It seems the only requirement for getting a book deal these days is semi-relevance on a reality TV show. Clearly I took the wrong approach… Anyway, with almost every lady on Real Housewives of New Jersey scoring a book we thought we'd give the readers a chance to weigh in on whose literary fete is the most interesting! 

First up, Caroline Manzo's book Let Me Tell You Something… hits stores in March and Caroline is providing fans with a sneak peak of all her Christmastime advice.

In a chapter titled "There's No Such Thing As The Perfect Christmas," she talks about dealing with holiday stress and discusses how she's handled it herself. It sounds just like Caroline. Whomever is ghost writing this sucker is good.



"Every year when Christmas rolls around the madness begins.
Crap, I have so much to do, I have to fight the crowds, I have to buy the food, I have to buy the presents, I have to wrap the presents, I have to decorate the house.

But I see all of this as part of the fun and find ways to make every aspect of the holidays enjoyable. I wouldn’t trade the insanity for the world (then again, maybe I’m a little crazy). My love for that one holiday blinds me to the stress of it. I think of Christmas the way I think of childbirth—it’s insanely stressful and painful, but the minute the hard part is over, you forget it immediately and it was all worth it.I fall for the Christmas stress trap every year in a big, bad way. It’s stress piled on top of anxiety and pressure, and I’m just as guilty as the next person of leaving things to the last minute and rushing back and forth to the mall, supermarket, and internet. The work is always the same and it’s always a lot, but it’s my frame of mind that gets me through it.

I know the happiness this will bring to my children and that Christmas only happens one day a year. For me it’s worth it. It’s chaos and it drives me absolutely crazy, but through it all, I know one thing: my table will be set beautifully, there’ll be a gorgeous centerpiece on it,and at the end of it all, there’ll be a wonderful gathering of my family and friends.Sure, there’ll be drama, there’ll be stuff going wrong, but let me tell you this: Christmas is still my favorite holiday. Hands down." 

You can read a larger excerpt at where Caroline goes into more detail about her Christmas rituals and what she loves about the holiday. I think it's pretty solid advice and it seems like this book is filled with family stories. 

Moving on, yesterday Melissa Gorga announced she too will be writing a book about love and marriage. I personally think it should be titled "Oops! I Married A Stripper: How To Overcome Marital Obstacles On Reality TV With In-Laws From Hell", but no one asked me for advice. Instead the book is called: LOVE, ITALIAN Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage. Boring.

Melissa is really excited about her newest project and recently tweeted that she's been writing every night. Melissa is "collaborating" with Val Frankel – no relation to Bethenny – which is a fancy word for 'has a ghostwriter' (hey they all do it!). 

Melissa tells Celebuzz the book will give tips on keeping marriage happy. One such tip: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

“Food definitely plays into creating and maintaining a happy marriage,” Melissa reveals.“Every night I make sure there is a home-cooked meal on the table when Joe [Gorga] gets home from work.” I'm pretty sure Fabulicious already taught us that, but you know what maybe it's working out much better for Melissa! 

Melissa also says, “If you make your husband feel happy and entertained at home, he won’t look to go elsewhere." Apparently Joe's favorite dinner is Chicken Bruscetta. I believe it's his mom's recipe. 

Melissa's book is due for release in Fall 2013. 

Surprisingly, Teresa Giudice has been full of goodwill this holiday season. Perhaps she wants good karma points for her own book release. Fabulicious Grilling hits shelves in May. It will be Teresa's fourth cookbook and I really can't imagine what's next… maybe a kids cookbook?

Anyway, Teresa sent Melissa a supportive tweet after learning about the book deal. 

Screen shot 2012-12-20 at 12.54.52 PM

With all these books coming out it's guaranteed that filming for the new season will partially revolve around the book wars. And I bet while Teresa is being sweet as a cannoli on the twitter during the season she'll be ripping Missi a new one over copying her with a book deal AND not telling her so that she had to read it on the interwebs! 


So I'm sure it's only a waiting game before Jacqueline Laurita lands herself book deal next. Although, the title Drinking & Tweeting has already been taken by fellow-Housewife Brandi Glanville

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