RHOA’s NeNe Leakes Talks Second Wedding To Gregg!


We have certainly seen Real Housewives of Atalanta's NeNe Leakes rise to stardom since she first appeared on the Bravo franchise.  Of course, as NeNe's fame increased–and her shows multiplied–her marriage suffered.  When she divorced long-time husband Gregg, many assumed that their relationship couldn't handle the pressure of NeNe's celebrity.  Heck, her friendships certainly couldn't handle it…WIG!

Well, as we saw on this season's RHOA, Gregg and NeNe are working through their problems and planning a lavish second wedding.  NeNe even reveals that former bestie/archnemesis Kim Zolciak will be invited to the big affair.  Did I just see a pig fly by my window?


This week's In Touch (print only) has a special interview with the Neenster where she dishes on her and Gregg.  She shares, "I started making more money than him.  He'd say, 'You don't need me anymore,' but I did.  I really did," adding that when they first parted ways, "I was so angry.  But I'd been with Gregg since my twenties and it was difficult to not have him in my life.  I was lost without him."

Describing the pair's second proposal, NeNe tells the magazine, "Gregg proposed to me in Miami on New Year's Eve.  We were with our son–Gregg somehow got him out of the condo and had a big heart made of Hershey's Kisses on the bed.  It was sweet!  I said yes right away."

At first, NeNe admits, "I was scared of what people would think.  But sometimes you get divorced too soon."

NeNe's second walk down the aisle won't be as traditional as the first.  The reality star dishes, "We're going to hava a fantasy wedding, probably in Atlanta this summer.  I will definitely invite every castmate from every show I'm on.  I don't know who's available, but they will all be on the list!  RHOA's Cynthia [Bailey] will be a bridesmaid.  And Kim will be invited as well."  You know Cynthia probably put a bridesmaid clause in her friendship contract!

When asked if she has become a bridezilla, NeNe laughs, "I'm very cool.  I want the wedding planner to take over and make all the decisions.  The most important thing about this wedding is the fact that Gregg and I have a second chance."

As for what went wrong the first go-round, NeNe explains, "I was learning how to navigate my way through this industry while still trying to be a mom and a wife.  I kind of did push Gregg aside.  Now I make more time for my family, and I communicate with Gregg about everything.  People always say, 'I can't see you guys not being together.' We have the best spark.  The greatest thing is I get to be NeNe and Gregg gets to be Gregg.  If I wasn't to be glamorous today and wear a baseball cap and no make-up tomorrow, I can!  I like him better today than I did when we first met."

Please, please, please let this this circus be filmed for next season!