Exclusive! All The Details On Shahs of Sunset Star Reza Farahan’s Boyfriend – Including Photo

This exclusive info makes us smile!  Our favorite mustached Shahs of Sunset star Reza Farahan will no longer have to endure those awkward blind dates with baby-faced boys named Cheyenne!  No more watching out for the 'To Catch a Predator' camera crew to spring out from around the corner!  Our Reza has found a man and he sounds like a keeper! 

Reza has been dating his new beau, Adam Neely, for more than a year now!  Reza is a good secret keeper, y'all.  Our source tells us that Reza and Adam met at the gym and have been going strong ever since. 


Adam isn't looking for a free ride to fame with Reza's new-found celebrity from the surprise success of his show.  Adam has a job – like a real, legit career of his own!  Adam works at 20th Century Fox as an editor on hit shows like American Horror Story, Glee, and the New Normal. (Maybe he's tight with NeNe and she could cameo on SoS!)

It remains yet to be seen if Adam will be featured on season 2 of Shahs of Sunset or if Reza will keep him under wraps, but it may come as a shock to Adam's family if he does appear.  Our source tells us that Adam has not yet come out to his family, "so this should be pretty interesting when the show airs."  The source also hopes that Adam doesn't get his heart broken on reality TV.  "I hope he doesn't get played for a fool on national television!! Adam doesn't really speak to anyone in the family and hasn't went home for the holidays since he moved to California back around 2003". 

We are thrilled for Reza.  Adam sounds like a good catch!  I mean he's got a respectable job, he's good looking and he's not out trying to famewhore his relationship to get attention.  That's a rarity in this business, so Reza better hang on to this one! Go Reza!


Photo Credit: Wenn.com & facebook