Phaedra Parks Talks Her Image On Real Housewives of Atlanta & New Book! Plus, Kenya Moore’s Workout DVD Top 20 On Amazon!


Oh the drama of Real Housewives of Atlanta! In a new interview Phaedra Parks talks her image on the show, the future of her empire and the songs she loves by RHOA ladies. 

Apparently Phaedra is even busier than we imagined! Currently pregnant with her second son, Phaedra is working on a book, her mortuary science degree, a possible spinoff, and is still active in her legal practice. Oh – and she's planning to return to for another season of RHOA! Dang lady, sit. down. Some excerpts are below! 

On being portrayed accurately on RHOA, of which she has a remarkably relaxed attitude: 

"What you have to realize is that it is television. Television is a medium for entertainment, it’s not a documentary, it’s for entertainment and I think you are definitely entertained," Phaedra shares with Complex. 

"It’s an ensemble cast so you’ve got six or seven of us and you’re seeing a limited amount of our time. The show breaks everything down into 10 or 15 minute segments so of course it can’t catch every facet of a person's personality but it is what it is." 


On becoming a phuneral director:

"I’m a licensed apprentice now. I’m in school full time and I’m almost halfway finished with my bachelors in mortician science so I’m excited about that and I’ve been working with Willie very successfully." 

On coming back for a fourth season and filming the birth of her second child: 

"The show would love to capture the birth because everyone loves a good wedding and a birth, you know that. Hopefully the cameras are back up when the baby is born, but who knows, it just depends on when we start back up.

"We’re on hiatus right now. Usually we have a few weeks off and then we go back into production so it’s really just a matter of timing." Phaedra gave birth to Ayden during season 3 of RHOA. Cameras were present in the delivery room. Fun, fun! 

On her upcoming book, Secrets of the Southern Belle (who predicts Kenya Moore will have a similarly titled work coming soon?): 

"The book is really about getting what you want and maintaining your dignity and respect while doing it," Phaedra says. "It gives advice on how to say something the right way without offending anyone—maybe it’s a little nice/nasty but you convey it in a manner that you can still be friends at the end of the day." 

Phaedra also has a stun gun in the works called Phaedra Sparks. "It’s pink, it’s cute, not too big and just zap someone if they need it." 

And finally, which RHOA song she'd rather buy: Kenya's or Kim Zolciak's: 

"To be honest I haven’t heard Kenya’s song, I’ve only heard a snippet of it."


"But I’ve heard Kim’s song all my life—well the past three years – numerous times so I’m more familiar with her music and the genre that she’s catering to so it would probably be Kim. Kim’s is wonderful because Kandi [Burruss] is such a great producer and songwriter, she’s done such a brilliant job in the studio making the music magical." 

Interesting answer, considering it has been confirmed that Phaedra is part of a team of attorneys representing Kandi and co-producer/writer Rodney Rchard in suing Kim over "Tardy For The Party"! 

Documents Phaedra filed on Kandi's behalf state Kim: released and sold the track "without [the] plaintiffs' authorization, license or consent." Kandi is also seeking punitive damages, attorneys fees and a jury trial. Kim maintains she has done nothing wrong

Speaking of said legal career, Phaedra says the show hasn't negatively affected her professional reputation. "The show definitely did not create what was already in existence. My history definitely surpasses the show and it will never be contingent upon being a member of this cast."

And moving on, Kenya has some gloating to do! In the war of the booty videos, it seems Kenya has officially trumped Phaedra! Booty Boot Camp is currently ranked #18 on Amazon and Kenya apparently has secured a distribution deal that could get her workout DVD sold in stores as well! 

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 4.11.39 PM

Phaedra should have went with Kenya's deal after all… Or at the very least gone with Kenya's butt doctor! Currently Phine Booty Vol 1 & Vol 2 are ranking at # 93. Ouch! I guess a lot of people want a Booty by Krayonce. 

In other news, Kenya has a bit of a problem "ex" it seems. Walter Jackson was recently complaining that Bravo intentionally didn't invite him to the reunion because he would expose their storyline lies. He maintains that he was essentially hired to play Kenya's boyfriend and their relationship was never legit! 

Kenya is responding to Walter's comments by slamming him on twitter and calling him a famewhore. Hey – it takes one to know one, right?

Screen Shot 2013-03-17 at 2.59.18 PM

It seems, however, there was drama enough without Walter. Kenya promised she was Gone With The Wind Vicious! "#RHOA reunion show is a must see. Don't come for me unless I send for you!" she tweeted. 

Phaedra responded to a tweet stating the reunion was full of "fakeness and drama." My guess is Kenya went off the rails and Phaedra plastered on her fake smile and did a lot of mmmm-hmmming to Kenya's accusations and dramatics. 

Tonight is an all-new episode of RHOA where Kenya and Walter come into contact! Kandi hosts a housewarming party and NeNe's juggling too many career responsibilities! 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting all the drama because personally we cannot wait to see how Kenyalter react to each other all gussied up in formal wear and with the instigation of alcohol and Peter

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