Camille Grammer Caught Threatening Dimitri’s Ex-Girlfriend! Russell Armstrong’s Friend To Write Tell-All Book! Plus Lisa Vanderpump’s Spin-Off Confirmed!

While the ladies of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills are deep into the pre-season casting charade they all do before contracts get signed, some very interesting news has leaked about former villain and now “laid-off” housewife Camille Grammer.

As said on the reunion, Camille has been very happily dating a younger man, Dimitri Charalambopoulos, who had yet to make it on-screen. A taped video deposition of Dimitri posted to Radar Online may give us a clue why he was so camera-shy. Like every other housewife boyfriend, Dimitri has baby mamma drama. In the following video, Dimitri is being deposed by his girlfriend Lisa Chynoweth‘s lawyers in Dallas. Lisa apparently wants to move her son to Colorado.


The juicy part is this: in the video, the lawyer plays Dimitri a phone call where a very evil-sounding Camille threatens his ex. The voice on the tape is so clearly the Camille Grammer we’ve seen on television for two seasons on Bravo, so there’s no denying that. What she says sounds so much like that same woman who was voted most hated housewife.

“If you go to the press, I have lawyers that are beyond what you can imagine and they will pull stuff on you and you will be so mortified about your life and your family and what you have done. You don’t want to do that to Marcus. I will desecrate you, believe me, and that I can do, so be careful what you say and what you do because my defamation attorneys are huge..they will hunt down and research every nook and cranny of your life.”

It looks like Camille’s turn around in season two may have been just a teeny bit fake. There’s no indication when this was recorded or what the previous conversation was about. Dimitri says he doesn’t want any part of the phone call.  On the video, he says, “I didn’t hear a threat and I don’t know what that conversation was about and it was a little snippet and that has absolutely nothing to do with this…I didn’t hear a threat, it sounded more like a rebuttal.” Below is the video, you’ll find the Camille audio at the 1:52 mark.

Responding to all the drama, Camille claims it was indeed Lisa who threatened her first! “My comments were a rebuttal to threats by her — four hours of threats by her!;” she tells RumorFix.

And Camille is insistent that she in no way wanted harm to come to Marcus. “I was telling her you can’t use your son as a weapon!” And don’t worry, since this is Camille we’re talking about; she’s already got her lawyers involved! “I’m seeking legal action,” the former Housewife warns.

DD A friend of Camille’s is also speaking out in her defense, confirming that Lisa had harassed Camille first. “That woman threatened Camille along with her two children and her ex-husband Kelsey [Grammer],” the source asserts. “She was trying to exploit Camille, Kelsey and Dimitri for money.”

And now for the real reason Camille went psycho? Lisa said Camille looked old! BWAHA! “At one point, Lisa called Camille an old lady and told her she shouldn’t be wearing bikini’s on the beach because she was too old. That was really hurtful to Camille,” the source adds. Wow – this Lisa sounds perfect for HW!

The description of the video on YouTube reveals another factoid that should be no surprise to housewives fans: Dimitri is apparently broke and owes $30,000 in child support. Do the housewives pick up dudes at some kind of Deadbeat Dad convention? Is it so hard to meet a man who doesn’t have an outrageous child support tab? Proving love is totally blind, Camille sees a future with this dude, and an insider tells Radar Online :

“Camille never thought she would find love again after her marriage ended to Kelsey because she truly believed that she was going to be married to him for the rest of her life. Camille has been telling her friends that she could easily see herself married to Dimitri. Does this mean that he is close to proposing? Not yet. However, it’s definitely going in that direction.”

Do not let this loser take your settlement, Camille! Speaking of her ex, Camille has made the talk show rounds in an effort to appear like she quit Housewives all on her own. Now she is claiming that she left for privacy reasons. In an interview with Good Morning America, she says “Thank you Kelsey, for the gift of humiliation for the first season.”

Humiliation and the fame you always craved. On the show, she does allude to the real reason she was let go and tells GMA, that the offer made to her “was not one that I was comfortable with after being on the show for two years as a main housewife.” A very nice way of saying she was demoted to Dana status, basically. And I agree, Camille is a main player, not supporting cast. Going back to the privacy excuse, she also said, “Being in a new relationship is exciting and difficult and there’s some things you really want to remain secret. And I don’t think my ex would have signed off on it and I didn’t feel comfortable exposing my kids.”

Judging from that deposition, there are many things Camille probably wants to keep secret. Speaking of things that should probably be kept under wraps, are you ready for some Taylor Armstrong-related news? A friend of Russell Armstrong is penning a tell-all book because apparently not enough people in the world have profited from Russell’s death. Randy Edwards, who writes the “Voice of Russell Armstrong” blog, is planning on writing the book, but an “insider” tells Radar the problem is he only met Taylor once, and wasn’t “a factor in Russell’s life in the last few years.” The insider goes on:

“Russell felt sorry for him and sent him money over the years because he was having financial problems. Taylor feels that Randy is just attempting to cash in on Russell’s tragedy. It’s just blood money and no publisher has  expressed any interest in the book so far. Randy has publicly bashed Taylor and  she just can’t understand why he is doing this when she doesn’t even know him.”

Can you imagine if some random friend from high school, who you hadn’t seen in years decided to write a book about you? His blog has always been sketchy to me, and this book sounds sketchy. You may be shocked to hear that per the source, “Taylor isn’t afraid nor intimidated by Randy. Sadly, nothing surprises her anymore and she just ignores the negativity. Taylor is focused on being a great mom, role model and business woman.” And D-list faux celebrity. She’s very focused on that.

And lot’s of RHOBH action today, as apparently Lisa Vanderpump‘s spin-off is definitely happening! Just after it was reported that Lisa had agreed to a third season of the show that made her a household name; the immensely popular Housewife is apparently going out on her own and remaining on Housewives!

“Bravo has confirmed Lisa’s own show,” an insider reveals to Life & Style. “It’s going to be about her restaurant SUR Lounge and feature the staff and happenings there.”

“Yes, she’s also returning for season three of Housewives,” the insider adds. “She’ll be juggling both.” Lisa’s new spin-off will also include a face we saw last season! “A key character in the show is going to be Scheana Marie, the woman who hooked up with John Mayer and Eddie Cibrian and works at Lisa’s restaurant,” a second source shares.

The Huffington Post confirms that Bravo has greenlit the show and given it the working title “SUR;” produced by Evolution Media. Below is the description:

“Best known as one of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,’ Lisa Vanderpump opens the salacious kitchen doors of her exclusive Hollywood restaurant and lounge, SUR. Declaring it the sexiest establishment she’s ever owned and ‘the place you take your mistress,’ Lisa rules over her lively and mischievous staff with a platinum fist.”

Me thinks this spells the end of Lisa’s long-term involvement in Housewives. Particularly, after her friends turned on her last season! Who knows though…