Aaahhh… Kim Kardashian, no matter how much you try to distract us with Kimye; your divorce is not going away! And to remind us of how skanky and greedy you are is Kris Humphries!

This past week Kimye enjoyed a PDA-laden dinner at Scott Disick‘s new restaurant RYU, which was of course captured on film for one of the umpteen Kardashian reality shows (for which they recently scored a $40M deal to create). While Kim is focused on making-out, Kris is still focused on annulling that embarrassing 72-day-lapse in sanity also known as his marriage to Kimmie Kakes. And allegedly, Kanye is now part of his plan for proving the Kardashians’ shameless ways!

“Kris was surprised to learn that Kim was including her new relationship with Kanye West on the show,” a source close to Kris tells RadarOnline.”The crux of Kris’ case for annulment is that Kim married him under fraudulent pretenses and did it for her reality show. Team Humphries wants to know if producers of the Kardashian reality shows were in contact with Kanye prior to the new couple dating or going public with their relationship and what those conversations consisted of.”


“When did Kim develop romantic feelings for Kanye and why after publicly stating she wouldn’t feature any future romantic relationships on her reality shows, did she do a complete 360?”

And in the never-ending saga of the Kardashian- Humphries wedding gift drama, the Kourtney & Kim Take New York villain continues to be very curious about exactly which charities Kim donated the proceeds to – and why! “Kris wants to know exactly which gifts are being given to which charity and why weren’t the presents simply returned? Kris just can’t fathom why Kim wouldn’t just do the right thing and return the gifts to their guests,” an insider shares with RadarOnline.

“He wasn’t given any consideration or any allowed any input regarding Kim’s decision, and the gifts were given to both of them not just Kim. Kris still wants Kim to return the gifts, period. It’s the right thing to do because the marriage just didn’t last.”

The source adds that although Kris is furious about being used as a publicity stunt, he no longer harbors ill-will towards Kim and hopes she is happy. And Kris has better things to worry about than his divorce woes or Kim’s latest exploits. Like his basketball career and his recent charity endeavors.

Kris recently shared his time with a sixteen-year-old Kaely Kwitek who is battling cancer. Kris invited the girl to a Nets game and then took her to the locker room where she met up with some of the other players and did interviews and photos with Kris. A photo of Kris and Kaley is below!

You know, it’s probably a good thing Kim dumped Kris. I mean, look what getting tangled up in the Kardashians has done for Lamar Odom‘s career…

And finally, it seems there’s a reason pimpmomager extraordinaire Kris Jenner was able to score such a lucrative deal for her Keeping Up With The Kardashians brood! It seems that deal came with strings attached and ol’ Kris J promised the executives at E major star power on their upcoming shows! And that star power included number one paycheck Kim’s new beau – and some of his celeb friends!

“One of the main reasons she so approves of Kim and Kanye’s romance, is the fact that Kayne has tons of celebrity friends,” a source reveals to HollywoodLife. “Kris has her ways, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the cameras capture Kim and Kanye on a double date with Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

“Kris wants to convince Beyoncé to bring Baby Blue on and make it her first-ever TV appearance! She thinks it would be cute to have a segment of Beyoncé and Kim talking about babies.” Kris is even hoping to convince the couple to stage a double date with Kimye! Uhhh…keep dreaming, Kris!

Unfortunately, Beyoncé allegedly hates Kim and wants nothing to do with her! “Beyoncé doesn’t want the kind of celebrity that Kim has nailed down as her own thing,” the source explains. “Beyoncé doesn’t want to bring that reality show infamy and drama into a personal life that Beyoncé has tried to keep close to her.” In fact, Beyoncé has reportedly “banned” Kim from her “inner circle,” which is comprised entirely of A-Listers and people who, you know, have not been urinated on while starring in a sex tape are not reality TV stars.

But it’s not just Beyoncé, Kris is hoping to score, she knows Kanye’s net cast wide. “In addition to being friends with Jay-Z and Beyonce, Kanye is friends with Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys, John Legend and the list goes on and on,” the source adds. Kris is hoping to tap all of those resources to elevate the Kardashian fame! Just think of all the rich and famous menz Kimmie could hook up with once Kimye ends!

But Kris should watch out, because all the pressure she is putting on Kim to exploit her new boyfriend could spell the end of their publicity loving relationship! “This puts a lot of pressure on Kim and her sisters to perform and make as many celeb friends as possible,” an insider dishes. “In the past, the focus was more on their celebrity basketball friends, but now — thanks to Kayne — they can take the show to a whole new level and attract another demographic.”

Perhaps Kris’ worry that Kimye may be a publicity stunt that caused the demise of his marriage may be true!

And for the love of Jesus and humanity – can we please stop Kris J? Next she’ll be parading Kim around the White House. Oh… wait… Kim will be attending the upcoming White House Correspondent’s dinner as a guest of FOX. Is there no end to the Kardashian krazy?

[Photo Credits: & Josiah W/SPLASH]


Kris with Kaely at a recent Nets game [Photo Credit: RadarOnline]

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