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Rambles Richards is getting feisty! 

Last week on the first installment of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion Kim had major issues with Yolanda Foster, who she accused of talking about Lisa Vanderpump behind her back while the ladies were vacationing in Paris.

Yolanda maintains that Kim was a mess in Paris and "upset with Kyle Richards" at the airport so Yolanda was helping Kim. Kim admits to taking the wrong medication and suffering from seizures during that same trip. All-in-all, I would say it was a vacation I'm glad I wasn't on. 

Resurrecting the reunion drama in her Bravo Blog, Kim believes Yolanda is "trying to make her look bad" because they weren't able to clear up meeting for the master cleanse at Yolanda's house. "Yolanda and I NEVER made plans! She did NOT call me, and I did NOT call her after Ojai! There were no messages left on her machine, and there were none left on mine! No emails were exchanged!" Kim insists. 


"In fact, as she said at the reunion, the ONLY plans that she ever made were with Sally, our production manager! I NEVER spoke to Sally about this! It was very manipulative of Yolanda to say this!! If you want to rewind your DVR, it's all there!!! She only spoke to Sally about this, so I truly don't understand why she feels the need to lie about this," Kim laments.  

"For someone who says she has my back, and is always looking out for me, why is she lying about me and wanting me to look like I am irresponsible!?!" 

To me this seems like SALLY's fault not Yolanda's. If you work with your producer to arrange something and the producer tells you it's arranged, wouldn't you assume it's actually arranged? Silly me… 

And of course, Kim continues to insist Yolanda was talking crap about Lisa in Paris. As predicted, all of the sudden it seems there was no conversation at the airport but instead was the conversation Kim, Kyle, and Yolanda had while shopping the day after cooking school. You know the one caught on film… 

"Kyle brought up what Yolanda had said to both of us about Lisa in Paris. This is what Yolanda said; 'Lisa's not your friend', 'Who's there for you? Me! I am!', 'I'm the one who came to your room to check on you!' 'I'm the one who's been calling!', 'Lisa is ‘full of s—.'  She accused Lisa of not caring about me, and only doing this for the show," Kim recollects. 

"When I came home from the trip and I saw Lisa, I realized I had fallen into a trap with Yolanda. I still think it was wrong for Lisa to have talked behind my back, but I’ve known Lisa for a very long time (much longer than Yolanda) and I don’t appreciate that." 

"We may not always agree on things, but I believe Lisa has my best interests at heart, just as I do for her. I love her very much and I know she loves me," Kim insists. "It seems to me that Yolanda is making a pattern of untrue statements and allegations, and I don't understand why."

 Lisa has long maintained she does not know Kim well and has never had a relationship with her until the show, despite Lisa's friendship with Kyle.

Interesting assessment from ol' Rambles. Kim is reportedly not returning for next season. Perhaps she's trying to stir up drama and controversy to earn another chance on the show. Personally I hope not – it's sad watching her and she clearly can't handle the demands of a reality show. 

In her blog, Kyle too claims that Lisa and Yolanda are trying to launch a smear campaign against her. It's an interesting mess of delusions and failing to take any accountability, as always! 

Finally, tonight is the second part of the RHOBH reunion. The ladies continue to hash out a season's worth of issues. Kim and Kyle fight over their relationship and we all lie down with a pillow over our heads to make it stop. 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the reunion and all its horrors. Please join us! 

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 2 airs tonight at 9/10c on Bravo

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