REPORT: Teresa Giudice Planning For A SpinOff And A Memoir! Is She Finally Ready To Admit The Problems In Her Marriage?

Teresa Guidice has become the break-out star for Real Housewives of New Jersey. But unfortunately with fame and success there often comes a price. While Teresa’s third cookbook has already landed on the NY Times Bestseller list, her home life and family life remain in upheaval. And while she was competing on the hugely popular Celebrity Apprentice her friends and co-stars have all but disowned her.

Plagued by rumors of her husband’s infidelity, along with his legal and financial woes, Teresa put her big girl panties on and went to work. And apparently, Mrs. Giudice, who despite her tongue twisted ways, appears to be a bit of a marketing genius. Teresa intends to have the last laugh and spin all of the drama to her favor. In a new story by Us Weekly several sources reveal Teresa’s plans to turn lemons into fabulicous lemonade.

Teresa’s marriage has been making headlines since the first season of RHONJ, while Joe Giudice often behaves like a drunken buffoon, Teresa consistently defends him. “Teresa puts on blinders when it comes to Joe,” a family insider tells the mag. “It’s difficult for her to accept he’s such a scumbag.” Indeed, Teresa recently confessed to losing her virginity to her husband of twelve years, and she has ardently defended him through all his tribulations.


“Joe’s a mess,” the source adds, “and doesn’t know how to behave like a human being.” Teresa has tried her darnedest to keep Joe out of the media as much as possible. And to do so she has often resorted to throwing allegations at her friends and family. “It’s like, ‘Don’t look at me. Let’s talk about them,'” Melissa Gorga tells Us about Teresa’s defense mechanisms.

Well, in light of Joe’s issues, Teresa has come up with a plan to support herself and her girls – with or without her husband. “I don’t know if she’ll actually leave him if he goes to jail,” the family insider explains. “But she knows everyone will see her as the victim and she’ll get her own show.”

In fact, the source says that despite the “rock solid marriage” spiel Teresa continually spins to describe her relationship, privately she’s not convinced of Joe’s fidelity and that she is already angling to move on. “Teresa knows Joe cheats, but she’s in denial,” a family insider confirms.

Last year when allegations emerged that Joe was seen having dinner at a TGI Fridays with his reported mistress Davana Medina while Teresa was filming, Teresa seemed to laugh it off. She claimed Davana was a long-time family friend. A source tells Us Weekly, that Teresa was well aware of their romantic relationship and even saw Joe texting Davana but she looked the other way. “She just doesn’t want to acknowledge it,” the source shares. “But when other people talk about it, it pisses her off.”

And Teresa’s friends believe Joe going to jail could be the best thing to happen to Teresa and her daughters. “If Joe gos to Jail Teresa will learn she deserves better,” a source says. Another source reveals that Teresa and Joe are “never” together away from the cameras and Teresa tries to “force chemistry” for the show to display a happy marriage.

Teresa “never talks about her husband, only her daughters,” an acquaintance shares. “She’s the kind of person, who even if she had problems at home, she would never let it show.” Unfortunately Joe does not feel the same way. And even though he loves his daughters, he resents the stay-at-home parent role he’s had to assume in light of Teresa’s success.

The source dishes that Joe stays with Teresa as a matter of convenience. “Teresa makes the money. He does what he wants. If they split, he won’t have a wife to cook for him.”

A source says what we see on TV only scratches the surface of what happens behind the scenes. The source purports that Joe is a negligent father in Teresa’s absence! “They’re so dysfunctional that it’s all starting to come out. It’s disgusting the things Joe says.”

“The way Joe speaks to the kids is how he’s always spoken. Teresa thinks it’s funny! Joe’s not a nice guy.” And several of Teresa’s friends wonder why she doesn’t just leave! Teresa is now the sole family breadwinner, “she brings everything to the table,” a source fumes. It is Teresa’s earnings that are repaying their bankruptcy debts.

But a source close to the family points out that it’s not that easy for her to leave. “Joe is the father of her children.”

“It’s difficult to accept the truth. She seems determined to give him eternal forgiveness.” Sadly,  Joe may have driven an irreparable wedge between Teresa and her family and friends – as well as embarrassing his wife. Joe has an acrimonious relationship with her brother Joe Gorga, who claims Joe never liked him. He called Melissa a tramp on last week’s episode! And his legal issues have caused concern amongst their friend group.

“Teresa does blame Joe, in part, for the tension with her brother. Joe Gorga never liked him,” the family insider shares, who adds Teresa is slowly starting to realize her situation and become more confident on her own. And Joe’s impending prison stint could mean even bigger things for the reality mogul, who turned being a mom and housewife into an empire.

“If Joe goes to jail there will be sympathy for her,” the source confides. “And she’ll get a spinoff show about life as a single mom. She’ll do a book deal, ‘My Life Without Joe’ or something like that.”

And Teresa has been inspired by the original Housewife mogul – Bethenny Frankel! “Teresa will work as hard as she can until she gets to Bethenny status,” a friend says. “She learned a lot from Donald Trump about bringing her brand out even more.”

And Teresa is planning to launch a national book tour to coincide with Housewives airing to capitalize on her success. “She knows this is a critical time for her and any future opportunities, so she doesn’t stop working,” the source explains. “Bravo will definitely give her her own show, especially after this season. There’s so much drama.”