Teresa Giudice’s Fallen Friendships (And Those That Survived)

Teresa Giudice's lost friendships over the years.
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Teresa Giudice has a bit of a friendship problem over on Real Housewives of New Jersey. On top of this, various members of her family have also chosen to detach themselves from her side. This has made filming on RHONJ rather difficult as of late. Thankfully for Tre, she does have a few loyal relationships that remain, and she’s also been able to mend some of her previously-burned-down bridges as well.

So, who loves Teresa? In contrast, who would rather eat fake Italian food at the Olive Garden, daily, than allow Tre back into their circles? And why am I now craving breadsticks and a vat of Alfredo sauce? I’ll answer most of these questions now.

The family members who fell off of The Palisades Cliffs

What I used to love the most about this Real Housewives series is that it involved one family tree, with a few close friends on the side. However, Teresa has hated having her family members on this cast. In fact, she thinks that a few of them came on behind her back, to either take over this series, or even to take her down. Needless to say, it’s been messy.

Obviously, we’ve been beaten to death with the Teresa vs Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga BS feud from hell for years. These two are not fans of the rumors that have leaked, which they’ve blamed Teresa for. But also, Teresa isn’t a fan of theirs in general, because she feels like Melissa has taken her brother away. It’s sad, and I hate it here.

Joining the Gorgas in Season 3 was also Teresa’s cousin, Kathy Wakile. This sucked too, because Teresa and Kathy sparred at their first reunion together after Kathy said that Teresa had left Audriana Giudice unattended during that wild christening brawl that went down. Teresa thought that Kathy was trying to suggest that she was a bad mother, so she later jabbed back by saying that Kathy’s husband had called his wife a “raccoon face.”

In Season 4, Kathy claimed that one of Teresa’s recipes in “Fabulicious!” belonged to her mother, aka Teresa’s Aunt. This went over as you’d suspect. But I’m not done, as yet another family member joined in on this season via her other cousin Rosie Pierri. Rosie sided with Kathy, and this relationship died as well.

And Teresa’s friendships that have also swiftly died

In Season 4, Caroline Manzo and Teresa fought over jabs made in one of Teresa’s cookbooks. In her introduction, Teresa called Caroline “1/16th Italian,” also stating that she was “about as Italian as the Olive Garden.” Poor sweet chain restaurant. I still love you.

Caroline also grew weary of Teresa’s constant jabs made at Melissa. And as Teresa thinks that Caroline called the Feds on her shortly after, this friendship officially came to an end.

Then there’s Danielle Staub, who Teresa notoriously called a “prostitution whore,” right before flipping a table on her costar. They made up in Season 10, but everything came to a crashing halt once more, after Danielle pulled Margaret Josephs’ hair. She then blamed Teresa for encouraging her to yeet this ponytail down in the first place.

Let’s not forget Melissa Pfeister, Teresa’s former podcast host. On this, Teresa would only say that Melissa had turned on her. Speaking of a relationship that’s soured, there’s also Dina Manzo, Caroline’s sister. Teresa doesn’t speak on this one much, so all that we know right now is that Dina’s husband got into a verbal debate with Luis Ruleas, and the ladies parted ways.

However, as Teresa revealed recently on Watch What Happens Live, she just texted Dina and received a hearted response in turn. Interesting.

Sometimes though, you gotta break up to make up

Sometimes, as Andy Cohen said in 2023 on WWHL, hell can freeze over. He said this in response to Teresa’s long lunch with her former costar Jacqueline Laurita. These two were often at odds during filming, but now, there’s only “love, love, love.” While Teresa expressed to Andy that “time heals all wounds,” he couldn’t help but note that Jacqueline’s shade tossed online at Melissa went down around the same time that this once-cold friendship first thawed.

Teresa laughed. It for sure didn’t hurt. But also, they have sons with the same name now, and both have Autism, so for Teresa, their newly healed bond just felt right.

In even wilder news, Teresa just reunited with Kim DePaola for her birthday. Kim posted up their little lunch online, and Jacqueline joined in, writing “This makes me happy!” Oh lawd, does this mean that we might see another Posche fashion show, should Kim return to filming?

Speaking of filming, right now, we are watching as Season 14 unfolds. Within, Teresa and Jackie Goldschneider have also put aside their old wounds, and have bonded over their shared frustrations with Margaret. Well, that’s according to Melissa, but if you ask Teresa, she’s just happy that Jackie is thinking for herself. Jackie’s happy to not be following anyone’s orders.

But now, let’s end things on a high


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So who loves Teresa, with zero drama on the side? Well that’s easy, for now. To start, there’s Jennifer Aydin. These two are so close that at BravoCon, a random fan stood up and asked Jennifer if she was planning on crawling up Teresa’s bum any further.

At first, Jennifer laughed, but then she stood up and explained that Teresa supports her at all times, so she’s only giving this same effort back. Speaking of support, Teresa also has Dolores Catania. Dolores, bless her heart, is friends with everyone. This cannot be an easy feat, for a cast that currently stands this divided.