After Ang threw financial caution to the wind on last week’s episode, I couldn’t wait to see what Big Ang had to offer last night!  This show has been ebbing and flowing all season in my opinion.  Fun times, boring times, over-the-top times, and more dull times.  I love Ang, but I need more drama.  Does anyone agree?  Of course, I didn’t want said drama to be the arrest of her son A.J.

Ang’s house is finally getting furnished.  She actually paid $5,000 to have her sofa upholstered in black patent leather.  I can only imagine how sticky and noisy that will be for the people who are brave enough to sit on it.  Comfy!  As more furniture is brought in, her house is looking more and more like what I imagine a porn set would look like.  Neil just watches in dismay as his wife barks orders.  Ang is hoping that now that the house is complete, A.J. will want to move back home with her.


At the Drunken Monkey, Ang and her friend Margo are planning the bar’s third annual bus trip to Atlantic City.  They talk about past trips–the nudity, the gambling, coming home broke as a joke.  I’m already frightened.  Where do I sign up to reserve my spot?

It’s Louis’ big day at the vet.  He’s getting snipped!  Ang is hoping that once he’s fixed, he’ll calm down a bit.  She is distraught in the waiting room because her last dog went under anesthesia and never woke up from the surgery.  After a while, the vet comes to tell Ang that the surgery was a success.  Poor Louis is still conked out with his tongue hanging out of his mouth.  Ang is totally creeped out by how he looks.

It’s time for Ang to do what she loves best–spoil her son A.J. rotten!  She’s taking him on a shopping spree to buy some summer clothes.  As she says in her raspiest voice, “Anything he wants.”  Ang wants A.J. to spend less time partying, but he’s totally his mother’s son.  He only wants to go out and spend all the money.  He doesn’t take her seriously when she asks him to move back in with her.  Ang tries a different tactic–she invites him on the party bus to Atlantic City.  Maybe if A.J. sees how fun his mom is to party with, he’ll be more psyched about leaving Brooklyn to move home.

Ang, A.J., Margo, and the Drunken Monkey regulars arrive to board the bus.  Ang is miffed to find out that one of the bar’s windows has been busted out thanks to a rowdy fight the night before.  Of course, that isn’t going to stop her from having a fantastic time on the trip.  The bus is pumping with music and booze, and we get to see some of the usual suspects: Lil’ Dave, Franky and Sandy Stitches of the great jacuzzi debacle, and Sandy the Plumber.  It looks like Sandy Stitches’ arm has healed nicely.  Lil’ Dave is standing on a seat so women can stick money in his pants.  It’s a wild time, but A.J. is sleeping off a hangover and missing all the fun.  Ang knows that if he lived at home, she could watch him more closely.  Franky and Sandy reunite, and we learn that Sandy received forty stitches for her tumble out of the hot tub.

The bus finally arrives at the Mecca that is Atlantic City.  It’s a haze of cigarette smoke and craziness.  Franky is rubbing Sandy’s scar for good luck.  Ang enlists Franky to help her convince A.J. to move home.  Franky lives with his parents, so she’s hoping he’ll tell A.J. it isn’t bad living at home.  Um, perhaps she should have rehearsed with him first because Franky is itching to get out of his folks’ house.  Ang is very familiar with where A.J. lives in Brooklyn, and she knows that his neighborhood is nothing but trouble.  She is placated when he tells her he’ll think about it.  Franky proposes that the two become roommates, but Ang thinks that two gigolos in one house is too much.

The bus is pumping on the way home, and everyone reveals that they lost all of their money at the casino.  A.J., of course, is fast asleep.  The group stops at a rest area so everyone can use the facilities, and one jackhole decides that he’ll urinate on the side of the bus instead of walking twenty paces to the bathroom.  Classy.  The bus driver and Big Ang decide he needs to be left behind.  Good riddance, cowboy!

Back home, Ang is taking care of Louis.  Later she looks distraught and is chain smoking.  Margo busts in, announcing she’s heard that A.J. has been arrested.  While Ang appreciates the company, she would rather drink champagne alone like a mental patient.  She doesn’t know the details of what happened.  All Ang knows is that A.J. is at Rikers, and his charges involve drugs.  His bail is $300,000.  She is determined to bring him home.  Ang reminds viewers of her drug arrest, but she always hoped that A.J. would do as she said and not as she did.

Next week, Ang’s friends rally around her in support, and A.J. comes home on bail.  Ang is devastated to learn he’s looking at potentially ten years in prison.


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