EXCLUSIVE – Teresa Giudice’s Parents Upset Over Melissa’s Alleged “Wild Past”; Plus Is Teresa Putting A Wedge Between Her Daughters And Melissa?

On last week’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey the family feud continued. Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga exchanged heated words at Kathy Wakile‘s pool party and family and friends remained divided over who is to blame for all the issues. It seems there will never be a resolution between the Gorgadice families and it’s made worse by Joe Giudice palpable hatred towards Teresa’s family.

As we all know the issues between Teresa and Melissa Gorga are nothing new. Reality Tea’s source tells us EXCLUSIVELY that Teresa’s family has never approved of Joe‘s marriage to Melissa and it drove a considerable wedge between the family – and that Joe G-to-the-Iudice calling Melissa a “tramp” on last week’s episode is a sentiment shared by the whole family!

Teresa was used to always having her brother Joe around and when he got married, yes things changed,” our source shares of the family back story. “They had a bond like no other brother and sister I have ever seen. It was actually pretty odd. They were obsessed with each other. Teresa put her brother first, always.”


“When Joe got married and had his own kids, things changed like all normal people experience. But, for Teresa she can’t accept it or get over it,” our source continues. “Teresa hates Melissa. Melissa hates Teresa as well. Melissa says she wants to fix it but, she doesn’t. She doesn’t care!”

Our source says Teresa‘s family continues to have issues with Joe’s marriage and probably always will! And Melissa‘s past reputation plays a big part in their unhappiness. “Teresa and Joe are VERY old school and so are their parents. They wanted their son to marry a ‘nice’ old school Italian girl. That didn’t happen.”

Melissa had a wild past with men. She ‘got around’ to say it nicely. Teresa knew that and uses it against her. Actually, everyone knew it. From her days at Lookers as a bartender, to hanging out in Bayonne with MANY guys, to how she met Joe in Cancun and what they did there in front of family members, she was viewed as a ‘tramp,'” our source reveals.

The Giudice family also knew about Melissa‘s past, according to our source, and the rumors started to spread. “When [Joe G-to-the-Orga] started dating her and was going to marry her the buzz was, he is marring a ‘tramp’ etc… That didn’t go over well with the old school family,” our source reveals. “Teresa was the matriarch of the family and she set the tone for how the family would view Melissa.”

“[Teresa] let her parents know what ‘type’ of girl Melissa was,” our source shares. “That is why when she started singing and going to clubs, the buzz was she should grow up and not dance at gay bars, etc…”

Our source also shares that Teresa‘s comments in last week’s episode that Gia hated Melissa were absolutely true. “Gia hated Melissa because Gia would hear the family talking about how Melissa took Joe away from them,” our source discloses. “Joe Gorga was at his sister house everyday. He was with Gia all the time.” Once he married, naturally his priorities changed.

However our source tells us Melissa loves Teresa’s daughters tremendously and is a wonderful aunt to all the girls and has “pure love” for them. “She truly always has been so good to Teresa‘s kids,” our source says. “Despite the other nonsense going on, Melissa always attends the kids birthday parties, she gives them gifts, and really loves those kids.”

Gia only has hard feelings toward her because Teresa tells her it’s Melissa‘s fault her uncle doesn’t come around,” our source adds. “Teresa has no limits as far as what

she lets her kids hear.”

Moving on, recently a relative of Teresa and Melissa came to us and is trying to make some cash, shopping around info that claims to ‘expose the evil they’ve both done to their parents’. Very interesting! Reality Tea does not pay sources, so naturally we passed on the dirt. I wonder where it will surface!

Finally, tonight is an all new episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. On tonight’s episode a family/friends field day goes horribly awry when Gia becomes upset with her uncle. Jacqueline and Caroline try to intervene in the situation and a fight erupts between the former friends. And Joe G-to-the-Orga gives his sister an ultimatum! A preview of tonight’s episode is below.

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