Details From Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR Spin Off! Camille Talks Returning To The Show; Plus Is Brandi RHOBH’s New Mean Girl?

If you watched last season’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you know that Lisa Vanderpump owns quite the restaurant scene.  On the episode where the dastardly Cedric Martinez showed up to confront his former friends/personal ATMs at the opening of SUR, Brandi Glanville had an awkward near run-in with a young lady Eddie Cibrian “dated” before cheating on his wife with Leann Rimes.  Villa Blaca and SUR waitress (slash actress slash model slash pop star) Scheana Marie was mortified to see Brandi at the event because she had gone out with a wedding ring-less Eddie who claimed to be single.  Because that scene on the show was a mere minute in a half long, by my calculations, Scheana Marie thinks she’s got at least thirteen minutes left.


With Lisa’s spin-off SUR heading to Bravo, Scheana Marie is talking to about her boss, her singing and acting aspirations, and of course, that crazy gang of sexy SUR employees.  And in case you’re wondering, no, Bravo has yet to announce the cast, so she’s not technically promoting the show…because she may not even be on it.  But here is her interview regardless!  🙂

You have a new single coming out. Tell us about it.

It’s something new that I’m trying. You know, I’ve done acting and hosting…why not singing?  My boyfriend is a writer and producer with Superbox music, the label I’m signed with. They had this amazing song that they needed female vocals on and they asked me to try it. So I recorded a demo for them — I sang Britney’s “Hold it Against Me.” After they heard it they called me and said, “Come on in, let’s do this!”

So the song is called “What I Like” and you can buy it on iTunes or through my YouTube page or on my website.

How do you divide your time between waitressing and performing?

I work for Lisa about three or four days or nights a week depending on the schedule. And I do my music and acting around that.

Are you mostly at SUR or Villa Blanca?

I’ve been at Villa Blanca for three years, but since SUR Lounge opened, I’m there a lot, too. I go back and forth.

How is Lisa as a boss?

She is amazing. I love her. I honestly have never worked for someone so great. I will admit, at first I was intimidated by her. But she’s just so funny, she puts you right at ease. My vibe with her and Ken is great. I’m even friends with their daughter — we share the same birthday. I enjoy going to work every day.  She and Ken, it’s a real partnership. They’re amazing together and complement each other perfectly. I always tell people I hope I can be like them in 20 or 30 years.

Do you think there’s enough drama at SUR to warrant its own show?

Oh my god, yeah! Everyone who works there, we’re all good friends. Even when we’re not working, we hang out together constantly. We’re really a family.

Does everyone get along?

I’ll put it this way: You’ve got a lot of really gorgeous, sexy men and women working together. So relationships happen. And everyone’s an actor or a singer or a model in their spare time, so there’s always a level of competitiveness and jealousy.  As much as we love each other, you put a bunch of good-looking, talented, and competitive people together, it’s not going to be all sunshine and roses. There’s never a dull moment, I can promise you that!

I’d like to think that Lisa would be a Vanderfabulous boss, but this girl’s schtick is a bit much.  I do hope she makes it on the show though.  I am certainly looking forward to watching SUR if I can’t see and be seen there!

Moving on from Lisa’s employees to Lisa’s friends, is reporting that Lisa’s new biffle Brandi has gone from being the show’s comic relief to resident mean girl.  Hey, she had to have learned something from Kyle Richards last season!

A source close to the show reveals, “Brandi has been extremely chummy with Lisa Vanderpump this year.  She just doesn’t seem to be in a good place right now, and she has been definitely hitting the bottle a lot harder this year during filming, which is cause for concern.”

The insider continues, “Brandi becomes much more aggressive when she drinks and she is turning into the new mean girl on the show. It’s hard to tell if it’s the alcohol that is the cause for the drastic mood changes, if it’s just Brandi trying to be provocative, or if she feels pressure to act a certain way during filming.”  Perhaps it’s the perfect mixture of all three!

It’s clear from her first go-round with the franchise that Brandi really (really, really) likes to have a good time, and she seems pretty good at doing things just for shock value.  However, I do hope that the mean girl rumors aren’t true.  Brandi, of course, is quick to squash the gossip, taking once again to twitter.  She tweeted this morning,  “If 2 glasses of rose is hard partying than color me hard!Also I am very happy and fairly secure! I’m actually happier than ever! :)”

Now that’s the Brandi I want to see on season three!  Who else am I looking forward to watching?  Camille Grammer when she’s on in her “limited capacity.”

Camille admits to E!, “”I will be a part of production again.  I guess it was something I couldn’t let go of. I really enjoy being with the women and working with the producers. They’re like my extended dysfunctional family.”

She also dishes to the site that things are getting more serious in her relationship with Dimitri Charalambopoulos, stating, “He’s going to bring me to his family home in Greece.  We were talking about two or three weeks. Travel the Greek islands together, meet his family and cousins.”

However, Camille is the only Beverly Hills Betty to have a new beau.  Kim Richards recently stepped out with a new man (thank goodness…that last guy was tragic!), although she maintains that her relationship with businessman Keith Leedom is nothing but platonic.Keith agrees, telling E!, “There’s nothing romantic, we’re just friends.” 

“I feel really, really good. I feel great,” Kim continues.  “I’m just really working on me every day. Honestly, I exercise and I work with my life coach. I’m enjoying my children. I’m really just enjoying life.”

It sounds like Kim is finally in a good place, and I hope that she is able to continue on this positive path.


[Photo Credit: FayesVision, DJDM/WENN]