EXCLUSIVE: Joe Gorga Thinks Teresa Is Fake; Teresa Hiding Things From Him To Avoid Melissa! Plus Caroline Talks Teresa’s Cookbook And Menopause!

With Real Housewives of New Jersey about to blow up in our faces—literally—news of the ladies behind the scenes antics and drama are spreading like wildfire. Teresa Giudice has been working hard, earning that money, and appearing on Celebrity Apprentice in the off-season but she’s also continuing to have major family problems. It seems everyone is annoyed with her positive attitude in the face of drama and because she chooses to put on a happy face, family and friends have dubbed her fake!

According to Reality Tea’s source, Teresa and brother Joe Gorga are still at odds over his belief that she is “fake.” And despite a recent family vacation to Mexico and Teresa’s upbeat demeanor, she’s actually feeling unhappy and completely alone. Oh no! “Teresa isn’t as happy as she looks – or tells the media,” our source exclusively tells Reality Tea. “Teresa is not happy. She will NEVER let anyone think she is not [happy].”

Our source gives some background information on Teresa’s issues with her brother. Since drama surrounding Teresa’s finances and her husband Joe Giudice‘s legal woes have become front-page news, Teresa has kept her brother at a distance due to embarrassment. And Joe perceives that as her being fake!

“They were so close, and since she was on the show she is not honest with him. She pretends everything is fine. Meanwhile, it is not,” our source reports. “Teresa complained that her brother wasn’t there for her when Joe went to jail, meanwhile, Teresa never even told her brother what was going on.”


“She wants to try and fool everyone as if her life if perfect and she has no money problems, etc,” our source continues. “Her brother has helped her out many times with money and in other ways. So, you can understand her brother’s frustration with her.” Joe, apparently, just wants to be a part of Teresa’s life – but he wants to be included honestly.

The reason Teresa has been keeping Non-Juicy Joe at arm’s length? Sister-in-law Melissa Gorga! “The main reason she doesn’t tell her brother anything is because she doesn’t want Melissa to know her business,” our source reveals. Which makes complete sense to me given Melissa’s propensity for discussing Teresa in the media and with everyone in New Jersey! “She is so competitive with Melissa that she can’t DARE lean on her brother and admit she has problems.”

In light of Teresa pretending everything is fine, Joe is annoyed that she has become fake “to everyone in her life”—including him—and “he can’t stomach it.” However, Teresa is allegedly embarrassed to have received financial help from him (even though she allegedly helped Joe when he was starting his business). Wow – that’s interesting.

My take: Of course she is embarrassed by elements of her life being a disaster – particularly while things seem to be going so well for Melissa and Joe. Perhaps, Teresa still feels hurt that Joe and Melissa came on the show. Regardless of why producers approached them to join the cast, they were well aware that Bravo was seeking drama and a storyline that would cause issues with Teresa – the break-out star of the series.

True – being on a reality show of this magnitude is an amazing opportunity and I completely understand the Gorga’s desire to join the cast, but according to Melissa, things were already in a bad place with Teresa – whom she was not speaking to at the time of casting. They probably should have said yes, told Teresa Bravo’s plan, and pulled a fast one on Bravo ala NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton! If those two loose cannon wack-a-doos can get along and be all buddy-buddy on camera – anyone can! (Hint, Hint – here’s your season five storyline Gorgadices!)

Moving on, Caroline Manzo is talking about the upcoming season and as the previews demonstrate, she is still upset over Teresa’s comments in Fabulicious!. Although Teresa apologized, Caroline does not believe it was sincere. “It wasn’t heartfelt,” she tells Star Magazine (via their print edition). “You can’t erase what’s in black and white.”

Caroline adds there’s much more going on than a little cookbook malarkey. “It was hurtful but it’s just one of the small pieces why I feel the way I feel,” she explains. “If you’ve been a viewer for the past three seasons, you know it’s not just about a cookbook.”

As for what we can expect from Mama Manzo this season, it’s an exciting thing called menopause. Thank you, Jesus that it’s not another middle-aged pregnancy scare! “I’m going to be 51 in August, so the clock is ticking. It’s that time,” she admits.

And it’s been very difficult handling the symptoms of menopause—which include mood swings and headaches—while filming and dealing with cast drama! So her migraine last season wasn’t caused by Teresa’s sequined string bikini fashion show? “I’ll be so aggravated and want to rip someone’s head off, but then I’ll think, ‘It’s you, Caroline. Don’t say a word,'” Caroline shares.

“It’s a learning process, but if I’m going through it, I’ll go through it with flair. I will figure out how to do it in the most badass way possible.” I wonder if BLK water alleviates the symptoms – since it’s allegedly not selling, I imagine they have a lot in stock!