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Oh gracious!  Kenya Moore had better redneck-ognize.  The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is not being very Gone With The Wind Fabulous!  In fact, I'd say she's the exact opposite.  The former Miss USA 1993 is bashing on everyone's favorite seven-year-old reality phenomenon.  Remember Kenya, pretty is as pretty does…and jealousy/mean girl remarks aren't very becoming!

Of course, Alana Thompson and Mama June know the old adage, and they live it with their good deeds–even if they get criticized for it.  Not only is Kenya hating on the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo mother/daughter duo, but the the Girl Scouts of America are taking issue with the pair as well.  Do you know who couldn't care less about either one?  That's right.  June and Alana are too busy helping their community to bother with such nonsense.


Kenya seems to have fallen prey to the idea that any press is good press, and it's a trap that many many, many, many, many housewives before her have fallen victim to when they need attention.  Speaking to In Touch, Kenya explains that Alana doesn't respect the true premise of pageants.  She tells the site, ”Honey Boo Boo is not a role model for young women.  Her mother puts her onstage looking like a glorified hooker!”

Not one to mince words, Kenya adds, “Pageants are about having poise and promoting self-esteem and self-worth. When a little girl wears a lot of makeup, fake teeth and extensions, like hookers do — that’s just not appropriate.”  You know what else is not appropriate?  A grown woman talking shiz about a child…

I'm sure Kenya's opinion isn't worth even a sneeze from June, as she's too busy using her celebrity to help out a friend in McIntyre, Georgia.  June Shannon is using the show's Facebook fan page–which has over 700,000 likes–to hawk Girl Scout cookies.  The page features a banner that has the Girl Scouts of America's logo along side Alana in her full pageant regalia.  The kicker?  Alana isn't a Girl Scout (or a Brownie), but June is selling the cookies for a friend's daughter.

However, according to TMZ, GSA wants to shut down June's operation, saying the organization prohibits selling the cookies on-line (someone needs to let the moms in my FB news feed know this piece of information…it would save me lots of temptation!) because it undermines the goal-setting and people skills that selling in person establishes.  A spokesperson for the Girl Scouts promises that the boxes already sold via Facebook will be honored.

June isn't going down with out a fight and she vows to keep selling no matter what, even without the Facebook banner.  The same site updates that June continues her cookie free-for-all.  She says,  "If I can raise more money for a troop, whoever they are, especially in an area where they don’t get a lot of money, and parents can’t afford to buy a ton of cookies, why wouldn't I help?  We're doing nothing wrong."

Sign me up for some Thin Mints!


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