The Hills’ Kristin Cavallari Maintains That The Hills Was Fake On WWHL; RHOBH’s Taylor Armstrong Longs To Be Her Friend

In the beginning there was a housewives franchise for any given night of the week, and then, there was Watch What Happens Live.  I must admit I was beside myself when Andy Cohen decided to make his fete a nightly deal.  I guess I overestimated the amount of guests who would entertain me in the clubhouse.  I don't care about has-beens or random current reality stars that know nothing of all things Bravo.  I want dish and dirt and a worthy jackhole.

Ask and ye shall receive.  My Monday night WWHL was everything I like to see happening in the clubhouse.  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Taylor Armstrong was present to clear up any rumors that she needed and intervention, and, I'll be honest, as much as I dislike her on the show, she was pretty funny and self-depreciating with ol' Andy.  Joining her was The Hills' Kristin Cavalarri who looked fabulous after just having a baby boy.  MTV's resident bitch was likeable and (dare I say it?) hilarious during her debut night in the clubhouse. 


I'm not sure if you caught Taylor and Kristin on WWHL, but Kristin conducted herself with equal parts humor, humility, and dignity.  My favorite was how Kristin repeatedly touted Brandi Glanville as her favorite RHOBH star while warding off Taylor's fake attempts to strangle her.  She certainly didn't leave her gumption in Laguna Beach!

A very cheeky Kristin stood behind her earlier claims that later seasons of The Hills were totally scripted.  She cited fake fights, ultimate phoniness, and a faux relationship with Justin Bobby as her evidence.  Kristin claims she once kissed Justin Bobby (after much prodding from MTV producers), but their season long love affair was nothing more than producer generated drama for viewers like myself.  I believe her…and I bought it hook, line, and sinker.

Kristin admits that most of her time spent on The Hills was ridiculously scripted.  She also dished on her former co-stars.  While she was pointed in her responses, she was nothing but nice.  Not what I'd expect from the Kristin we saw on MTV.

After watching her onscreen nemesis Lauren Conrad's inaugural visit to the clubhouse, we saw LC hem and haw and spend too much time "pleading the fifth" when asked to say three nice things about Kristin.  LC was finally able to choke out that Kristin was pretty, stylish, and good at losing baby weight….although it took her quite a long time to draw those conclusions!

Seeing that clip (thanks to Andy), Kristin didn't "plead the fifth" on any of her questions.  The Hills was fake, Doug Reinhart is a douche, and Lauren is pretty, very successful in her own right, and can be a lot of fun…when she's not pretending to hate Kristin.  In the ultimate battle of good versus evil LC versus Kristin, I've always sided with LC.  However, after seeing Kristin on WWHL, I've changed my tune.  I love that Kristin appreciates the show for helping her practice her acting chops.  It makes sense!


[Photo Credit: Twitter]