Couples Therapy Feud: Alex McCord & Simon Van Kempen Face Off Against Courtney Stodden & Doug Hutchison!

I never thought I'd be Team Silex about anything, and I mean ANYTHING.  However, when you have to choose between somewhat creepy Silex and uber-creepy Dourtney, what else can you do but side with former Real Housewives of New York stars Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen?  Of course, I'm talking about a feud that started out on VH1's Couples Therapy, so perhaps that is where I first went astray.  I am addicted to this insanity, and I'm not proud of it.

Joining Silex in the therapy sessions, at least up until a week or so ago, was everyone's favorite May-December romantics 52-year-old "actor" Doug Hutchison and his 18-year-old wife Courtney Stodden.  I don't have to tell y'all that she was sixteen when the pair married and seventeen when Couples Therapy filmed.  Due to child labor laws, Courtney wasn't allowed to film as much as the grown-ups and couldn't stay in a bedroom with her hubby.

If you've been tuning into the train wreck (and I know you secretly have!), you know that Courtney's parade of bikini tops as shirts, Lucite stripper platforms, and belts that she tried to pass off as skirts had the other couples up in arms.  Her wardrobe was deemed a major distraction, and Dr. Jenn imposed a strict dress code.  Courtney was forced to wear things that covered her belly and didn't flash her bits.  The passive aggressive Courtney adhered to this dress code for one day, although she clearly shopped for her conservative clothing at Hoochies 'R Us.  From that point, things continued to go down hill for Dourtney.  No amount of gum smacking, eye rolling, or hair twirling could save them!


To recap, Courtney believed that her nun-like outfits were Jenn's attempts to try to "change" her.  Because she is such an advocate against bullying and stifling one's inner being, she quickly ditched her "classy" duds for her Penthouse lingerie.  Fast forward to the other couples thinking Courtney's defiance was a slap in the face to everyone involved and Jenn kicking her out of the group, and you're left with Alex shoving dollar bills down the teen's skirt (?? Can you even call that a skirt?).  Courtney feels bullied and is happy to hit the road.  Alex, while celebrated by the other couples, is deemed a bully by Courtney's mother Krista.  Even Dr. Jenn isn't thrilled with the behavior.

Now that we're up to speed, Dourtney will be returning with Courtney's mom/manager/wannabe Kris Jenner in tow.  Now Silex is speaking out about Krista's allegations they were cruel to her perfect daughter.  Everyone should be able to express themselves, right?

Alex tells the Huffington Post, “Krista's attitude is pretty telling. She said that parents have an obligation to set good examples for their children, and the other people on this show didn’t set good examples. Newsflash: None of us are Courtney's parent. We were not there to parent her or anyone else. That's Krista's job, not ours, not Dr. Jenn's and not Doug's. Frankly, if Krista had done a better job of example-setting and parenting to begin with, Courtney wouldn't be acting out as she does."

Simon addresses the child bride's mother through the site, saying, “Perhaps Krista, if you had been a mom first and a momager second, you might just have instilled in your daughter the ability to respect others. Prior to any interaction with other cast members your daughter was heard saying to her husband 'let's go and start some drama' and that she did."

He adds, "Courtney also disrespected her own husband by returning to the house that day dressed in a way which defied Dr. Jenn's dress code, as she'd not discussed it with him first. Respect is earned and Courtney has done nothing so far on the seven episodes that have aired, to earn any.”

How could you not love this?  I want to feel sorry for Doug because Courtney clearly couldn't care less about what he thinks, nor does she want to mend their twisted relationship, but yet I can't.  He's so clueless…or just happy to be getting some (very) young tail.  He hates that his wife flaunts her Britney all over the place, yet he won't stand up Courtney to save his life.  You just can't look away.


[Photo Credit: Twitter]