The Bachelorette aired its Men Tell All special on Monday, bringing back the men who failed to capture Emily Maynard‘s heart, to show and tell us nothing new. The show’s viewership was down 12% from the Fantasy Suite dates and tied a season low. Still, while low for The Bachelorette in general, the Men Tell All was Monday night’s most-watched show, bringing in more than 7 million viewers for ABC.

Following the Fantasy Suite dates, Emily sent home fan favorite Sean Lowe, breaking his heart. All together now – AWWW. So sad.

Many fans of the show were hoping for an Emily loves Sean ending. The Sean fans are downright upset Emily didn’t choose Sean, their favorite. (Obviously not Emily‘s favorite but who cares.) What if Emily pulls a Mesnick on the live After the Rose special and asks Sean to come back to her?

“Not happening. There’s no way. I’m not going back,” says Sean. “Not that it’s so egregious, but at the end of the day she thought Jef and Ari were better fits. The girl I’m gonna be with is gonna have no doubts about me.”


Sean had a habit of walking around strange locations, calling out Emily’s name, and miraculously finding her – like some paranormal Bachelorette hunter.

“The producers told me, ‘I don’t know if we’re going to be able to find her, but lets go try.’ They were obviously telling me which way to turn as I’m running down the street, and never once did I yell out her name,” Sean admits. “They took that from something else. I promise! I have more respect for the city of Prague than that to be yelling at two in the morning!”

Interesting revelation, since Mike Fleiss, The Bachelorette‘s creator, slams other reality shows for producing fake drama. Kalon McMahon also suggests recently that there was manufactured drama and producer manipulation on The Bachelorette.

What a letdown! I thought for sure Sean had super powers. It’s a shame the producers didn’t suggest a cape and a sun visor (he probably burns at night too) to complete the scene. Is there still hope for such a scene? Many fans are pissed off that Emily let him go, and the Men Tell All audience sure did love Sean. Could Sean be the next Bachelor?

“It exhausted me just dating Emily, so the thought of dating 25 girls…” Sean trails off.

Sounds like Sean wouldn’t accept the Bachelor gig, if offered. For now, anyway. Maybe once the dust settles, his heart mends, and his brain realizes Emily Maynard is drab and her expectations are ridiculous, he’ll understand dating a woman isn’t supposed to “exhausting.”

Emily should come with a warning label.  Warning: Dating me requires extra effort to make ME seem interesting. It’s all about me, Princess Emily. Big checkbooks welcome.

One unlucky sucker man, either Jef Holm and Arie Luyendyk, Jr., doesn’t mind the extra work, as Emily reportedly leaves Curacao engaged. “Emily is head over heels in love after a beautiful proposal in Curacao,” a source tells RadarOnline. “They are extremely happy together and have managed to see each other several times since filming ended several months ago.”

So much in love that Emily is already pitching a produced for TV wedding series. Shocker! 

“Emily wants to do a spin-off show, which would include the planning of the wedding. She loves to be in front of the camera. There are multiple offers on the table for her to do other television shows.” Lucky us.

Emily can’t formally have discussions yet because the finale hasn’t aired,” the source said. “But she’s really excited to get the date, location, and all of the details set so that she can marry <chosen one> and having it air on TV fits in perfectly with her plans.”

What plan would that be? Finding love or finding fame?

Catch The Bachelorette finale and the live After the Rose special on Sunday, July 22 on ABC to see how this farce love story season ends.