Jennifer Giminez Defends Best Friend RHOBH’s Brandi Glanville Against Drug Addict Rumors; Plus, Results Of Brandi’s Surgery!

It was the _____________ (thanks, Mary!) heard 'round the world when Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Brandi Glanville called out Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif for ______________.  It was very dramatic, not to mention very confusing.  Of course, Paul wasn't bleeped when he accused Brandi of being such a hard partying mom that she neglected her boys by sleeping until 3pm everyday.  How very nocturnal! 

Brandi denied Paul's claims with some more bleeping, and now her former roommate is coming to Brandi's defense to set the record straight.  Brandi's biffle (and a reality star in her own right thanks to Dr. Drew) Jennifer Giminez finds Paul's statement ridiculous, and she's also got some words for Adrienne for calling Brandi a drug addict. 


Speaking with Wet Paint about her friend's sleeping habits, Jennifer laughs off the crazy accusation.  When asked if Brandi slept until late afternoon, Jennifer replies, “No.  She does not. In fact, she’s a morning person to the point it drove me a little crazy.”

She reveals, “I’m not always chipper in the morning, but Brandi and the boys were always bounding into my room, bright and shiny. Sometimes it was at 6 a.m., sometimes 7 a.m. It all depends on her sons. But, trust me; when they’re up, she’s up.”

As to Adrienne's harsh allegation about Brandi being addicted to drugs, Jennifer took to Twitter, writing, “Are U kidding me? That's a reckless comment."  She then tweeted Brandi directly, stating, “I'm appalled at a statement that 'ur a drug addict.' I lived with you and I KNOW UR NOT. IN FACT U & my mom SAVED MY LIFE & Put me in REHAB."

Brandi quickly responded, " well if an anti-depressant in the am and a zanax for long flights makes me one then hahahah I LOVE U!"

As you know, Jennifer has been clean for several years and now serves as a drug counselor on Rehab with Dr. Drew.  I'm glad she was able to share some sanity regarding Paul and Adrienne's freak out about the ____________.  While I don't doubt that Brandi has probably slept in a time or two after a late night, I do find it hard to believe that she would do it when she had her boys. 

In other news, Brandi had surgery yesterday to removed a non-cancerous lump from her breast. Jennifer told Starcasm“Brandi is officially out of surgery. I spoke to the doctor and I saw it [the tumor]. It was the size of a golf ball!” Um… yikes!

“I’m so relieved she’s ok,” Jennifer shared. “I was crying as I saw her being taken for surgery. Now I’m crying for joy.” Brandi is currently recovering at home. Glad she's OK!


[Photo Credit: Twitter]