Last week the ladies of Real Housewives of Atlanta hit up Anguilla for what was supposed to be a vacation. It was instead a trip devoted to baby-sitting Kenya Moore – and it seems tonight will be no different!

The socially inhibitious Housewife proceeded to get her drink on and flirt/molest every single man in site – including the very married ones. The only person not getting their fare share of Kenya's attentions was made for TV pseudo boyfriend Walter Jackson who was literally just along for the ride!

Tonight Kenya continues her charade of pretending she loves Walter while shoving her coochie crack near some other men and Porsha Stewart can take no more. Porsha explains that her disgust for Kenya's behavior began when Kenya was inappropriately grinding on Cynthia Bailey's husband, Peter.


And of course Kenya's shameless flirting with Apollo NIda. And Porsha commends Phaedra Parks for demonstrating her "Big Buns or Double Side of Mash."

Taking to her Bravo blog, here's what Porsha has to say:

"I definitely feel like she was showing Kenya what's been holding my hubby down. Get it, girl! I just feel that my reaction to another woman pushing my man would have been to kindly shove her in the lovely pool as a return favor instead of allowing my husband to return the playful gesture. Boom!"

As for Kenya's dancing with Peter, Porsha found that incident equally disturbing. "I was speechless seeing the former Miss USA dropping it on another husband and propositioning a married man for sperm. *Have several seats.* Gross!"

Moving right along, Kenya denies any such inappropriate behavior and claims she was not flirting with Apollo – or anyone else! What show was she watching?

"We were all horsing around and it was HARMLESS. When I watched the show playback I cringed a little. I was acting a fool," Kenya writes in her Bravo blog.  "What was in that rum punch? LOL! Does it appear that I flirt with Apollo by pushing him in a pool? I was playing around and being silly — not flirting with Apollo."

"I did not think he was flirting either by pushing me back," Kenya adds. "Now, as to the “tall drink of water,” guilty. Perhaps it was passive aggressive behavior. I’m not saying it was proper, but it is a possibility I was acting out."

"With that said, I don’t think that having fun or flirting warrants being ostracized or having to wear a scarlet letter on my chest," Kenya asserts. "I don’t want any man that is married. When I go to sleep at night, I get in my own bed and there isn’t anyone’s husband in it."

Tonight is an all-new episode of RHOA. The ladies remain in Anguilla where Kenya continues to "hope" for a proposal, meanwhile Cynthia and Peter renew their vows. Unfortunately Kenya and Porsha's feud takes a crazy turn and the ladies get into an outrageous argument. I soo cannot wait!

Real Housewives of Atlanta airs tonight on Bravo at 9/8c. Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the episode and wishing we could be there to see what happened before editing happened!

[Photo Credit: Alex Martinez/Bravo]






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