Teen Mom 2 Recap: New Houses, No School

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We are now officially ten episodes into this season of Teen Mom 2, and I worry that there is no end in sight.  All of the girls seem to be mirroring each other's behavior.  Jenelle Evans moves, then Leah Messer moves.  Jenelle drops out of school, Leah drops out of school.  Kailyn Lowry gets a new place, Chelsea Houska wants a fenced-in backyard.  I guess I should be glad that they are all pretty interchangeable, right? 

Kailyn has decided against moving to Texas to be fair to Jo.  He is excited to hear that she plans to stay in Pennsylvania.  She informs him that when her lease is up, she plans to look for another home about twenty minutes away.  Does Jo minds driving twenty minutes back and forth to see his son?  Um, I think Jo is glad that he doesn't have to travel back and forth to Texas!  While Jo has Isaac, Kailyn decides to go bowling with Gigi and some of her friends.  Kailyn is paired up with Gigi's friend Javi, and she thinks he's really cute…cute enough to marry?


After Chelsea's tragic dog accident last week, her mom has decided to cheer her up with a new puppy.  Her dad arrives, and she explains to him that she needs to move so that she can have a fenced-in backyard.  Chelsea is going to need him to co-sign for a new place, and he won't do it if she plans on allowing Adam to move in with her.  She reminds her dad that she's twenty and doesn't need rules.  He reminds her that he doesn't have to co-sign a lease.  Chelsea is still holding out hope that Adam will decide he wants to be a family.

Jenelle has been too busy setting up her new place to spend as much time with Jace as she'd like.  Wait, I thought that was why she dropped out of this semester…so she could balance both.  You've got to love her priorities.  She reveals to Amber that Kieffer has gotten out of jail in Maryland and wants to come see her.  Of course, the day after he visits, he'll have to turn himself in to North Carolina authorities where he'll have to serve time.  Amber is worried that Jenelle won't be able to handle herself with Kieffer.  She sees such a more grounded Jenelle since Kieffer has been gone. 

Like Jenelle, Leah has also fallen behind in her school work to prepare for her big move.  I wish these girls would just bee honest and say they're too caught up with their new guy of the minute to make it to class.  Leah calls Cory to inform him that she's moving to a bigger house which is closer to school and Ali's doctors' appointments.  He asks if she's planning to move on her own, and she reveals that she planned to until Jeremy suggested they move in together.  Cory says it's fine if she wants to move in with someone after two months of dating, and Leah says that he'd stay with her anyway when he's in town, so she may as well be able to do his laundry.  Cory can't help but laugh at the thought of Leah doing laundry.  Cory explains that as long as she's happy and Jeremy's good with the girls, it's alright by him.  I think Leah is upset that he wasn't upset to hear her news.  The next morning, she and Jeremy move to their new home.

Kailyn and her friends are going to check out a potential new house for her and Isaac.  It's a lot nicer than the place where she's living now.  It has a fenced in backyard, so her friends think that she should get a dog.  It's certainly an upgrade, and she likes that it's closer to work and school.

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Kieffer came to visit Jenelle for two days before turning himself in, and the pair was lucky they didn't get caught.  However, Jenelle's probation officer came by to do a home visit, and saw Amber's new boyfriend's truck outside.  He's on probation too, and the parole officer threatened to lock up both Amber's boyfriend and Jenelle if she finds out they are hanging out together.  Jenelle texts Amber that her boyfriend can't be at the house or Jenelle will be at risk of going back to jail.  Amber responds that Jenelle has people she's not allowed to be around at the house all the time (um, Kieffer slumber party, anyone?), so why can't Amber have her friends at the house.  According to Jenelle, it's way different because she never got caught with Kieffer.  Does she listen to herself?  Amber has decided to move out because she would rather be with her boyfriend than Jenelle.  I can't believe all of these girls have poor children that are a part of this drama.

Because everyone has to be moving, Chelsea goes to see a new place that is super que-et with a super kyuet fenced in backyard.  Her dad is happy to co-sign on the lease.  Enable, much? 

Leah is showing the twins their new house, and she surprises them that Jeremy is moving in as well.  They take the girls to dinner to celebrate, and Leah reveals that she hasn't been going to class because she needs to spend more time working with Ali…and cleaning the house she just moved into today.  She knows she'll be a nurse one day, but Leah knows that she has to put her kids first.  Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, Leah. 

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At least school is going well for Kailyn, and she's thrilled because she got the house and will be moving in shortly.  She is meeting with Gigi, and Kailyn admits that she thinks her friend Javi is good-looking.  Gigi also offers to ask Javi to help Kailyn move so they can spend more time together.  Kailyn certainly isn't opposed to that plan!

Amber is coming to pack up her stuff, and Jenelle hopes that it won't be awkward.  She has another friend moving in afterwards to take Amber's place.  Jenelle and new roommate Hannah start moving Amber's stuff out onto the porch while hoarding Jenelle's stuff upstairs so it won't get stolen.  When Amber arrives, they quickly run upstairs to hide from her, although Jenelle is pissed to see that Amber is wearing her hoodie.  Amber wishes that Jenelle could have been more understanding, and she hates that this is the end of their friendship. 

Aubree is not on board with potty training, and Chelsea may need to get some professional help.  Her baby-talking to her toddler is nothing short of annoying.  However, Aubree, who is clearly worlds more intelligent than her mom, appeases Chelsea and pee-pees on the potty for a sticker.  God, Chelsea's voice grates on my nerves.

It's moving day for Kailyn, and while Gigi can no longer help her move, she was able to enlist Javi and his cousin to help.  A convoy of cars transport her stuff to her new home, and Kailyn rewards her friends' hard work with pizza.  Meanwhile, Leah is withdrawing from her classes against the advice of her academic advisor.  She just can't imagine being able to take care of the twins and go to school.  Plus, she has the girls' second birthday to plan.  Leah is excited that Jeremy is so helpful after Cory didn't want to even Christmas shop for the girls.  I think she needs to stop comparing the two. 

Jo brings Isaac over to see the new house, and Kailyn gives them both a tour.  Isaac is excited about his toddler bed, and the couple thinks that it's time to start potty training.  Jo is a step ahead of Kailyn as he's already bought him a potty.  Kailyn is concerned that Isaac will start wanting to spend more time at Jo's because he has more family around.  Jo reminds her that his family is her family.

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Amber is trying to move out, but she needs her boyfriend to come help her.  Jenelle tells her to find someone else to drive her boyfriend's truck so he's not in the house.  Jenelle then requests her hoodie back, and they get into a silly argument.  Amber has some guy friends come help her, and Jenelle is bitching at her the entire time about not taking any of her stuff.  Geez.  I hope the new roommate fares better!

Chelsea receives a phone call from the real estate agent that she has gotten the house.  She is beyond excited.  Chelsea, her dad, and Aubree come by to check out the house and fill out the paperwork.  Her dad likes the new place, and they do all of the necessary signing. 

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Cory has the girls on their actual birthday, and the pair have decided it would be easier to have separate birthday parties.  Leah tells Jeremy that she's so much happier on this birthday with him than she was with Cory last year.  She even says, I know you're probably getting sick of hearing about him…Yes, yes he is.  The girls are too cute with their Barbie jeep. 

Next week, Jenelle's ex/Jace's maybe dad calls to see how his son is, but Jenelle is second guessing his paternity.  Kailyn and Javi start dating, while Chelsea and Adam resume talking.  Jeremy proposes to Leah.


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