The executive producer of Basketball Wives, Shaunie O’Neal is apparently not happy enough with her VH-1 empire and is going Hollywood. While I think this would be an excellent reason for America’s movie theaters to start serving alcohol like they do in Europe (who can watch this without a box of wine?), Shaunie thinks this will be an inspiring story and tells Vibe that it’s not just ladies fighting. She swears.

It’s fictional. Even though it has to do with basketball life, it’s not actually taking Basketball Wives from TV and making it a movie. And it’s not about women sitting around arguing or lunching all the time. It’s an actual story. It’s a love story. It’s an empowering story. It’s funny. It’s life. It’s similar—we’ve taken a girl who’s just going into the NBA life and experiencing things and showing the whole story. She learns from the organization. She learns from other wives. And by the end of the story, it’s empowering for women and men. It’s so nothing like the TV show at all. No comparison.


Does Shaunie realize most of her viewers tune in to watch the trainwreck, not to be inspired that one day they might marry an athlete of their own? Whatever direction she decides to take, Shaunie might give black women a break and give women of other backgrounds the BBW treatment:

We haven’t casted yet, but I wouldn’t call it a Black woman’s story. It’s going to be a multiracial cast. Of course, there will be Black women ’cause most of the NBA seems to be. But it is going to be multiracial.

May I suggest Larsa Pippen and Christy Rice? Neither of them are black, and both are very available! I’m sure both have Shaunie’s number.

The BBW movie may be the team’s next venture, as it seems the show itself may be in some legal jeopardy. Tami Roman was sued by Crème de la Crème for not holding up her end of an endorsement deal and even went so far as to ask VH1 not to air any footage of Tami promoting her competing hair line. TMZ reports today that Tami has said that the company actually screwed her over.

In the court docs, Tami says that not airing the show would affect “millions of people” and the financial damages she caused the company “”pales in comparison.” That’s right, Tami is referring to you, the viewer, and how you would suffer without your weekly dose of nonsense. I hate to break it to you, Tami, but if the show stopped airing, most of your viewers would just move on to whatever VH1 would put it in its place or simply watch whatever franchise of Housewives Bravo has decided to air on a loop that day.

Some viewers have already moved on from the show and have even started a petition for VH1 to remove it from the air on Some people like to start petitions to get their schools to recycle, or maybe in support of gay marriage, while others want to remove a reality show from the air. We all have our causes! 25,000 folks have decided BBW is their cause.

Sponsors like Summer’s Eve (how apt) have reportedly stopped sponsoring the show as well as Evelyn Lozada‘s show with Chad Ochocinco, Ev & Chad. It doesn’t help that the show’s ratings have slipped.