Big Rich Texas Reunion Recap: Leslie Birkland Has Left The Building! We Hope Forever!


Giddyup, it's time for part two of the Big Rich Texas reunion special. 

Once again, Vivica A. Fox hosts. On stage are Bonnie Blossman, Whitney Whatley, DeAynni Hatley, Shaye Hatley, Melissa Poe, Maddie Poe, Cindy Davis, Alex Davis, Kalyn Braun, and Connie Dieb. Drama queen Leslie Birkland joins the conversation via video camera from a safe house. 

Part one of the Big Rich Texas reunion special covered Bonnie vs. Leslie, Whitney vs. KalynCindy vs. Alcohol, and Jason vs. Tyler. On part two's agenda: DeAynni's parenting, Kalyn's engagement, Jason's blessing, and Connie and Leslie's battle of the polygraphs.

Also, a sneak peek of Big Rich Atlanta, which premieres next Wednesday! 


Recap #1 – DeAynni and Shaye

Remember when DeAynni brought Shaye to the plastic surgeon for Botox?

Good golly – I was traumatized. It's no secret that Botox Bonnie is pro-procedure, she even calls refers to herself as the Joan Rivers starter kit, but she adamantly says, "Not before 30!" Melissa agrees, saying, "When you're out and living on your own and you can afford it, then go for it." Whitney, on the other hand, fully supports the idea of preventative procedures.

Big Rich Texas: Keep Your Vagina Away From My Booger!

I have to agree with Melissa on this issue. IMO, 15 years old is way too young for Botox. 

Also, remember when DeAynni slapped Shaye across the face? DeAynni defends her actions by saying Shaye talks nasty to her. When Shaye insists respect is a two-way street, DeAynni says, "You have to respect me – I'm your mother. I do not have to respect you." 

Recap #2 – Leslie and Connie

So, apparently, Leslie told Connie that Cindy went to rehab too many times and nearly lost custody of Alex because of it. Connie told Bonnie… Bonnie told Cindy… Cindy told Leslie… Leslie scraped up the cash for a lie detector test.. Connie tried to smack Leslie's perma-smug smile off her face. It was awesome. 

Leslie denies starting the rumor. Connie call Leslie a big fat liar fraud, to which Leslie responds, "Actually I've been nothing but truthful in everything that I've ever said." I nearly die. I shall take this opportunity to point out that you cannot spell Leslie without L-I-E. 

Whitney Whatley and Brandon Overbey Are Having A Baby!

Leslie is all like, polygraph, smug smile, polygraph, smug smile, polygraph. Connie and Bonnie dismiss the results of Leslie's polygraph because she's crazy, a pathological liar, and on drugs. Vivica has lie detector tests ready for the taking. Leslie is like, no way. Connie declares that she'll take a polygraph when Leslie takes a drug test. 

Leslie says, "Connie, you made up some hideous vicious story and you. are. wrong. You are a mean girl. You are busted. That's it." Connie responds, "I don't have anything to prove. She's the one who has to prove herself because she has lied for three seasons. I'm not taking nothing." 

When Cindy admits that she still doubts her, Leslie leaves in a huff. That one certainly loves her dramatic exits! 


Recap #3 – New Orleans

New Orleans was fun but the constant screaming bothered me to no end. (So, yeah, thanks for the replay, Style Network.) Bonnie admits the sex toy party made her uncomfortable. Not that there was any doubt. I was annoyed for Bonnie during that episode. DeAynni says, "The way she dresses… I didn't think she was as prudish as she was." Apparently, DeAynni also thinks being a scientist means you want sex toys in the face. 

New Orleans also brought us the police report drama. Since Leslie already left the building, she's not there to spew her nonsense defend herself. Bonnie says, "She's Pinocchio. When her nose grows, she doesn't want us to see it." 

Since Leslie is out, Kalyn is put on the spot, which is really crappy on Leslie's part. On Leslie's behalf, Kalyn explains, "She wanted to do an incident report because she wanted it to be on file just in case anything else happens. It happened… it's over with… you can't go back and change time." 

Leslie and Rip's Engagement Announcement Is A Mess!

Vivica reads the police report (paraphrased): Jason intentionally pushed Leslie, and she believed the assault to be offensive, though she was not injured. 

In New Orleans, Leslie went on and on about the bruises Jason gave her and how scared she was for Tyler. Melissa points out that there's no mention of Tyler in Leslie's report. Bonnie agrees, adding, "It was about her. I would have been okay if Tyler were to file it against Jason because Jason did threaten to him."

Bonnie adds, "We share the same publicist and he told me that Leslie wanted to get it as a story with TMZ. TMZ would not make it a story unless there was a police report." And… poof… there's a police report! #fakebitch #famewhore

Recap #4 – Young Love

Bonnie's husband Jason, Whitney's fiance Booger, and Kalyn's fiance Paul join the reunion show. 

Kalyn opens up about her family drama. It's sad. It's happy. Vivica cries off her lashes. I feel for Kalyn. I'm happy to hear her relationship with her father has improved. I admit that I've been hard on Kalyn this season. I just find Leslie to be beyond insufferable… and she usually brings Kalyn down with her… 

We saw (boyfriend of 7 minutes) Paul, 28, propose to Kalyn, 19, on the season finaleVivica asks: Is Kalyn too young to be engaged? Kalyn doesn't think her age matters. While Connie and Cindy both think she's too young, Cindy admits, "Kalyn doesn't really have a family system. I think she's found that with Paul and his family. He's good for her and they seem really happy." 

Jason (still) refuses to give Whitney and Booger his blessing, which brings Bonnie to tears, and implores them to wait a year. 

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Jason goes on to say his blessing doesn't matter because the engagement happened anyway, to which Booger says, "I apologize for asking her to marry me without your blessing. I tried to be as respectful as I could towards waiting. I waited, I asked, I did all that. I took the steps, but there is an element to my personality that nothing is going to stop me from being with the girl of my dreams. Nothing is going to stop us from getting married." Awww. My heart skips a beat. Booger is the real deal… Whitney is one lucky girl! 

Bonnie is reduced to tears once again. Happy tears this time because Booger loves Whitney so much. Bonnie begs Jason to bless Booger and Whitney's engagement. Jason skirts the issue. 🙁 

And I guess that's the end? It feels very abrupt. Until next time my Big Rich Texas friends! If you need me in the meantime, I'll be over in that corner, weeping because it's over. 



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