Top 10 Best New Reality Shows Of 2012

As 2012 draws to a close we can reflect on the good times. And by that I mean the good TV! 2012 brought a plethora of new reality shows; some good, some bad, some horribly addicting even if they suck, but we'll tak'em all. 

Below is Reality Tea's list of the most addicting best new reality shows of the year. 

[Photo Credit: TLC]


They're Persian, right?! Shahs of Sunset premiered last spring and was an instant hit. Fans flocked to the mustachioed one and never has a mustache been such a hit since Tom Selleck circa my birth year. With close friendships and family drama connecting them, the Shahs showed America what it's like to be Persian in America. And it's decadent! And addicting. And really glamorously awesome. Can I have GG's dad?

Season 2 is already airing less one Sammy Younai who was cut for being a wannabe womanizing douche

Y'all – They'res Lights Out There! It has been accused of being fake, but who cares because Breaking Amish is riveting. Watching a group of young adults move to the big city and experience freedom isn't a new story (it's been happening for 20-some seasons on The Real World, right?), but it's still a good one. Add into the mix that they're Amish, their families have shunned them, and they're all bickering, binge drinking, going wild, and they're hot under the Amish attire – well,  you've got yourself a hit!

If It Quacks Like A Duck, It Ain't Always A Duck! Duck Dynasty is A&E's break out rags to riches tale of duck calling family turned millionaires. They began summoning quackers from their shack and the rest there's histry. Insert family drama and red neck nature, and really – who can force themselves to turn away?

You'll Never Be As Good As Maddy! I guess there can never be too much Abby Lee Miller? Or too much dance mom-on-dance mom drama. Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition featured 12 boys and girls dying for a scholarship to the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School. But let's be honest, the dancing is so not as important as the fighting. Dance moms get your point shoes and bobby pins ready and prepare for battle! 

I'm Just Trying To Make Myself Relevant As Something: Mrs. Eastwood & Company emerged as the totally desperate and embarrassing clan of Clint Eastwood. Mrs.(aka Dina) is a wannabe music mogul behind Overtone. (Who?) While the daughters just want some attention for being vapid and spoild – and destroying $100,000 purses in the name of art. Too bad they are all totally trying to make the world think they're important. 

Chanelling a wannabe Kardashian vibe, Mrs. Eastwood is no Kris Jenner! I mean the woman is married to a man who talks to chairs – she's gotta do something to kill the boredom, right? You marry for money you earn every cent! 

As for whether or not it's survived for season two, the jury is still out! When the maid is by-far the most interesting character, you know you're in trouble! 

I'm Gonna Make It On My Own! If you thought getting over regular divorce was hard, try getting over mega-star divorce. Hollywood Exes was addicting on principle and while the show often featured more real friendship dramas and honest moments than the overblown glitzy drama many were hoping for, the true friendships of these five women proved riveting.

And in a way it was kind of awesome to see that even someone who has lived the high, high life can be pretty down to earth and normal. I totally hope Katie Holmes joins the cast next season! 


This Ring Finally Means A Thing! Aaaahhh… Kim Zolciak, the be-wigged one finally snagged a man wanting to walk down the aisle on national TV. Cue the over-the-top, outrageous, nearly wigless wedding of Real Housewives of Atlanta's tokein mistress and of course the accompanying spinoff. It's probably becaue Bravo promised us a shot of Kim sans wig that we all tuned in, but we couldn't look away. And really – it was worth it to see Kim's real hair (which is way better than Farrah the Fake Strands). 

Don't Be Tardy For The Wedding has turned into a permanent spinoff for Lady of The Wigor! 


Jersey Shore, But With Less Smooshy Slumber Parties! With Jersey Shore in its final season the stars have to do something to extend their 15 minutes! While Pauly D's spinoff got low ratings, Snooki & JWoww a tale of two best friends trying to make it on the rough streets of the shore together triumphed. 

I personally thought the premise was really dumb and adolescent, but what do I know. 

Here Comes Sketti! The number one reality show to take off like a bat out of hell this year goes to Here Comes Honey Boo Boo! Plump and adorable pageant queen Alana (code name Honey Boo Boo or Smoochie) and her ragtag hillbilly family showed us the joys of dumpster diving, convenience store living, couponing, and sketti. Most of all it brought us Mama June.

Y'all know they melted your heart. And they also reminded us that it's OK to be yourself – no matter who you are or where you come from. Awww… reality TV show fables! And of course, Honey Boo Boo will be returning for a season 2! SKETTILICIOUS!