Caroline Manzo has recently announced that she will publish a self-help book/memoir entitled "Let Me Tell You Something…" And just what exactly is the Real Housewives of New Jersey star planning to tell us?

Apparently all about life – and her acrimonious relationships with Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub! "Without a doubt. I talk about that too and how that affected me," Caroline informs Celebuzz.

"Because in my reality, that would have never happened. I would’ve chosen to walk away and just stay out of that person’s life but because you do the show you’re around them. You don’t have the option. And at the same time not having the option, you have to make a decision: Do I worry about losing fans or do I worry about being true to myself? And it’s that struggle, as well, that I talk about."


Caroline says she also decided to include things that she gets asked about the most – and since people really only care about her infamous on-camera fights she may as well talk up her claim to fame! As for other topics viewers can expect: parenthood, marriage, and family-life. More about Lauren Manzo's weight struggle coming our way! 

"It pretty much was born from questions that I have gotten over the years from viewers. Primarily my relationship with my kids, the kids relationship with each other, my relationship with my husband and our marriage, and being entrepreneurs, sticking up for the rough times kind of thing and it kind of speaks to all that," Caroline explains, erroneously believing we care about her spawn.

Caroline says the book will reflect her positive attitude. Excuse me, but we have very different definitions of 'positive attitude.' "My attitude is always a positive one," Caroline shares. "It’s never a negative one. So it has a comfortable, no nonsense, and do-what-you-have-to-do in this life vibe." 

"I talk about a lot of things in my life that have never been on the show that made me the person I am today for better or worse," she adds. Well, we might just have to consider reviewing this one for Reality Tea's Booze N Book Club!

Oh and speaking of Caroline, she recently announced on Twitter that she was planning to downsize from her NJ mansion to an apartment. Financial problems, perhaps? But where will all her kids live? They have to play the ham game! 

"apartment hunting…..," she tweeted. She added: 

Moving on, the RHONJ reunion filmed this weekend and all of the ladies have given their reactions except for number one star/cast-wide nemesis, Teresa! It turns out she was saving her remarks for an official interview. Of course. A dolla make her holla!

Just kidding – Teresa actually spoke out on this Sunday's episode of Watch What Happens Live. She told host Andy Cohen, "It was emotional for me because I haven't seen my brother in a year and that was the first time I saw my brother. The lies that were coming out of his mouth, and he put my father into it … it was crazy for me." 

Apparently the reunion was way crazy. An insider told The Huffington Post that Teresa spent the entire day being ganged up on while Andy tried desperately to play fair and keep the peace. Dare I say, he's listening to criticism? Can't be! Perhaps he's just looking out for one of his number one cash cows/ratings guarantee!

Apparently the ladies arrived at 6 a.m.. to begin the reunion process, which lasted all day. Teresa was initially seated on the same sofa as Melissa Gorga and Kathy Wakile with Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline on the other sofa. Unfortunately Teresa refused to look at or acknowledge her family members and production was forced to rearrange them! 

“It was four against one, with Teresa being the odd one out. Everyone lost it, but it was Jacqueline's and Melissa’s response to Teresa bringing up accusations saying they were once strippers that started the biggest fights,” an insider reveals.

Adding, “Caroline is so over Teresa that she couldn’t even be bothered to fight that hard. She raised her voice several times, but it was nothing compared to Jacqueline." I guess Caroline and Teresa had it out last year! 

Apparently, Caroline let her kids take on Teresa with Lauren who literally has NO life taking the stage to quiz Teresa about who writes her blogs, including choosing random words and asking Teresa what they mean. Sadly, that was one of the few semi-fun parts of the show as Teresa's family pretty much disintegrated on the stage. 

"Kathy went crazy when Teresa brought up her father that has passed away,” a cast member revealed “If it was bad between all the ladies and Teresa before going into the taping, it was worse by the time filming had ended,” a production source reveals.

”At this point, producers are not even trying to make them all get along, they know its over. I’m sure they are going to be looking for a new cast member for Teresa to film with because at this point she will be taping all her scenes alone.”

Juicy actually appeared to discuss the phone call – yet again – and confirm that he actually bought his wife jewelry as an apology. With what money, I ask?

Joe Giudice, Teresa's husband, said he paid dearly for calling his wife the 'C-word' on camera, after which he bought her new jewelry. But overall nothing new was said, and old stories were rehashed over and over again," one of the ladies dishes. "Teresa even brought up old cast member Danielle and her relationship with Melissa once again.”

And finally in the last of the NJ news for today, Teresa has officially unveiled Milania Hair Care. Oh, gee… I've been waiting so patiently! 

Taking to her Facebook, she announced: 

I must ask – what about Milania leads one to imagine professional hair care? Just wondering… 

Photos of the new products are below. Also below are some photos from Caroline and Lauren at fashion week! Cause they ooze fashion, people! Actually they both look really pretty. Good for them. 

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Holy photoshop! Is that Teresa of a Bratz Doll? [Photo Credit: Facebook]

I swear – that is a wig. And that hair looks like a horse's tail. Great color on Tre though! [Credit: Facebook]

Caroline and Lauren at Fashion Week. Lauren looks great! Too bad her attitude sucks. [Photo Credit: Caroline Manzo's Twitter]

Another shot of Caroline and Lauren. [Credit: Twitter]

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