Jersey Shore Recap: Shower At The Shore

The countdown is officially on until the final Jersey Shore.  Last night's episode showered Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi with baby gifts at a party planned by Jenni "JWoww" Farley with the help of Deena Cortese, and Sammi "Sweetheart" GiancolaMike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Vinny Guadagnino, and DJ Pauly D Delvecchio were back in action as MVP with not much luck, and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro found comic relief in a gorilla costume. 

The meatballs decide to have a dressy dinner date since Jionni is too preoccupied with his softball game to come visit Snooki.  Rawn decides it's the perfect opportunity to put on a giant gorilla suit and scare the crap out of a napping Jenni.  The gang is heading to dinner (minus the meatballs), and Jenni shares her scare with SamMike wonders why Snooki can't just smile and have a good time with the roommates.  Rawn totally disapproves of Jionni putting softball before his pregnant fiance. 

Snooki and Deena are enjoying a chill meatball evening.  Snooki is glad that they can still have fun without being blackout drunk and getting arrested.  She asks Deena to accompany her to the baby store the following day after work.  Deena hems and haws about how she already promised Sam she'd go with her to the grocery store.  She can't let Snooki go shopping for the baby when they've already bought her everything for her surprise shower.  Great save there, Deena!  She manages to change the subject to not sleeping naked because she's terrified of bugs laying eggs in her Britney.  It's perfectly acceptable dinner conversation, right?


Now that Mike is officially unofficial with Paula, MVP is back looking FTD and ready to find some chicks who are DTF.  OMG.  Paula is totally at the club, and the roommates are totally like LOL.  JWoww and Sammi are catching up with Paula, and they both feel badly she's so upset over her break-up with Mike.  Vinny and Jenni come across the worst go-go dancer in America, so Jenni gets up on stage to teach her a thing or two.  What is said go-go dancer wearing?  Vinny is happy to see that JWoww's new boobs didn't go to waste during that tutorial.  Across the clerb, Mike is getting blocked by Paula as he tries to pick up another girl.  It's officially awkward.  MVP strikes out and heads home alone.

Snooki informs Jenni, Sam, and Deena that Jionni is coming to the Shore to take her baby shopping.  Deena and Sam decide to cut him off at the pass, bombarding Snooki's apartment and answering the door before she can.  Sam reminds Jionni of the baby shower and tells him to offer to take Snooki out to dinner instead.  I'm glad to see that Jionni has brought flowers to make up for choosing softball over Snooki.  Jionni is able to convince a pouty  Snooki that he would rather eat dinner and baby shop next weekend.  Snooki is disappointed that no one wants go shopping with her, but she concedes to a romantic dinner.  At the shore house, the girls are going through all of Snooki's gifts when they hear her platforms outside on the porch.  There is a mad dash to hide the stash. 

Over dinner, Snooki is pouting about not getting to go to the baby shower, and she becomes even more mopey when Jionni informs her that he will be playing in a softball tournament the following day so he won't be able to spend the day with her.  Snooki then gets on Jionni for eating veal, and they manage to finally lift each others' spirits.  As Snooki so astutely reminds us, there is nothing that can't be cured with make-up sex.

Meanwhile, Jenni is trying to convince a sour Vinny that Snooki would want him to attend her baby shower.  Vin knows that Jionni doesn't like him, and he feels like Snooki's alliance is to her fiance, not to him.  The roommates are heading out to new clerb Merge, and MVP has got to up its game.  Pauly plans on asking girls outright if they are DTF so as not waste any time chatting up ladies who just want to cuddle.  The saddest part is that his plan will likely work.  Gag.  Jenni and Roger's best friend are having a full-fledged dance-off and JWoww totally splits her pants.  Besides that unfortunate incident, it's the perfect place and the perfect night and the perfect clerb…until…dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun…the return of garbage toting Angelina Pivarnick.  JWoww immediately starts gagging.  Rawn is the second roommate to smell the trash, followed by Mike who won't let her hug him until she apologizes to him.  She then moves on to Vin and Pauly to give her mea culpa. 

The roommates leave MVP to drunkenly head home.  Rawn once again dons the gorilla suit and terrifies Roger in the smush room.  Something tells me that's never going to get old!  Back at the clerb, Angelina's multiple apologies are once again scaring the girls away from MVP, and the boys are once again forced to head home alone.  Pauly, Mike, and friends want to stop in for a late night snack at Steaks, but Vinny is ready to call it a night.  It's the best move he's made all season.  In a random parking lot, he meets two girls who offer him a threesome.  It's worth breaking his vow of celibacy, but Jenni and Roger have taken over the smush room, so he's forced to make it happen in the room he shares with Pauly and Mike.  One of the girls realizes this is going to air on television and has the sense to call it a night.  His threesome destroyed, Vin settles for a *you know* believing his celibacy vow to be intact as no intercourse took place.  Sure. 

All of the girls are terribly hungover as they head to decorate for the baby shower.  Watching them try to figure out these decorations is hilarious.  Sam, Deena, and Jenni chat about how Jionni needs to be present more often to support Snooks.  Snooki heads to the house for Sunday dinner, and she disappointed to learn that Jenni and Roger have a date, and the rest of the roommates are heading to Rivoli's for dinner…or so they say.  Jenni and Roger meet Jionni and some of Snooki's friends at Rivoli's for the surprise.  Vinny is not looking forward to the shower because he feels like he must apologize to Jionni for at one point sleeping with this fiance.  Snooki walks into Rivoli's and is overwhelmed by the roommates' surprise.  Once the tears and hugs are out of the way, things get awkward for Jionni and Vin.  Pauly is beside himself with how hilarious it is.  Vinny doesn't think he owes Jionni any sort of apology, but he does want his friendship with Snooki back so he's willing to do whatever he needs to do so that will happen. 

Next week, Vinny and Jionni have their man-to-man, and Mike struggles with his sobriety.  He also decides to try to apologize once again to Snooki.


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