Lindsay Lohan heads back to the Dorchester Hotel after shopping at Harrods in London

When the IRS freezes your bank accounts because you owe them thousands of dollars and the rest of the industry has labeled you as unhireable, you jump at any legitimate offer that comes your way, unless you're Lindsay Lohan.

The troubled starlet was offered one of the biggest Dancing with the Stars salaries – $550,000 – to compete in the upcoming season, but she turned it down, says TMZ!  Lindsay has reportedly said that she refuses to do reality TV, thinking she's too talented to stoop to those levels of desperation just yet.


ABC should count their lucky stars she doesn't want in because we all know Lindsay wouldn't have made it to more than three rehearsals (showing up late and only staying for an hour tops) and then each night would be a crap shoot on whether or not she'd surface for the actual performances.  Their producers should give Bravo a call, they'll tell you all about the exciting world of hiring this mess

Honestly, at this point I'd rather watch the trainwreck that is Kate Gosselin because it's funny to watch a healthy  famewhore cling to fame through some hilarious interpretative dance.  Watching Lindsay, the shell of a formerly  talented and promising star, grasp at her last straws of fame and relevance is just too sad for primetime television.

Hell, hire Dina Lohan and make her compete against Michael Lohan.  C'mon, DWTS already admitted that the viewers don't want Z-listers who can actually dance.  I'd tune back in for that nightly dance-off-turned-cage match.  They'd both get camera time and since Michael would finally be earning some dough, maybe Dina would see some of that back child support! Win win.

Dear ABC, please consider our top picks when making those offers for next season!

Photo Credit: DGA/WENN.COM