Taylor Armstrong Has Another Drunken Meltdown,Yolanda Hadid Confirms Joining the Show; Camille Talks Forgiveness!

You know it’s bad when a show sounds like a major train wreck before it even airs.  Not surprisingly, that seems to be the case with the third season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, thanks to Taylor Armstrong, queen of the psychotic meltdowns…as evidenced last season.  Already there have been reports of her heavy drinking, even getting wasted at Kyle Richards’ daughter’s birthday.  Also disturbing about her behavior at the toddler’s party?  It occurred in front of Taylor’s young daughter Kennedy.  Now there are new reports of Taylor’s disturbing antics being filmed on a recent spa weekend to Ojai, California.

A source tells RadarOnline.com, “Taylor was wasted from the moment she appeared in the morning until the moment she collapsed at night.  It was a horrific sight to see. She totally lost control of her emotions and her temper. She is an absolute complete mess, but she refuses to acknowledge that she has a problem.”


The insider continues, “She was drinking heavily while she was dealing with the breakup from Russell [Armstrong], but since his suicide it has spiraled further and further out-of-control. I am truly frightened as to what will happen to her if she does not get help immediately.”

“Taylor’s drinking is out-of-control. She doesn’t have just 10 drinks, she has like 30 or 40 and she’s a mess.  Over the trip Taylor would say the nastiest things to everyone,” confirms a second source.  “As soon as she had a drop of alcohol she would start spewing hateful things, it shocked everybody.”

“She isn’t as relevant as she was and she is desperate to stay on the show but the things she says are outrageous and they’re making everyone furious. She caused major drama all weekend. The fights were non-stop, and she was a mess.”  Thirty to forty drinks?  How is she alive?  Seriously?  That is way beyond serious alcohol poisoning territory, isn’t it?

“Taylor was all over the place while the cast was shooting at the Ojai Valley Inn,” cites a third source who witnessed Taylor’s binge drinking meltdown.  “She would start drinking very, very early in the day. The ladies are all very concerned about her, especially Kyle. They have spoken off camera about their desire for Taylor to stop drinking, but so far, nothing has happened. Taylor had a catastrophic meltdown on camera during the trip that will truly shock viewers when they see it on air this fall.”  Um, after watching her erratic and irrational behavior in season two, I don’t know if anything she did would truly shock me.

“Taylor is headed down a very dangerous road and she doesn’t think she has a problem at all with alcohol. Kyle and Lisa [Vanderpump] fear for Taylor’s daughter, Kennedy, because she has already lost her father to suicide and her mother could suffer a similar fate they fear if Taylor doesn’t go to rehab,” worries the eyewitness.  That poor little girl…all the uber-expensive birthday parties in the world could never make up for being in the middle of this mess.

A new report from RadarOnline, claims the Housewives are begging her to save her career by not drinking on camera. “The women have pulled Taylor aside and begged her to stop drinking when cameras are rolling because of her behavior, which only gets worse the more she drinks,” a source reveals. “Taylor is in complete denial about her problem and doesn’t think she has an issue.”

The source adds, “She got extremely angry with the women when they made their request, she accused them of ganging up on her and told them to mind their own business. The ladies are just so concerned for her well being and health because of Taylor’s growing dependence on alcohol.”

“Viewers are going to be shocked this season when they see Taylor’s actions after she drinks,” the source shares. “Yes, it will make for great television, but at what cost?”

Another report by Tamara Tattle said Taylor was trashed at Andy Cohen’s book party and that the other Housewives avoided her.

Maybe Taylor will finally come to the realization that reality television isn’t where her time is best spent these days.  Of course, another housewife is gearing up for her debut.  (Not my best segue, I’ll admit! :))  After months of speculation, Yolanda Hadid is confirming her spot on the Bravo franchise.  The newbie tells hollyscoop.com, “Yes, I have actually formally joined [the show]. We started filming about two weeks ago and we’re in the full goings of it.”

Despite the rumors of the booze-fueled meltdowns (see above), Yolanda insists that she hasn’t seen much drama.  Perhaps she’s just been lounging poolside with Adrienne Maloof and dining at Sur.  “I love them, it’s a great group of women and we’re going to have fun so keep watching,” she reveals to the site.

As for the housewife  Yolanda is purportedly replacing, Camille Grammer relays to HollywoodLife.com her reason for not making a full return to the third season. “Kelsey [Grammer] would not sign off to let our kids appear on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  It’s silly because if I am on the show, it only makes sense to occasionally have my kids on the show. They are my life,” explains Camille.

In spite of this twist, Camille claims to be in a very good place, and she is accepting the changes that have come with divorce.  She admits, “I had to go to hell to get to heaven. At times I didn’t think I had it in me, but I do. When Kelsey left me, here I was this single mom with two kids. I was terrified. Of course I had help and the support of my family, but it was still very scary.”

“I have a very strong family,” she reveals, citing her mother as a huge source of support. “My mom always tells me, ‘You do it for you children!’ You also have to do a lot of work on yourself. I have worked a lot on myself and I consider myself a spiritual person…I have learned to forgive Kelsey and have appreciation.”

Camille  “Forgiveness and gratitude are so important. If you don’t forgive, it will eat you up and make you sick. I read a lot of books on forgiveness and went to a spiritual psychologist. Actually my spiritual psychologist is Tammy, one of Kelsey’s ex-fiancées.”  What?  No Allison Dubois?