Is Danielle Staub Headed Back To Real Housewives of New Jersey?


Today is obviously scorned Housewives day! First comes rumors that Jilluisional Zarin may be returning to Real Housewives of New York, and now Danielle Staub – desperate for some attention – is telling TMZ she just met with Andy Cohen about a possible return to Real Housewives of New Jersey!

I just don't think I could take it! 

Danielle dragged her poor besieged daughter Christine to NYC where she had a sit-down with Andy and claims they talked many things – including Housewives. "It was a general meeting," Danielle hints. "There was a lot of talk about everything — including Housewives."

Danielle obviously left with a goodybag because she was clutching Cohen's book like it was a life support device and she was on her last breath… Which speaking of, Reality TV wise she kinda is. Unless… 


Unless she stages a comeback of all kinds of crazy to terrorize the wilds of RHONJ. Rumors are now alleging Danielle already has a deal in place with the network, although Danielle says that's just a rumor for now as nothing is set in stone. 

Oh, think of the drama! First of all I am most positive in episode one Danielle would whip out proof of all the contact she had with Melissa Gorga; and I'm sure it's not the innocent cookie complaints and benign contact Melissa alleges. Danielle has been waiting for the right moment to expose that for years, I'm sure! 

Teresa Giudice and Danielle will stage a make-up. Teresa has been admitting all over the place she feels bad for the way she treated the villainous, sex tape loving star in seasons 1 & 2. Imagine those two teaming up with KIM D and Posche would become the Lady Mafia Headquarters. 

Oh so soap opera. Oh such a plot from Revenge. Oh that's my dream. Please, please, please let this happen. My heart is already racing with glee!

Caroline Manzo would surely quit immediately and Jacqueline Laurita would surely explode into a gelatinous blob of glitter eye shadow, Botox residue, wine dregs, and miscellaneous tweets – and of course iPhone parts. 

And well, Kathy Wakile – she'd still be scrambling for a storyline. Maybe she could go into the dessert business with Madame Staub? Remember Danielle won I WIsh I Were Famous Foods and ran a restaurant for 6 minutes

Well, regardless of what team Danielle would decide to play on if she comes back (and my bets are on Team Teresa) she claims she has no interest in a relationship with her co-workers. "No, I have absolutely no interest in speaking to any of them." Yeah to the right! Surely she has more stripper rumors to spread about Jacqueline at the very least! 

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