PHOTOS & VIDEO: Shahs Of Sunset Season 2!


Shahs of Sunset season 2 has officially been announced and Bravo has released the cast. Sammy Younai is out and Lilly Ghalichi is in! Promising plenty of drama and lots of challenges for its Persian princes and princesses, the cast will deal with struggles both between themselves and in their personal lives. 

This season Reza Farahan will face a full-on "gaylife crisis" while MJ Javid decides to finally pursue a committed relationship. Mike Shouhed finds the girl of his dream, but there's one snafu – she's not Jewish! Asa Soltan Rahmati's dream of becoming a Persian pop princess is threatened by a financial crisis. 

GG Gharachedaghi decides it's finally time for her earn a living so she starts a business with her sister. Unfortunately her anger management issues cause major problems. And new girl Lilly seems to have it all on the surface – but balancing her business and her personal life are proving to be more difficult than it looks! 

No word on whether last seasons dramaful extra Anita Gohari will be returning, but I hope so. I'm surprised she wasn't promoted to a full-season cast member. I'm also surprised they haven't brought on an extra guy to replace Sammy

Below are the official cast photos – and the trailer for season 2!

Shahs of Sunset premieres Dec 2 at 10/9c on Bravo! 





Reza, 39. The king of the mustache continues to struggle with being openly gay and being Persian. Now in a comitted relationship he's uncertain if he wants to take it to the next level. And he's also uncertain about where things stand with his long-term business partner and BFF, MJ! 

Asa, 36: Asa's devotion to her career faces hardship when she realizes her gypsy bohemian life and musical aspirations are expensive! Desperate to remain true to herself – and her diamond water – at all costs, Asa clamours to figure out how to fund her dreams. 

GG, 29: GG has finally realized she can't let her father fund her shopping habits while she searches for Mr. Right to take over. She decides it's time to branch out on her own – and that means starting a business with her successful and independent older sister. Unfortunately "Crispy" and GG's temper keep causing problems in all areas of her life. 

Mike, 34. Mike is finally recovering from the real estate crash that cost him his fortune, his reputation, and his career. Now part of the "Persian Real Estate Mafia," he's focusing on finding a Mrs. Shouhed. 

MJ, 30-something: MJ is finally ready to relinquish her party girl ways – and stop listening to her mom's jaded advice! Struggling to find out who she is and what she wants out of a relationship, friendships, and her career; MJ is having difficulty balancing it all! 

Lilly, 30-something: The "Persian Barbie from Texas" is forced to compromise her exciting LA lifestyle, her busy swimwear business, and her boyfriend of 10 years, Ali. Lilly is at a cross-roads as she struggles to be a good Persian girl with a bad-boy boyfriend – and a ticking biological clock!