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Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge have been shackin' up in preparation for their upcoming televised wedding. On Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra has been showing off the growing pains in their relationship – including Eddie's difficult adjustment to living with 3 kids, a dog, and all the accompanying mess. Oh, he's also trapped with Tamra <shudder>!

Things have apparently worked out and Tamra recently showed off their redecorated home, which she turned from a "man cave" to a family space. A video of the tour is below!

Moving on, Alexis Bellino has definitely had some rough times on reality television. Viewers were surprised when she returned this season after initially quitting (getting fired?) due to contract issues. However she is ba-ack!

Describing this season as "Alexis with all the dead ends cut off!” in a new interview with All Things Real Housewives, Jesus Barbie dishes on where things stand with her co-stars and why she's a whole new girl this round! 


First up, an interesting tidbit on how Alexis came to be RHOC's Jesus Barbie! Andy Cohen saw the irony a mile away, apparently. Jeana Keough was an acquaintance of mine. One night we ran into her at a local restaurant and she said to me, 'Hi Alexis! I turned your name into Bravo to be a Real Housewife. Your family is perfect for it. Hope you don’t mind,'" Alexis reveals. "I was speechless and think I turned pale when she told me that! But here we are… 4 years later!” Apparently it took many heartfelt and Jesus-approved discussions with Jim Bellino for Alexis to decide to join the show. 

Alexis also shares that she and Jim have always been the happy couple we've seen this season, but that's not the exciting stuff that makes the final cut. Nope, dumping your twins into a swimming pool while you do a shot is the exciting stuff. "We’ve filmed a lot of happy, funny, light hearted scenes in the past 3 years. Unfortunately one of the downsides of doing a reality show is only a tiny snapshot of your life is actually shown!”

Commenting on her friendship with Gretchen Rossi, Alexis explains that they will never be friends again. "Acquaintances? Yes. But I can’t trust her with my friendship again."

“I think I have a different view of what the word 'friend' means. I want friends in my life that show love, honesty and integrity," Alexis describes. "Gretchen claims that she was simply being honest with me in Costa Rica. I happen to feel that a friend would have come to me in private way before a Costa Rica 'intervention,' instead of ganging up with women that were not a friend to me. In three years of friendship she never once mentioned any faults to me that I needed to work on.”

And speaking of an issue that blew their friendship apart, Alexis comments on the allegations that she was fired from Fox5. Apparently it's Bravo's fault! 

 “Ultimately Fox 5 decided it may not have been the best idea to incorporate reality TV and a News Station. It made for entertaining TV for Real Housewives to show my on-the-job bloopers, but it didn’t do the station any favors," Alexis maintains. "The folks at Fox 5 and I are still very good friends, and I’m so thankful for the opportunity they gave me. It was a really fun and exciting time in my life.”

Alexis reveals she and Heather Dubrow are in a "better place at this moment." She's also doing better with Tamra. "We may not be alike, but we work together, so we have to be amicable in order to do our job. We are both focusing on what we do have in common vs. how different we are.”

Finally, Alexis shares how Lydia McLaughlin came to be on the show – and explains their friendship. “Lydia moved into my neighborhood 2 months before filming began and we started hanging out and doing play dates. At first, I had no idea she was even trying out for the show!”

But I thought Lydia had no interest in doing reality TV and turned the producers down several times? Hmmmm…. 

Tonight is an all-new episode of RHOC. Tamra has a dinner party to celebrate C.U.T. Fitness and ends up cutting Alexis from the group mid-meal. Lydia also dishes to Alexis on Heather talking crap about her. 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting the exorcism, so don't forget to join us! 

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