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Taylor Armstrong Thinks Kyle Richards And Kathy Hilton’s Relationship Will Be Challenged Because Kathy Joined Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

The premier of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 is just around the corner. Thanks to alleged fraudster Erika Chahoy Girardi Jayne, we actually might have a show on our hands. Erika joined the franchise in 2015, but this will be her first time with a storyline. Congrats, Erika! Sutton Stracke will finally hold a diamond and give fashion advice on pleated leather pants. We’ll also see two relatively new faces.

Crystal Kung Minkoff is coming on board and rumor has it,  she won’t be a wallflower. Because wallflowers wilt in Beverly Hills. Kathy Hilton is an enigma, wrapped in Valentino and actual cash. She’s also Kyle Richards’ older sister who doesn’t take any of Kyle’s shit. Recently RHOBH alum Taylor Armstrong spoke on Kathy’s new gig and hinted it might not be all puppies and bags of diamonds between Kath and Kyle this season.

Did Bravo miss an enormous opportunity by not getting Taylor back on the show? She is quite literally one of the most famous faces in the universe, along with Kyle, thanks to their white cat meme that essentially defined most of 2020. Taylor was a cast member in the heyday of RHOBH when it was good and she played the game well. She had a tragic situation but thankfully found her happily ever after. Recently she appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live special featuring Housewives who are no longer with us but live rent free in our minds forever.

Surrounded by virtual fans and Gretchen Rossi’s nod to The Price is Right models circa 1984, Taylor was asked about Kyle’s other sister joining RHOBH as a “friend”. While some think Kathy is an automatic ally for Kyle, their relationship hasn’t exactly been squeaky clean. They’ve definitely had their share of family drama, like when Kathy’s husband Rick Hilton allegedly refused to make fellow real estate rep Mauricio Umansky a partner in his agency. It’s no secret Mauricio peaced out and created his own firm, which garnered a dismissal from Kathy’s daughter’s wedding.


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This could be one of the many reasons Taylor thinks there maybe be trouble in them thar hills with Kathy finally showing up. Taylor said, “I always thought Kathy should be on the housewives, she has all the characteristics, she’s a strong woman.” Kathy was also labeled the “good sister” by Kim Richards when Kim and Kyle had their usual battles. “She clearly has all the glam and the bling and everything, so she fits right in,” Taylor added. Fun fact, Kathy has an approximate net worth of about $350 million so we better be seeing some Sultan of Brunei stuff happening.

Taylor continued, “I love Kathy and I think that it will cause some challenges between their [her and Kyle’s] relationship unfortunately.” But will it? Kyle has flown under the radar for several seasons and usually gets a pretty good edit. Because Kathy is not a full time cast member, the chances of her having any in-depth drama are slim. That said, Kathy is rich, but she is old school rich and old school rich people have generally run out of fucks to give.


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For all intents and purposes, Kathy is stepping onto Kyle’s turf but Kathy probably won’t do anything that would reflect poorly on her family. I’m not sure what could be worse than a sex tape, DUI’s, and alleged drug use, but if there’s something worse Housewives will certainly come up with it. It remains to be seen if Taylor is right and Kyle is not only challenged by which wedged heels to wear with her caftans, but also challenged by her other sister Kathy.


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