Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham Wants To Write Erotica! YES! YES! YYYEEESSSSS!


There are days when I really, really love my job.  This is one of those days.  When I get a little gem like this to write about, it just makes me so happy.  MTV's Teen Moms provide us with massive amounts of entertainment, and Farrah Abraham is no exception.  She whines…a lot.  She fights with her mother.  She waxes her toddler's unibrow for goodness sake!  Now, Farrah is channeling her inner E.L. James.  That's write right!  Girlfriend wants to pen some porn. 

Of course, before Farrah can focus on becoming the next best selling phenomenon, she has some legal woes to settle.  After her Twitter account was hacked in December, Farrah has alleged that an ex-boyfriend is to blame, and she wants him punished.  Let's start with that.  We'll save the best for last.


Starcasm is reporting that Farrah is taking legal action against ex-boyfriend Mohamed Salama.  She has filed a protective order against him alleging that he hacked into her Twitter and wrote some pretty hateful stuff.  In her request for the order, Farrah asserts, ”I’m a reality (star) on MTV networks and this is hurting my brand and his actions are defamation of character.”

Farrah has since deleted the nude photo and mean tweets (and hopefully changed her password!) which included, “I am being hacked because I am the most coldhearted b*tch in the world. I have no feelings towards anyone,& I am boss b*tch status. FWM,” and “Even God makes mistakes.. I mean look at my face.. without makeup.”  Ouch.

Farrah responded to the incident by tweeting, “As many of you noticed yesterday some crazy , attention crazed, disgusting, weak and spinless boy (dare I say man) hacked my account. The reason; other then clearly being upset with my and or envious of my artistic abilities, literary aspirations, and future success I will have out of my current achievments.”

And let's discuss those literary aspirations, shall we?  According to Farrah's Sulia channel, she's ready to move on from penning children's books and memoirs to writing full on erotica.  I can hardly contain my glee!  After the massive success of the Fifty Shades of Grey series, Farrah has decided to cash in on the craze.  Reaching out to her fans about her desire to author a fantasy romance novel, Farrah hopes they will assist her in coming up with the perfect title.  Below are some of her frontrunners.  Admittedly, I am an awful speller, but Farrah may need to turn on spellcheck!

let me know some fun scandelous titles that pass through your naughty noggin!

-Ballistic (for the love of balls)

– Sexcapade (for the love of a housewife)

-Becky Becky ( for the love of dark chocolate lovers)

– Go Head ( for the love of highschoolers & college crowds)

-Cumlotty ( for the love of fraturnity and young professionals)

these are funny yet scandelous, let me know what you want to read out of a fantacy romance book.

I mean, doesn't reading those titles just make your entire day?  Who is this chick?  Why does she have such a public platform to share this insanity?  Becky Becky?  What the hell?  It's so awesomely bad, it's amazing!


[Photo Credit: Twitter]