If there's one word that isn't in Brandi Glanville's vocab, it would have to be "sugar-coated".  One of the things I adore about Brandi's sassy style is that she just says whatever is on her mind.  She doesn't worry about being PC, nor does she care that others will get ticked at her.  Brandi doesn't hide a single thought.

A perfect example is her most recent interviewBrandi let it all hang out – addressing her issues with Taylor Armstrong and Adrienne Maloof, explaining how hard it was to get used to the craziness of the show and more!

Brandi says that the drama on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is the real deal.  Including the infamous "Games Night" episode last year when Kim Richards hid her crutches.  Brandi says nobody could help her out of that situation.  "I’m still scarred from that night. When I watch that scene, I get knots in my stomach, because I remember how horrible it was. I was crying at one point (during filming), and I remember one of the producers—you can’t break the wall, but there are producers everywhere—and I was like, I just want to leave, can someone get my crutches? And his face, he couldn’t do anything. I wasn’t used to it yet, so I didn’t know, like, no one could do anything. I was like, get me the f*** out of here."


None of us ever had the delusion that being stars on The Real Housewives together meant there were would be some sort of sisterhood (even though that is the way it SHOULD be), and Brandi confirms it.  When asked about Lisa Vanderpump's new spinoff that will focus on her restaurant, Sur, Brandi laughs, "Here’s a joke that we have amongst a few of us. There are three words you’ll never hear a housewife say: How. Are. You. Because they don’t care. So no one’s asking Lisa about her spin-off show. They can’t even get their heads around the fact that she has a spin-off show. It’s so gross. It’s like, be happy for other people."

That's a little depressing, right?  You'd like to think they could be a little supportive of each other.  I mean they're in this crazy reality TV thing together. 

Brandi's take on Taylor Armstrong is flip-floppy. "It’s just weird because I feel sorry for her, but at the same time she f***ing annoys me. Do you know what I mean? Every time I think, Oh, poor her, she does something very asshole-ic. I just made up a word."  And addressing Taylor's money situation and lawsuit, she says, "I think Taylor is not in a great space right now as far as financials. I know she was having to give her Birkin bags over and they wanted her ring and all this stuff. That can't be great. I can't imagine."

One co-star she is firm in her dislike of? Adrienne Maloof Brandi shares a brief mention of the discord between the two of them, explaining that some of it will become clearer as the season unfolds.  "I don’t get along with Adrienne, which is unfortunate. Something happened in between and before (this season’s taping)."  She adds, "Things went down during the break that will be explained during the season. I mean, I don’t see us being friends in the future."

There were some rumors flying around about Paul Nassif supposedly physically abusing Adrienne (with some photos surfacing on the Facebook page of Bernie the chef.  When asked about that situation, Brandi would only say, "Here’s what I’ll say about that. That chef guy, Bernie, I don’t believe what comes out of his mouth, because he’s tried to sell stories about me and my children. And he doesn’t know me or my children. So just having had him do that to me, just coming from him, I say consider the source. Because he's a dirt bag."

It sounds like this is shaping up to be one dramatic season of RHOBH! 


Photo Credit: FayesVision/WENN


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