black franchise like Love & Hip Hop or to a notoriously rowdy show like BGC. These are all successful franchises in their own separate lanes. And to act like this one issue in Potomac was too low-brow for Bravo? That doesn’t really add up.


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On Twitter, tons of fans jumped into the conversation with examples of explosive moments that weren’t condemned with the same intensity. Teresa Giudice flipping the table, Lisa Rinna smashing a wine glass, and more recently, Danielle Staub tugging on Margaret Josephs ponytail have all been replayed countless times and stitched into compilation videos for YouTube. Another fan on Twitter mentioned the big brawl between the husbands years ago on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Did that diminish the Housewives brand?

Many fans see Andy’s comment as yet another example of a double standard that exists within the Housewives franchise. JaysRealityBlog followed up by saying, “I find it funny how Andy has one set of standards for RHOA and RHOP, but another for the others. All violence on Housewives should be condemned.”

“Not surprised,” another Bravoholic replied. “Look at the two shows you listed. One thing in common [is] they are about women of color.”

A third fan agreed, tweeting, “If you’re going to call out one city, call them all out. There should be fairness across the board, but it’s not surprising that the goalpost has always been moved when it comes to Black women and women of color.”


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Fans aren’t the only ones calling out this divide. Even Candiace expressed a similar sentiment in the book. She said, “There’s only a stigma attached to our behavior because we’re black. Because when they’re crackin’ glasses on the edge of tables in RHOBH, smacking cameras down in RHOD, throwing wine in people’s faces in RHOC, or flipping tables and pulling ponytails in RHONJ, nobody says, ‘Wow, these women are ghetto! They’re dangerous!’ It’s not talked about as it is when Black women are being human and doing the same thing.”


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