RHONY’s Ramona Singer Blasts Aviva Drescher In New Interview; Aviva Responds

The ladies of Real Housewives of New York have had their share of arguments, though thankfully, they aren't quite as epic and evil and the ones had by their New Jersey counterparts. 

Ramona Singer and Aviva Drescher have had their spats this season and Ramona shared with Radar Online (note: not a paid magazine cover/article!) that she feels her co-star has some …issues. 

Ramona tells Radar that she has evolved this season, while Aviva is filled with anger.  “I was looking back at that episode, and it shows you how I have evolved as a person, the Ramona of five years ago would have handled the situation much differently. I realize that she has a lot of anger in her, I don’t think she’s a happy woman and she misplaces it on me.  She basically bullied me with all her comments. That I cheated on my husband, that I’m not a great mother, basically it’s just her own unhappiness and anger was just spewing out. Whatever I do in my life it’s my business I’m an adult she’s not my mother." 


Ramona thinks that Aviva might be jealous of her close bond with Sonja Morgan. "Sonja and I are always side by side, we have a genuine relationship. The camera doesn’t lie. Aviva is also very jealous of my relationship with Sonja, the closeness the warmth, a lot of her anger came from that because I don’t think she has that with anyone."

She continues, "A true friend you can get angry at each other but you’re not going to start name calling. You can get upset with each other but you’re not going to say hurtful things. That’s where I think Aviva crossed the line. She really basically was like a bully.”

Aviva Drescher took the high road when asked about the season (and even throws in a comment about her Jersey neighbors).  Instead of lashing back at Ramona, she simply told Tom Murro exclusively, ''As for the finale– I'm honored to have worked with such an extraordinary ensemble of woman. Carole, LuAnn, Ramona, Sonja and Heather are all intelligent, capable and beautiful women, it's been a real honor to work with them.  As far as the Jersey situation–I'm sad to see a family so fractured''

Let's hope the RHONY reunion is a little more civilized than NJ!


Photo Credit: Stefan Jeremiah/WENN