Oh dear! We're on Real Housewives War, Vol 2 million. Last week comedian Chelsea Handler had a rather lackluster and brutal appearance on Watch What Happens Live. She openly told Andy Cohen that his brainchild, The Real Housewives franchise, was awful. 

"I think that franchise is kind of a terrible thing," Chelsea remarked to Andy. "Women shouldn't be making money off of the fact that they have fake books, fake vaginas, fake whatever. I actually don't support that."

When Andy reminded her that she'd had some Housewives as guests, Chelsea quickly clarified she had "one," Bethenny Frankel. "Not even Brandi Glanville," Chelsea pointed out. 

"I love the Housewives," Chelsea quipped sarcastically. Ironically for someone complaining about how fake the Housewives are, Chelsea dear has had a whole lotta botox. Dang girl – surprised you can move that mouth slapped into the middle of a too-tight shiny face. 


Anyway, Brandi, also the recipient of some unfortunate injections as of late (just no! She looks much older!), wasn't about to take Chelsea's digs laying down. The bawdy Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star struck back. "She sucked on your show," Brandi retorted to Andy on WWHL last night. 

"She was horrible! She wasn't funny, it was completely awkward," Brandi lamented. "Chelsea – suck it!"  

"We know each other, we have the same gaygent," Brandi explained. "I made out with her lesbian friend and her assistant and her brother, so she hates me." Video below! 

Speaking of Brandi's WWHL appearance, did anyone else just want to tug up her shirt the whole time?

Brandi later tweeted that she likes Chelsea, she was just offended by the way she trashed the Housewives. 

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Dang Brandi is racking up some enemies as of late. Watch it girl. And speaking of enemies, Brandi recently had an uncomfortable run in with Enemy No 2 (LeAnn Rimes is No 1), Adrienne Maloof

Brandi and Adrienne had a "very uncomfortable" accidental meeting in the bathroom of the Polo Lounge. 

Brandi initially spotted Adrienne in the restaurant. "I just like caught a glimpse of her and I was like 'Oh shoot,'" Brandi told the Dana and Jeffrey in the Morning show. "So we moved tables because I didn't want to sit and look at her across the room the whole time. So, of course, right when I go to the bathroom, she's in the bathroom too. I'm like 'Oh my god! Why!?'"

"I washed my hands, she washed her hands. I put on my makeup. I wasn't going to leave the bathroom because she's in there. That's ridiculous," Brandi said. "I didn't say anything and I went back to my table and was like 'That was very uncomfortable.'"

Adrienne's people told Us Weekly, "Brandi literally followed them into the bathroom. They ignored her and walked out. It was so creepy."

Brandi says she has nothing to say to Adrienne after all the lies and the legal imbroglio. "I don't have anything to say to her at this point," Brandi revealed.

"If I felt like I could talk to her, I'd be afraid that she'd get her lawyer out and I'd get some sort of lawsuit against me if I said what I wanted to say to her."

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