It's been how many seasons now?  I think everyone on the planet knows not to cross Ms. NeNe Leakes.  Clearly Kandi Burruss hasn't gotten that memo.  Like her or not (and I waiver–loved her, didn't like her so much, she's definitely growing on me again), the Real Housewives of Atlanta star is one of the franchise's biggest break-outs, and it was her hard work and hustle that made it happen.  She took her gig on Bravo and surpassed all the cookbook writers, spin-off ladies, and talk-show hopefuls.  NeNe has arrived, and she's a bona fide star.  If you'd told me this would happen three years ago, I would have laughed at you while singing in a limo.  If you tried to convince me of the same a year ago, I'd just yell "Wig" at you and tell you to close your legs to married men.  You have to admit, the lady has one-liners!

Maybe it's her brashness, her biting honesty (she's the only one who proudly owns up to stripping in the past), or unapologetic nature, but NeNe has become a force to reckoned with among all of the housewives.  To be quite honest, I'm still a little surprised that she stuck around this season to cause drama given her new presence in Hollywood.  I'm equal parts terrified of her and want her to be my friend…of course, maybe I want her to my friend because I'm so scared of her.  Regardless, call me Neenster!


After Cynthia Bailey's soiree for NeNe on the latest episode, the HBIC of RHOA has some things to say in her brief Bravo blog.  Once Kim Zolciak and assistant Sweetie Hughes ducked out after promising to stick around, I knew NeNe would have some choice words.  She basically dismisses them and goes after Kandi in a passive aggressive manner that only NeNe could pull off so effortlessly.  She should teach a class. 

To begin, NeNe writes, "There are a few ladies in this mix that voice their opinions and speak negative of others, but if you speak negatively of them, oh it's a problem! The Ladies Of Success Event was my party that I asked Cynthia to host for me. Cynthia wanted to celebrate my success, but I chose to celebrate all women. I feel like great things have happened for me, so why not invite them all? I've always enjoyed getting my girlfriends together but you can never have an event with these ladies and not have some negativity hunni  — that's a given with this group."

NeNe adds, "Nonetheless the event was beautiful and successful just like I wanted. For those that spoke negatively before, during, and after the event meant nothing to me! I have come full circle and I can't tell you how happy I feel. I can honestly say, I'm on a high, and it really feels good. Anything negative any of these girls have to say just doesn't faze me." 

Singling in on Kandi, NeNe lets loose, while maintaining the kind of decorum we've come to expect from the Neenster.  Kidding!  I didn't think NeNe knew what decorum was until I read this relatively tame blog.  She explains, "The negative things Kandi said before coming to my event: people who are intimidated by my future always bring up my past, but I never focus on who is against me because I have sooooo many people that are for me. If I stopped and focused on the negative, I could not be where I am today!"

NeNe concludes with an obvious dig to Kim, stating, "I'm a tough girl, and I can take when shots are fired at me, but you better be able to take what I shoot back! Oh, here's a note for you Kandi: instead of being negative towards me, the person you really need to check has checked you so many times in so many ways even while standing in your house, but you can't see that right? It's just me, right? Righttttttt!"  Oh Neenster.  You are quite the wordsmith, right?  Righttttttt?

Of her relationship with her ex-husband Gregg, NeNe has nothing but nice things to say.  While they are together a lot, she's mum on a possible reconciliation.  In an interview with Wet Paint, NeNe dishes on her ex and why the viewers will have to wait to see what transpires an the season unfolds.  As much as I want these kids back together, I doubt we'll see them as a couple again…although they may be sporting "Be Fri – Est End" broken heart lockets soon.  Y'all know what I'm talking about!  Check it out below!

What is happening with Gregg?

As you see, Gregg is with me here, tonight, but you will see how the story unfolds on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. We've known each other for 17 years, we have a 13-year-old son. We divorced after 15 years, and Gregg has been out here supporting me. I think it's a great thing, because we know each other very well.

What changed?

We have divorced, so there is nothing else to argue about. Ha! When you're married, you argue over certain things, once we got divorced, literally there was nothing else to argue about. I think we became good friends again. It was during our marriage, we had gotten to a place where we weren't friends anymore. We almost got to a place where we didn't like each other.

Does he fit in well with the other Housewives on the show?

They love Gregg, they always have loved Gregg. They like him more than they like me. (laughs)

Did bringing him to Anguilla bring you closer together? Did it help or hurt your relationship?

I would say Gregg and I going to Anguilla was definitely a great thing. We did well with the rest of the couples. I would say it didn't necessarily make us closer, but we had no issues with it.

How do you balance The New Normal and RHoA?

At one point, Housewives had wrapped, but we were still doing interviews and pick-up shots. So at one point, I was having to fly back and forth every week. Now I don't have to do that as much.  I'm on hiatus with The New Normal. I go back and forth a lot. I'm a flight attendant, really.

It's awesome to me that NeNe and Gregg can be so mature as they figure out their relationship going forward, whether it's as friends, a couple, or just great co-parents.  Despite all the neck swerving, yelling, and quick witted cut-downs, it's clear that NeNe has a smart head on her shoulders.  She wouldn't be where she is now if she didn't.  That said, I'm still totally terrified of her! 


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