Well, if you’re already on Real Housewives of New Jersey overload, you are not alone! It seems all anyone can talk about these days is Teresa Giudice. Love her or hate her, the flamboyant Housewife knows how to make a splash and she knows how to get people to pay attention, puh-lease!

In the latest, Teresa has taken to In Touch Weekly to formally apologize to her co-stars (we’ll be giving you the full report of the story tomorrow) and it seems some of her co-stars are in a forgiving mood!

Yesterday, Teresa and former bestie Jacqueline Laurita took their reconciliation public with a Twitter over-disclosure fest and apparently “baby steps” are happening to rebuild their relationship. Can I get a collective “awwwww”? I love Jacqueresa.

Apparently, Teresa called Jacs and they played phone tag until eventually connecting. It seems the ladies have missed each other, and frankly, we’ve missed them too. I like Jacqueline much better when she’s not under Caroline Manzo‘s spell!


Perhaps after watching this Sunday’s season premiere episode, Jacqueline realized what incredible family stress Teresa has been over as her husband Joe is possibly headed to prison, leaving Teresa alone to raise their four daughters.

While it seems the two ladies have a way to go before a full return to bestfriendshood, talking is a good first step. Apparently, they are still haggling over old insults; which is an unfortunate side-effect of reality television – all the old stuff is rehashed again and again once the show starts airing!

Jacqueline seemed less positive about the conversation than Teresa, because immediately after hanging up the phone she called Caroline who threatened to disown her but didn’t rule out working on their friendship! “4give me 4being upset, I wanted 2 believe the apology was sincere. When I called her it got intense w/rehashing the past. Thought she wanted 2 move 4ward,” Jacqueline wrote.

Jacqueline acknowledged dealing with their issues while the show is on definitely adds to the strain. “Baby steps would be great w/@TeresaGiudice but only if its sincere and it definitely didn’t sound like it. The show airing doesn’t help I guess.”

Teresa seemed to have a decidedly different take on their convo and thought it went great! But we all know, Teresa loves to put on a happy face! And she opted to keep their dramatic conversation private. Until the tabloids want another exclusive!

Moving on, Jacqueline continues to explain her absence at last season’s reunion and discuss her issues with Teresa. “It would have been very difficult to look at Teresa and not be able to express what I was actually feeling. Even if I had attended, none of your questions would have been answered,” Jacqueline explains in her Bravo Blog.

“Teresa and I were fine in Season 3. I can’t even say that the entire reason I didn’t attend was because of Teresa. There were other factors involved in my decision, but my disappointment with her was a big one.”

She adds, “Teresa hardly ever admits she’s wrong, and if she can’t convince you to feel the same way she does about something, she will start blame shifting to try to put YOU in the wrong instead of her.”

Jacqueline also confronts Teresa’s comments about Melissa Gorga being a gold-digger who would leave Joe for a richer man. “I have to agree with Melissa on this one when she said, ‘Whatever is going on in Teresa’s home, she wants to project that into your home.’ I have seen her do that before. She has even done it to me,” Jacqueline continues.

“Think of the conversation Teresa had with her husband about the ‘cheating’ rumors earlier in this episode. Can you see the deflection? Teresa knew she was wrong about saying that to him, I think that’s why she told him in Italian not to bring it up. She didn’t want anyone to know what she had said.”

Finally, it seems Teresa’s marital issues are all too serious as our source EXCLUSIVELY tells Reality Tea that Joe Giudice has been committing adultery for years! “Teresa has had to deal with Joe and his infidelities for years. There were times Joe was gone for days and she didn’t know where he was,” our source tells us. “Teresa has to call Joe’s brother and father to try and find him. She also wanted to hire a private detective to follow him!”

Indeed, last year Joe was spotted on a date while Teresa was filming for RHONJ. Teresa claimed it was a family friend, but our source claimed it was Joe’s mistress! Reportedly, Joe also has a wandering eye where Teresa’s make-up artist (and close friend), Priscilla is concerned. A photo of Joe cozying up to her is below!

On Sunday’s episode, Teresa was seen confronting Joe about their marital issues; telling him their daughter Gia believes something is going on! “Joe always had the attitude, ‘what would she do without me?’,” our source adds. Teresa “likes a nice life and he ‘used to’ give that to her.” But now Teresa is independent and makes her own money, and is no longer dependent on Joe. Before when Teresa was a stay-at-home mom she had little control and allegedly “didn’t care where he went and what he did.” But now things have changed.

Apparently, Teresa’s attitude about Juicy’s infidelity stems from her very traditional upbringing. “Teresa comes from a place where the woman ‘worships’ her husband. Teresa’s mother worships her father. Her brother loves and worships his wife,” our source explains. “Teresa wishes she married someone who would have treated her the way her brother treats his wife.” Which is allegedly where a lot of her issues with Melissa stem from.

This is truly sad for Teresa. Regardless of what anyone thinks of her, it is indisputable that Teresa loves her husband and has always been devoted to her marriage and her children.

Teresa continues to defend her marriage, telling WetPaint: “Joe and I have a very solid marriage.” She also claims the drama captured on this season, reflects a “very difficult time for us.” She adds, “We were both frustrated and reacting out of emotion and exhaustion.”

Also, this season Jacqueline apparently confronted Teresa about selling tabloid stories! “Teresa did sell stories to the press like InTouch. She got paid for the cover stories,” our source shares. “Jacqueline even confronted Teresa about it on camera but, Bravo will not air that since they have relationships with the magazines.”

Wow – pretty surprising stuff. While the New Jersey ladies sometimes lack for money, they certainly never lack for drama!


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