Kim Zolciak Talks Her Final Days Of Filming For Real Housewives of Atlanta; Claims She Never Gave Castmates Dates She Could Travel To Anguilla!

Ding Dong the wig is gone! Real Housewives of Atlanta lost one of its original ladies in last week's episode when an enraged Kim Zolciak stormed out of a pre-cast trip planning brunch. Kim, who assured her co-stars she could travel during certain dates, then changed her mind citing her ever-shifting pregnancy due date. 

In her last Bravo Blog for the show that made her wigs a household name, Kim speaks out about why she felt she had to quit – and denies she was ever on board for the Anguilla trip!  

"Going to Anguilla would have been the trip of a lifetime, but under DOCTOR’S ORDERS I was unable to travel," Kim begins. "I had baby Kash August 15th, which was 5 weeks after that brunch!" 

"Traveling 32 weeks pregnant is such a scary risk and for the women to think that I was willing to take that risk FOR THEM is absurd, especially since I don't consider them my friends."



"Phaedra [Parks] stating, "I don’t have time for my friends?" Well, I don't and these women are NOT my friends," Kim insists. "The only person I considered my true friend was Kandi [Burruss] throughout the years." Uhhh… not NeNe Leakes?

In addition to her pregnancy concerns, Kim had no time or interest in RHOA dramatics. "My health is more important than arguing and bickering with people. These women can’t get along in Atlanta, and you expect me to believe they are going to another country and it’s going to be Hakuna-Matata?"

Furthermore, Kim adamantly denies offering up dates she was able to travel. Many of the women rearranged their schedules to accommodate the so-called Kim approved dates. 

"When the ladies said I gave them dates that I was able to travel, I had no clue where they got those dates from. It honestly looked like a set up. It was a no-brainer that an 8 month pregnant woman can NOT leave the country." As for Kim's family trip to Lake Oconee, she explains it is one-hour away from Atlanta. 

And after all of the brunch dramatics, including NeNe calling her a liar, Kim had enough. So she decided it was her wig or no wig and bailed. 

"I was sitting there listening to them attack me, and I feel like I had an 'aha moment' — I have an amazing life with a great husband and awesome kids, why am I sitting here being attacked when I could be home being loved by my family. So I got up and left," Kim says.

"When I got to the car and my husband saw me so upset, he knew at that moment I had enough! It was no longer worth it to me and my unborn son to be in a constant state of turmoil." 

As for Kim's parting sentiments, she's glad the show came into her life, but feels it was her time to leave. "Bravo and RHOA have been beyond good to me, and I will be forever grateful for some of the moments that occurred on the show, but I couldn't deal anymore," Kim shares.

"I handled my sh– for five seasons, from fights, to arguments  to the tears, but being pregnant puts a whole new spin on everything, and what happens on the outside affects what happens with the baby on the inside, and that was my priority!"

However, Kim maintains she only quit for THIS season, as next season may or may not be a whole different ballgame! 

"I called it quits for this season, and I don't regret it at all," she concludes. "So no, I clearly wasn't fired, you can hear me say 'I'm done.'"

Well tonight is really and truly Kim's final moments on RHOA this season. She and hubby Kroy get into a scuffle with a camera man outside the restaurant before she departs for good. Meanwhile the other girls head to Anguilla where Kenya Moore apparently really, really lets loose – and unfortunately it's with another Housewives' husband! Oops. 

In addition, Anguilla promises one Housewife's donkey booty in a thong-th-th-th-thooooong! Oh lord. Get your cocktails ready, because I think you'll need them!

Real Housewives of Atlanta airs tonight on Bravo at 9/8c. As always, Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the episode! 

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