Trying to keep up with the lies of Real Housewives of New Jersey is like trying to play tag with a ghost. While everyone pretends they like each other one minute, they then claim to hate each other the next – who really knows what to think!

In a new report Reality Tea's source shares EXCLUSIVELY that things are very, very bad between the cast members and that things are getting worse and definitely beyond repair!

"Teresa [Giudice] is putting the boxing gloves back on. She is all about keeping her cool and throwing digs at the cast. She cannot stand any of them. She will NEVER let them see her fall," our source reveals.

And allegedly, "Teresa gloats at the fact Melissa [Gorga] is nothing more than a cast member. She isn't the break out star she thought she would be. Teresa feels that Melissa is just one big joke. Teresa is out and about at appearances and book signings and Melissa is singing at Great Adventure." Ouch! 


Apparently despite Teresa's so-called talk about forgiveness, it was never an option once Melissa and Kathy Wakile joined the show, but Teresa is not alone in putting on a happy face! 

"Melissa has not been sincere about wanting to make up with Teresa. Melissa is an 'actress,'" our source claims. "Those who know her, know how she 'acts' on the show isn't really how she is."

Our source also claims that in last week's episode when Melissa and Joe Gorga left Napa with Teresa it was to make them look good on camera. "You heard Melissa's comment that you better remember who left with you," our source reminds us. "They are so tit for tat. That is why they will never and have never had a genuine relationship." 

Since joining the show, Melissa thought her fun personality would bring viewers onto her side and she would become the break-out star, replacing Teresa. However, she didn't count on Teresa developing a die-hard fanbase. "Melissa's alleged plan isn't really working out the way she had hoped," our source shares. "Teresa is still really popular and the main focus of the show.  

Which is exactly how Teresa likes it! "Teresa loves that the past 2 seasons revolve around her. It doesn't matter if people are talking good or bad. it's still all about her."

Unfortunately that has become a problem as our source contends that fame has majorly gone to Teresa's head and has started causing problems all throughout her life.

"Teresa has fought with more people than I can even count. She cannot keep a friend long term. I have seen and heard Teresa say the most horrible things about people and to people. What Teresa doesn't realize, is that the support she is getting now from her in-laws is really for her husband," our source alleges.

"She will LOVE LOVE LOVE her in laws, for now…then if she makes up with her family…she will talk about her inlaws….this goes on and on and on. Teresa never can get along with everyone," our source shares. Adding that, "Joe Giudice has been in a downward spiral. Joe's family is scared he is going to jail."  And allegedly those closest to the Giudices have even expressed serious concern about how all of this is affecting their children!

Even Teresa's relationship with Dina Manzo has allegedly faced hardships as a result of her ego. "Teresa was determined to have Dina come to her party and FILM. Teresa wanted it ON camera that Dina was defending her," our source insists.

However, "Dina doesn't always stick by Teresa's side like Teresa says. Teresa has spoken negative about Dina as well," our source attests. "Teresa and Dina are another case of what you can do for me and we are like 'sisters' when they need it to work for them."

Moving on, tonight in honor of Labor Day there is no new episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Which is a good thing, because I need a break! I'm sure the cast will make sure we don't forget about them by keeping up the antics on twitter, in blogs, and in the media. In the meantime, thank your lucky stars you don't have to hear the word "fabulicious" for one more week.