RHOBH Filming In Paris! Plus Taylor Armstrong Is Dating Again & PHOTOS: Promotes ‘ViSalus’ With Hulk Hogan & Kris Humphries!

After a never-ending casting speculation, filming for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is in full-swing! And the cast is already planning the annual cast trip. So where are our favorite uber-wealthy drama starters headed? Paris, of course! Cue shopping… lots of shopping. I want to see Lisa Vanderpump do some serious damage in Dior.

And because  it wouldn’t be Housewives without copious drama, some ladies are sitting this one out. Namely, Taylor Armstrong. She’s been busy with other things like a ponzi scheme, but we’ll get to that in a minute. RadarOnline reports that Taylor is on the fence about attending the cast trip because she can’t afford to fly first class with the rest of the ladies.

Taylor is still trying to decide whether or not she wants to go,” an insider reveals. “Taylor is just acting very sneaky and secretive recently. It’s almost as if she is trying to create some mystery around her.”


Also, remaining stateside – Adrienne Maloof  “Adrienne decided not to go because the other girls keep ganging up on her,” the source adds. “And it just got to the point of being utterly ridiculous.” Hmmm… interesting.

Kim Richards most likely won’t go even though the other ladies want her to, because she just wants to spend time with her kids. Kim doesn’t feel quite strong enough yet to go overseas and wants to put her sobriety first.” Good call, Kim.

Perhaps Taylor doesn’t want to travel to Paris because she has a secret man she’s hiding away from the rest of her co-workers. RadarOnline, again, reports that Taylor has secretly started dating.

Taylor isn’t getting serious about anyone but she has definitely been dating. However, Taylor doesn’t want her love life to play out in front of cameras and she believes she will be vilified by viewers for dating,” a source shares.

Taylor has moved on with her life though and thinks the next natural step is to put herself out there. Taylor has talked about wanting to find the right person and possibly even getting married again one day. She is open to the idea and feels that she has learned so much by her past mistakes.” Well, hopefully she won’t be writing a tell-all about marriage number 2? Or is it 3? I can’t recall…

And Taylor is going to great lengths to conceal any burgeoning love interests. “Taylor is relieved filming is almost over for the new season as she has been dating and she’s had to sneak around to keep it off camera,” a source insists.

She’s being so secretive she’s even bailing on filming obligations to meet her new man! At a party Kim recently threw, Taylor couldn’t be bothered to stay long because she had a top-secret sexytime scheduled.

Taylor ducked out early so she could sneak off and meet up with her date,” the source explains.

But, alas, that wasn’t the only reason she bailed. “I think she also left early because Kim didn’t have any alcohol there because it was also a sobriety party. Kim has come so far in her recovery and wasn’t serving any booze that night.” Well, I’m at least glad Kim is doing well!

Perhaps Taylor is also sitting out of cast trip – and being secretive – because she has a new j-o-b. Taylor has done gotten herself involved in ViSalus, a 90-day fitness and health challenge that promises weight loss.

According to their Facebook page: “ViSalus provides memorable and lasting Life experiences for people on the Body by Vi Challenge through amazing vacations, personal development opportunities, and lifelong friendships formed at events, parties, and homes each and every day.”

Taylor has been busy promoting the product with of all people, Kris Humphries and Hulk Hogan! How have I not heard about this until now?!

This sounds like a multi-level marketing scheme to me, but whatevs. Girls got a lot of bills to pay. Not sure what Humphries‘ excuse is.

This weekend, Taylor hosted a massive white party in Miami to announce her affiliation with the brand and how much she’s transformed in the last 90-days. Photos of Taylor, with The Hulk and Kris are below! She looks the same to me, but who am I to judge…

“Today I told 20,000 of my new BFFs abt the personal challenge that I’m doing which will help a lot of women!,” Taylor tweeted.

[Main Photo Credit: Taylor Armstrong’s Twitter]


“Live in Miami w 20,000 of my new besties!!,” Taylor Tweeted. [Photo Credit: Taylor’s Twitter]

“At the largest white party I’ve ever seen here in Miami!!!” [Photo Credit: Taylor’s Twitter]

“Making big announcement about my personal challenge w my buddy the Hulkster!!”  [Photo Credit: Taylor Armstrong’s Twitter]

The ViSalus Dream Team! [Photo Credit: Taylor Armstrong’s Twitter]
Taylor, Master P, and Kris H. [Photo Credit: ViSalis Facebook]
Taylor with her business partner, Holli. “tonight at the white par-Tay! 😉 to help celebrate the kickoff of my personal challenge!”   [Photo Credit: Taylor Armstrong’s Twitter]